Frases en canciones de Haddaway

  • Nombre: Haddaway
  • Año: 1992 – presente
  • Genero: Eurodance, house, música electrónica
  • Miembros: Haddaway
  • Estado: Activo

Haddaway – 1993

  • No, I don’t know why you’re not there I give you my love but you don’t care So what is right and what is wrong? Give me a sign. What Is Love?
  • There are moments in our lives When everyting goes right And we’re making love Endless love. Another Day Without You
  • It’s a dream of worlds in motion (and) another place and time I guess I’m feeling lost in The home I thought was mine.  Fly Away
  • Everytime I look at you I know one thing is true I never ever wanna lose you In my life. I Know
  • What is love? Oh, baby, don’t hurt me Don’t hurt me no more What is love? Oh, baby, don’t hurt me Don’t hurt me no more. What Is Love?
  • And then we have all these days Where we go separate ways A heart full of pain And no one’s to blame It’s just another day. Another Day Without You
  • I’m on my way to find you And I’ll soon be flying too Fly away we can fly away together I’m talking about forever This is all we gotta do. Fly Away
  • We stay together What we have is so much more That what we had before A dream to hold on tight for All the time. I Know
  • No, I don’t know – what can I do? What else can I say? It’s up to you I know we’re one, just me and you I can’t go on. What Is Love?
  • And I don’t know wht it is Just a game of hit and miss? I wonder how long We can go on?. Another Day Without You
  • It’s a tangled up emotion Will you stay or will you go I am the one to count on If only you could know. Fly Away

Let’s Do It Now – 1999

  • Baby, if you’d understand I would Like to be your man In change of your love, of your love, of your love And, baby, when we find the time abnd place I just hope it’s not too late. Let’s Do It Now
  • Look into my eyes And let me know what’s wrong Just where do you belong? Don’t wanna be hurt no more. Who Do You Love
  • You stepped into my life Doing things to me That I can’t explain Think twice, Baby This ain’t no game!. What About Me
  • You don’t know why After all you meant to me I’d wanna leave so easily And say goodbye. Make Me Believe
  • I’ve pictured, pictured same nights with you Once a week will never do Give me love, give me love, give me love I’m waiting, waiting fou your touch. Let’s Do It Now
  • I am not blind You got to put me right If someone out of sight Is all you’re waiting for I need to know. Who Do You Love
  • What about me? Do you really wanna hurt me, baby? Tell me now: What about me?. What About Me
  • You did me, wrong You let your heart go out to play And now you want my love to stay. Make Me Believe
  • Testing testing call me number three What I want is just for you to be with me One time, two times, even in the nught Baby, baby, gonna pack your bags. Let’s Do It Now
  • I guess I could live Alone here without you I guess that I’d make do But in my heart I know I can’t let go. Who Do You Love
  • You taught me what it means To walk along the lonely street Of dreams But I can’t take it, take it no more! Oh, baby. What About Me
  • They say that time Can help to mend a broken heart Like the one you tore apart The one who loved you. Make Me Believe

Love Makes – 2002

  • Why can’t we be one? Can’t we live in peace? Peace is our need Why can’t we be free? Have the blood see See what we see. Love Makes
  • We all breath the same air Crowd when we scared Skid of our fizz Let me tell you now. Love Makes
  • Makes the World see Love sets your mind free Love takes time you see And love keeps our children free. Love Makes

Pop Splits – 2005

  • Cuz living out here is not so bad The ladies I know always turn me in circles Turn me in circles. Spaceman
  • Feel the rhythm, deep inside my soul Feel the rhythm of my love I want you. Shout
  • Spaceman, touchdown, come around What you do, and what you found out there There’s somebody out there. Spaceman
  • In the mirror, you can see my face You know what you do to me, you make me. Shout
  • Know this man hanging out in space Living together with a man in space Somebody told me Somebody told me. Spaceman

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