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Bruno Mars


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Bruno Mars

  • Nombre: Bruno Mars
  • Año: 2004-presente
  • Generos: Pop, funk, soul, hip hop, disco, rock, R&B, reggae
  • Miembros: Bruno Mars
  • Estado: Activo

2010: Doo-Wops & Hooligans

  • I know you’re somewhere out there, somewhere far away. I want you back, I want you back. Talking To The Moon
  • You know I, I’ll be waiting on the other side and you, all you gotta do is cross the line. I would wait a whole lifetime but you just gotta decide. The Other Side
  • Oh, I would go through all this pain. Take a bullet straight through my brain. Yes, I would die for you, baby. Grenade
  • If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world to find you. If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see, I’ll be the light to guide you. Count On Me
  • And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me, everyday I will remind you. Count On Me
  • At night when the stars light up my room, I sit by myself…Talking to the moon, trying to get to you. In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too or am I a fool, who sits alone, talking to the moon?. Talking to the Moon
  • You know I’d never ask you to change. If perfect’s what you’re searching for, then just stay the same. Just The Way You Are
  • And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. Just The Way You Are
  • Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. Marry You
  • I know, I know When I compliment her she won’t believe me And it’s so, it’s so Sad to think that she don’t see what I see But every time she asks me, “Do I look okay?” I say. Just The Way You Are

2012: Unorthodox Jukebox

  • Pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl, you should be smiling. A girl like you should never look so blue. Treasure
  • But I wouldn’t have done all the things that I have done if I knew one day you would come. If I Knew
  • My pride, my ego, my needs and my selfish ways caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life. Now I’ll never, never get to clean up the mess I made, and that haunts me every time I close my eyes. When I Was Your Man
  • But swimming in your world is something spiritual. I’m born again every time you spend the night. Locked Out Of Heaven
  • Treasure, that is what you are. Honey, you’re my golden star. You know you can make my wish come true. If you let me treasure you. Treasure
  • I know, I was with you last night but it feels like it’s been so long and everybody that’s around they know that I’m not myself when you’re gone. Moonshine
  • Can I just stay here, spend the rest of my days here?. Locked Out of Heaven

2016ː 24K Magic

  • Bruno sang to me, while I do my money dance like Aye, flexin’ on the gram like aye!. Finesse (Remix) [feat. Cardi B]
  • When I’m walkin’ with you I watch the whole room change Baby, that’s what you do No, my baby, don’t play. Finesse
  • Jump in the Cadillac (Girl, let’s put some miles on it) Anything you want (Just to put a smile on you) You deserve it baby, you deserve it all And I’m gonna give it to you. That’s What I Like
  • Tonight I just want to take you higher Throw your hands up in the sky Let’s set this party off right Players, put yo’ pinky rings up to the moon Girls, what y’all trying to do? Twenty four karat magic in the air. 24K Magic

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