Frases en canciones de Madonna

  • Nombre: Madonna
  • Año: 1979-presente
  • Genero: Pop, dance, electrónica, rock, house
  • Miembros: Madonna
  • Estado: Activo

1983: Madonna

  • If we took a holiday Took some time to celebrate Just one day out of life It would be, it would be so nice. Holiday
  • Something in the way you love me won’t let me be I don’t want to be your prisoner So baby, won’t you set me free?. Borderline
  • You must be my Lucky Star ‘Cause you shine on me wherever you are I just think of you, and I start to glow And I need your light And baby, you know. Lucky Star
  • Everybody spread the word We’re gonna have a celebration All across the world In every nation. Holiday
  • Borderline feels like I’m going to lose my mind You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline. Borderline
  • You can turn this world around And bring back all of those happy days Put your troubles down It’s time to celebrate. Holiday
  • Keep on pushing me, baby Don’t you know you drive me crazy? You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline. Borderline
  • Starlight, starbright First star I see tonight Starlight, starbright Make everything all right. Lucky Star
  • Let love shine and we will find a way to come together And make things better We need a holiday. Holiday
  • Something in your eyes is making such a fool of me When you hold me in your arms, you love me ’til I just can’t see But then you let me down. Borderline
  • You must be my Lucky Star ‘Cause you make the darkness seem so far And when I’m lost, you’ll be my guide I just turn around, and you’re by my side. Lucky Star

1984: Like a Virgin

  • I was beat, incomplete, I’d been had I was sad and blue, but you made me feel Yeah, you made me feel shiny and new. Like a Virgin
  • ‘Cause we are living in a material world And I am a material girl You know that we are living in a material world And I am a material girl. Material Girl
  • Get into the groove Boy, you’ve got to prove Your love to me, yeah. Into the Groove
  • Gonna dress you up in my love All over, all over Gonna dress you up in my love All over your body. Dress You Up
  • Like a virgin Touched for the very first time Like a virgin When your heart beats next to mine. Like a Virgin
  • Some boys try, and some boys lie But I don’t let them play, no way Only boys that save their pennies make my rainy day. Material Girl
  • Music can be such a revelation Dancing around, you feel the sweet sensation We might be lovers if the rhythm’s right I hope this feeling never ends tonight. Into the Groove
  • Feel the silky touch of my caresses They will keep you looking so brand new Let me cover you with velvet kisses I’ll create a look that’s made for you. Dress You Up
  • Gonna give you all my love, boy My fear is fading fast Been saving it all for you, ’cause only love can last You’re so fine and you’re mine. Like a Virgin
  • Boys may come, and boys may go And that’s all right, you see Experience has made me rich, and now they’re after me. Material Girl
  • Gonna get to know you in a special way This doesn’t happen to me every day Don’t try to hide it, love wears no disguise I see the fire burning in your eyes. Into the Groove
  • Gonna dress you up in my love All over your body Gonna dress you up in my love All over, all over. Dress You Up

1986: True Blue

  • Last night I dreamt of San Pedro Just like I’d never gone, I knew the song A young girl with eyes like the desert It all seems like yesterday, not far away. La Isla Bonita
  • Papa, I know you’re going to be upset ‘Cause I was always your little girl But you should know by now, I’m not a baby. Papa Don’t Preach
  • I have a tale to tell Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well I was not ready for the fall Too blind to see the writing on the wall. Live to Tell
  • Tropical the island breeze All of nature wild and free This is where I long to be La isla bonita. La Isla Bonita
  • The one you warned me all about The one you said I could do without We’re in an awful mess And I don’t mean maybe Please… Papa Don’t Preach
  • A man can tell a thousand lies I’ve learned my lesson well Hope I live to tell the secret I have learned Till then, it will burn inside of me. Live to Tell
  • True love You’re the one I’m dreaming of Your heart fits me like a glove And I’m going to be true blue, baby, I love you. True Blue
  • And when the samba played The sun would set so high Ring through my ears and sting my eyes Your Spanish lullaby. La Isla Bonita
  • Papa don’t preach I’m in trouble deep Papa don’t preach I’ve been losing sleep. Papa Don’t Preach
  • I’ve heard all the lines I’ve cried oh-so many times Those tear drops, they won’t fall again I’m so excited, ’cause you’re my best friend. True Blue
  • I fell in love with San Pedro Warm wind carried on the sea, he called to me Te dijo te amo I prayed that the days would last, they went so fast. La Isla Bonita
  • No more sadness I kiss it goodbye The sun is bursting right out of the sky I searched the whole world for someone like you Don’t you know, don’t you know that it’s. True Blue

1989: Like a Prayer

  • When you call my name It’s like a little prayer I’m down on my knees I want to take you there. Like a Prayer
  • Don’t go for second best, baby Put your love to the test You know, you know, you’ve got to Make him express how he feels. Express Yourself
  • So tired of broken hearts and losing at this game Before I start this dance I take a chance in telling you I want more than just romance. Cherish
  • Seems like yesterday I lay down next to your boots and I prayed For your anger to end Oh father, I have sinned. Oh Father
  • In the midnight hour I can feel your power Just like a prayer You know I’ll take you there. Like a Prayer
  • You don’t need diamond rings Or eighteen karat gold Fancy cars that go very fast You know they never last, no no. Express Yourself
  • Cherish the thought of always having you here by my side Oh baby, I cherish the joy You keep bringing it into my life. Cherish
  • I hear your voice It’s like an angel sighing I have no choice I hear your voice Feels like flying. Like a Prayer
  • Long stem roses are the way to your heart But he needs to start with your head Satin sheets are very romantic What happens when you’re not in bed?. Express Yourself
  • Oh father, you never wanted to live that way You never wanted to hurt me Why am I running away?. Oh Father
  • Like a child You whisper softly to me You’re in control Just like a child Now I’m dancing. Like a Prayer
  • Maybe someday When I look back, I’ll be able to say You didn’t mean to be cruel Somebody hurt you too. Oh Father

1992: Erotica

  • If I take you from behind Push myself into your mind When you least expect it Will you try and reject it?. Erotica
  • I can’t help falling in love I fall deeper and deeper the further I go Kisses sent from heaven above They get sweeter and sweeter the more that I know. Deeper and Deeper
  • Rain, feel it on my finger tips Hear it on my window pane Your love’s coming down like. Rain
  • Don’t want to cause you any pain But I love you just the same And you’ll always be my baby. Bad Girl
  • If I’m in charge And I treat you like a child Will you let yourself go wild Let my mouth go where it wants to?. Erotica
  • When you know the notes to sing You can sing most anything That’s what my mama told me. Deeper and Deeper
  • Rain, wash away my sorrow Take away my pain Your love’s coming down like rain. Rain
  • In my heart, I know we’ve come apart And I don’t know where to start What can I do I don’t wanna feel blue. Bad Girl
  • Give it up, do as I say Give it up and let me have my way I’ll give you love, I’ll hit you like a truck I’ll give you love, I’ll teach you how to. Erotica
  • can’t help falling in love I fall deeper and deeper the further I go Kisses sent from heaven above They get sweeter and sweeter the more that I know The deeper I go. Deeper and Deeper
  • You promised me when you said goodbye That you’d return when the storm was done And now I’ll wait for the light, I’ll wait for the sun. Rain
  • Bad girl drunk by six Kissing someone else’s lips Smoked too many cigarettes today I’m not happy when I act this way. Bad Girl
  • Here comes the sun, here comes the sun And I say, never go away. Rain
  • I don’t want to cause you any pain But I love you just the same And you’ll always be my baby. Bad Girl

1994: Bedtime Stories

  • And I’m not sorry (I’m not sorry) It’s human nature (it’s human nature) And I’m not sorry (I’m not sorry) I’m not your bitch, don’t hang your shit on me (it’s human nature). Human Nature
  • Happiness lies in your own hand It took me much too long to understand How it could be Until you shared your Secret with me. Secret
  • In your eyes (in your eyes), forbidden love In your smile (in your smile), forbidden love In your kiss (in your kiss), forbidden love If I had one wish, love would feel like this (love would feel like this). Forbidden Love
  • Today is the last day that I’m using words They’ve gone out, lost their meaning Don’t function anymore. Bedtime Story
  • You wouldn’t let me say the words I longed to say You didn’t want to see life through my eyes, You tried to shove me back inside your narrow room And silence me with bitterness and lies. Human Nature
  • Something’s comin’ over Mmm-mmm, something’s comin’ over Mmm-mmm, something’s comin’ over me My baby’s got a secret. Secret
  • I know that you’re no good for me That’s why I feel I must confess What’s wrong is why it feels so right I want to feel your sweet caress. Forbidden Love
  • Let’s get unconscious, honey Let’s get unconscious. Bedtime Story
  • You punished me for telling you my fantasies I’m breaking all the rules I didn’t make. Human Nature
  • You gave me back the paradise That I thought I lost for good You helped me find the reason why It took me by surprise that you understood. Secret
  • If I only had one wish Love would always feel like this Wishing on the stars above Forbidden love. Forbidden Love
  • And all that you’ve ever learned Try to forget I’ll never explain again. Bedtime Story

1998: Ray of Light

  • You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be? You’re frozen. Frozen
  • Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun? She’s got herself a universe gone quickly For the call of thunder threatens everyone. Ray of Light
  • Your heart is not open, so I must go The spell has been broken, I loved you so Freedom comes when you learn to let go Creation comes when you learn to say no. The Power of Good-Bye
  • I traded fame for love Without a second thought It all became a silly game Some things cannot be bought. Drowned World
  • Now there’s no point in placing the blame And you should know I suffer the same. Frozen
  • Faster than the speeding light she’s flying Trying to remember where it all began She’s got herself a little piece of heaven Waiting for the time when Earth shall be as one. Ray of Light
  • You were my lesson I had to learn I was your fortress, you had to burn Pain is a warning that something’s wrong I pray to God that it won’t be long. The Power of Good-Bye
  • I got exactly what I asked for Wanted it so badly Running, rushing back for more. Drowned World
  • You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be You’re frozen When your heart’s not open. Frozen
  • And I feel like I just got home And I feel Quicker than a ray of light, she’s flying Quicker than a ray of light, I’m flying. Ray of Light
  • There’s nothing left to lose There’s no more heart to bruise There’s no greater power Than the power of good-bye. The Power of Good-Bye
  • I traveled ’round the world Looking for a home I found myself in crowded rooms Feeling so alone. Drowned World

2000: Music

  • Don’t think of yesterday and I don’t look at the clock I like to boogie-woogie (uh-uh!). Music
  • Don’t tell me to stop Tell the rain not to drop Tell the wind not to blow ‘Cause you said so, mmm. Don’t Tell Me
  • Silky smooth Lips as sweet as candy, baby Tight blue jeans Skin that shows in patches. What It Feels Like for a Girl
  • A long, long time ago I can still remember how that music used to Make me smile. American Pie
  • It’s like ridin’ on the wind and it never goes away Touches everything I’m in, got to have it every day. Music
  • Tell me love isn’t true It’s just something that we do Tell me everything I’m not But please don’t tell me to stop. Don’t Tell Me
  • Strong inside, but you don’t know it Good little girls, they never show it. What It Feels Like for a Girl
  • And I knew that if I had my chance I could make those people dance And maybe they’d be happy for a while. American Pie
  • Music, makes the people come together, yeah Music, mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel. Music
  • Tell the leaves not to turn But don’t ever tell me I’ll learn, no, no Take the black off a crow But don’t tell me I have to go. Don’t Tell Me
  • Do you know what it feels like for a girl? Do you know what it feels like in this world For a girl?. What It Feels Like for a Girl
  • And good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye Singing this’ll be the day that I die This’ll be the day that I die. American Pie

2003: American Life

  • So, I went into a bar Looking for sympathy A little company I tried to find a friend. American Life
  • Everybody comes to Hollywood They wanna make it in the neighborhood They like the smell of it in Hollywood How could it hurt you when it looks so good?. Hollywood
  • I’m gonna break the cycle I’m gonna shake up the system I’m gonna destroy my ego I’m gonna close my body now. Die Another Day
  • There are too many options There is no consolation I have lost my illusions What I want is an explanation. Love Profusion
  • American life I live the American dream You are the best thing I’ve seen You are not just a dream. American Life
  • Shine your light now This time it’s got to be good You get it right now, yeah ‘Cause you’re in Hollywood. Hollywood
  • I think I’ll find another way There’s so much more to know I guess I’ll die another day It’s not my time to go. Die Another Day
  • There is no comprehension There is real isolation There is so much destruction What I want is a celebration. Love Profusion
  • Do I have to change my name? Will it get me far? Should I lose some weight? Am I gonna be a star?. American Life
  • I lost my memory in Hollywood I’ve had a million visions, bad and good There’s something in the air in Hollywood I tried to leave it, but I never could. Hollywood
  • For every sin, I’ll have to pay A time to work, a time to play I think I’ll find another way It’s not my time to go. Die Another Day
  • And I know, I can feel bad When I get in a bad mood And the world can look so sad Only you make me feel good. Love Profusion

2005: Confessions on a Dance Floor

  • Every little thing that you say or do I’m hung up, I’m hung up on you Waiting for your call, baby, night and day I’m fed up, I’m tired of waiting on you. Hung Up
  • I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know Please don’t say you’re sorry I’ve heard it all before And I can take care of myself. Sorry
  • I haven’t got much time to waste, It’s time to make my way I’m not afraid of what I’ll face, but I’m afraid to stay. Jump
  • Down, down, down in your heart Find, find, find the secret Turn, turn, turn your head around Baby we can do it, we can do it all right. Get Together
  • Time goes by so slowly for those who wait No time to hesitate Those who run seem to have all the fun. Hung Up
  • I don’t want to hear, I don’t want to know Please don’t say ‘forgive me’ I’ve seen it all before And I can’t take it anymore. Sorry
  • I’m going down my own road and I can make it alone I’ll work and I’ll fight till I find a place of my own. Jump
  • Can we get together? I really, I really wanna be with you Come on, check it out with me I hope you, I hope you feel the same way too. Get Together
  • Every little thing that you say or do I’m hung up, I’m hung up on you Waiting for your call, baby, night and day I’m fed up, I’m tired of waiting on you. Hung Up
  • Don’t explain yourself ’cause talk is cheap There’s more important things than hearing you speak You stayed because I made it so convenient Don’t explain yourself, you’ll never see. Sorry
  • Are you ready to jump? Get ready to jump Don’t ever look back, oh baby Yes, I’m ready to jump, just take my hand Get ready to Are you ready?. Jump
  • Do you believe that we can change the future? Do you believe I can make you feel better?. Get Together

2008: Hard Candy

  • I want somebody to speed it up for me Then take it down slow There’s enough room for both. 4 Minutes
  • Don’t sit there like some silly girl If you wait too long, it’ll be too late I’m not tellin’ you something new. Beat Goes On
  • What are you waiting for? Nobody’s gonna show you how Why work for someone else to do what you can do right now?. Give It 2 Me
  • All my dreams, they fade away I’ll never be the same If you could see me the way you see yourself I can’t pretend to be someone else. Miles Away
  • So keep it up, keep it up Don’t be a pri… (Hey!) ..ma donna, uh You gotta get ’em on, hop (Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock). 4 Minutes
  • You don’t have the luxury of time You have got to say what’s on your mind. Beat Goes On
  • Don’t stop me now, don’t need to catch my breath I can go on, and on, and on When the lights go down and there’s no one left I can go on, and on, and on. Give It 2 Me
  • When no one is around, then I have you here I begin to see the picture, it becomes so clear. Miles Away
  • Uh, here’s an impromptu, I want you I’m goin’ to tell you what I want to – do to you Your girlfriend, she wants to, beautiful. Beat Goes On
  •  Don’t stop me now, don’t need to catch my breath I can go on, and on, and on When the lights go down and there’s no one left I can go on, and on, and on. Give It 2 Me
  • Too much of no sound Uncomfortable silence can be so loud Those three words are never enough When it’s long distance love. Miles Away

2012: MDNA

  • Wake up, ex-wife This is your life Children, on your own. I Don’t Give A
  • Would you like to try? Give me a reason why Give me all that you got Maybe you’ll do fine as long as you don’t lie to me And pretend to be what you’re not. Give Me All Your Luvin’
  • It’s so hypnotic The way he pulls on me It’s like the force of gravity right up under my feet. Girl Gone Wild
  • I thought you were good, but you painted me bad Compared to the others, you’re the best thing I had Bang bang – shot you dead. Gang Bang
  • You were so mad at me Who’s got custody? Lawyers, suck it up Didn’t have a pre-nup. I Don’t Give A
  • Don’t play the stupid game ’cause I’m a different kind of girl Every record sounds the same, you’ve got to step into my world. Give Me All Your Luvin’
  • It’s so erotic This feeling can’t be beat It’s coursing through my whole body, feel the heat. Girl Gone Wild
  • I thought it was you, and I loved you the most But I was just keeping my enemies close Made a decision, I will never look back So how did you end up with all of my jack?. Gang Bang
  • Make a film, write a song Gotta get my stockings on Meet the press, buy the dress All of this to impress. I Don’t Give A
  • In the nick of time, I can say a sicker rhyme ‘Cause it’s time for change, like a nickel or a dime. Give Me All Your Luvin’
  • The room is spinning It must be the Tanqueray I’m about to go astray My inhibition’s gone away. Girl Gone Wild
  • And then I discovered it couldn’t get worse You were building my coffin, you were driving my hearse Bang bang – shot you dead. Gang Bang

2015: Rebel Heart

  • We hit the elevator right up to the rooftop The bass is pumping, make me wanna screw the top off. Bitch I’m Madonna
  • Maybe it was all too much Too much for a man to take Everything’s bound to break Sooner or later, sooner or later. Ghosttown
  • I’ve been swimming in the ocean ’til I’m almost drowned Give me something I can believe in Teach me how to pray. Devil Pray
  • All-Seeing Eye is watching tonight That’s what it is, Truth and the Light. Illuminati
  • If you try and fail, get up again Destiny will choose you in the end If you don’t make the choice, and you don’t use your voice Someone else will speak for you instead. Iconic
  • Yeah, we’ll be drinking and nobody’s gonna stop us And we’ll be kissing anybody that’s around us. Bitch I’m Madonna
  • When it all falls, when it all falls down I’ll be your fire when the lights go out When there’s no one, no one else around We’ll be two souls in a Ghosttown. Iconic
  • Yeah, we can get high, and we can get stoned And we can sniff glue, and we can do E, and we can drop acid. Devil Pray
  • It’s the enlightenment that started it all The Founding Fathers wrote it down on the wall And now the media’s misleading us all. Illuminati
  • What you want is just within’ your reach But you gotta practice what you preach You pay with sweat and tears to overcome your fears Never let the fire inside you leave. Iconic
  • We go hard or we go home We gon’ do this all night long We get freaky if you want Na-na-na-na-na. Bitch I’m Madonna
  • Tell me how we got this far Every man for himself Everything’s gone to hell. Ghosttown
  • Behind the curtain of the New World Order It’s not platinum encrypted corners It’s not ISIS or the Phoenix Pyramids of Egypt. Illuminati
  • “I-can’t”, “icon” – two letters apart One step away from being lost in the dark Just shine your light like a beautiful star Show the world who you are who you are. Iconic
  • Yeah, we can run and we can hide, but we won’t find the answers If you go down, then you’ll get help along the way But if you wanna save your soul, then we should travel all together And make the devil pray. Devil Pray
  • We’re jumping in the pool and swimming with our clothes on I poured a beer into my shoe and got my freak on. Bitch I’m Madonna
  • This world has turned to dust All we’ve got left is love Might as well start with us Singing a new song, something to build on. Ghosttown
  • You know that everything that glitters ain’t gold So let the music take you out of control It’s time to feel it in your body and soul C’mon, let’s go. Illuminati
  • The ground beneath my feet’s getting warmer Lucifer is near Holding on, but I’m getting weaker Watch me disappear. Devil Pray

2019: Madame X

  • I took a pill and had a dream (Yo también) I went back to my 17th year Allowed myself to be naive (Dime) To be someone I’ve never been (Me encanta). Medellín ft. Maluma
  • It’s a beautiful life, but I’m not concerned It’s a beautiful dream, but a dream is earned. Dark Ballet
  • Everybody knows the damn truth Our nation lied, we lost respect When we wake up, what can we do? Get the kids ready, take them to school. God Control
  • I can’t take that now Died a thousand times Managed to survive I can’t break down now. I Rise
  • Come, come to me Show me how you move your body I said come, do it good You know how I like to party. Faz Gostoso Ft. Anitta
  • Ven conmigo, let’s take a trip Si te llevo pa’ un lugar lejano Ven conmigo, I’ll be so good for you Te enamoro, te enamoro, mami (Ay-ay-ay). Medellín ft. Maluma
  • He has chosen me to fight against the English And I’m not afraid at all to die ’cause I believe Him God is on my side and I’ll be His bride. Dark Ballet
  • This is your wake-up call I’m like your nightmare I’m here to start your day This is your wake-up call. God Control
  • But today he’s saying “no way” Better throw that cachaça away Boy, I think that you’re losing your mind You act like a fool, a fool all the time. Faz Gostoso Ft. Anitta
  • There’s nothin’ you can do to me that hasn’t been done Not bulletproof, shouldn’t have to run from a gun. I Rise
  • Sipping my pain just like champagne Found myself dancing in the rain with you I felt so naked and alive (Show me) For once I didn’t have to hide myself (Dice). Medellín ft. Maluma
  • I want to tell you about love and loneliness But it’s getting late now Can’t you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie The wind that’s beginning to howl?. Dark Ballet
  • People think that I’m insane The only gun is in my brain Each new birth, it gives me hope That’s why I don’t smoke that dope. God Control
  • ‘Cause I’m going through it Yeah, I know you see the tragic in it Just hold on to the little bit of magic in it (Magic in it) I can’t break down now I can’t take that (I can’t take that). I Rise
  • But today he’s saying “no way” (Hey-yeah) Better throw that cachaça away (Hey-yeah) Boy, I think that you’re losing your mind You’re losing it. Faz Gostoso Ft. Anitta
  • We built a cartel just for love Venus was hovering above us (Oh, yeah) I took a trip, it set me free (Mi reina) Forgave myself for being me (Ay-ay-ay). Medellín ft. Maluma
  • When they talk reforms, it makes me laugh They pretend to help, it makes me laugh. God Control

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