Sum 41

Sum 41

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Sum 41
  • Nombre: Sum 41
  • Año: 1996-presente
  • Genero: Pop punk, rock alternativo, metal alternativo
  • Miembros: Deryck Whibley, Dave Baksh, Jason McCaslin, Tom Thacker, Frank Zummo
  • Estado: Activo

All Killer No Filler – 2001

  • Storming through the party like my name was El Niño When I’m hangin’ out drinking in the back of an El Camino As a kid, I was a skid and no one knew me by name. Fat Lip
  • The faster we’re falling We’re stopping and stalling We’re running in circles again. In Too Deep
  • What’s the difference of never knowing at all When every step I take is always too small Maybe it’s just something I can’t admit but lately I feel like I don’t give a shit. Motivation
  • Mad in a way but I don’t say It’s what you’re used to I got the words but can’t convey I know you’ll turn it all around. Rhythms
  • You said it once before You don’t do those things you used to anymore You say in doubt, we’re fading out Forgetting who we used to be. Handle This
  • But what would you expect with a conscience so small? Heavy metal and mullets, it’s how we were raised Maiden and Priest were the gods that we praised. Fat Lip
  • ‘Cause I’m in too deep, and I’m trying to keep Up above in my head, instead of going under. In Too Deep
  • What’s the point of never making mistakes Self-indulgence is such a hard habit to break It’s all just a waste of time in the end I don’t care, so why should I even pretend. Motivation
  • I know what I want You just take me through the motions I know what I want And that’s more than you can say Since you found me out. Rhythms
  • ‘Cause I will bring you down I don’t want to miss I don’t think you can handle this You’ve lost what you can’t find Never what you had in mind. Handle This
  • I know I’m not the one you thought you knew back in high school Never going, never showing up when we had to. Fat Lip
  • Seems like each time I’m with you I lose my mind Because I’m bending over backwards to relate It’s one thing to complain But when you’re driving me insane. In Too Deep
  • Nothing’s new, everything’s the same It keeps on dragging me down, it’s getting kind of lame. Motivation
  • I know what I want You just take me through the motions I know what I want And that’s more than you can say. Rhythms
  • You take it with a smile It’s so easy when you’re always in denial Just in time, but out of line I can’t make all the same mistakes you want me to. Handle This

Does This Look Infected? – 2002

  • Everybody’s got their problems Everybody says the same things to you It’s just a matter how you solve them And knowing how to change the things you’ve been through. The Hell Song
  • Drop dead A bullet to my head Your words are like a gun in hand You can’t change the state of the nation We just need some motivation. Still Waiting
  • Now I’m in over my head For something I said Completely misread, I’m better off dead And now I can see, how fake you can be This hypocrisy’s beginning to get to me. Over My Head
  • I’ll never take part in the growing population Or waste my time with further education Forget what we know, it’s just a big show What they want to control. Thanks for Nothing
  • I feel I’ve come to realize How fast life can be compromised Step back to see what’s going on I can’t believe this happened to you. The Hell Song
  • So am I still waiting For this world to stop hating? Can’t find a good reason Can’t find hope to believe in. Still Waiting
  • It’s none of my concern Don’t look to me ’cause I don’t believe in fame I guess you never heard I met our makers they don’t even know your name. Over My Head
  • I can’t take part in the businessman illusion I’ll take my chance in the real world confusion Don’t blame us, who do we trust. Thanks for Nothing
  • It’s just a problem that I’m faced with; am I Not the only one who hates to stand by? Complications that are first in this line With all these pictures running through my mind. The Hell Song
  • Ignorance And understanding We’re the first ones to jump in line Out of step for what we believe in But who’s left to stop the bleeding?. Still Waiting
  • And now I’m in over my head With something I said, completely misread I’m better off dead And now I can’t see how fake you can be This hypocrisy’s beginning to get to. Over My Head
  • All I know is I’ve heard this all before, reality’s a bore You ask me to believe in something fake Well I, can’t bring myself to do what you want me to This is who we are and nothing’s going to change. Thanks for Nothing
  • Part of me, won’t agree Cause I don’t know if it’s for sure Suddenly, suddenly I don’t feel so insecure. The Hell Song

Chuck – 2004

  • How can we fake this anymore To turn our backs away, and choose to just ignore (Some say) Some say it’s ignorance It makes ’em feel some innocence. No Reason
  • How can we still succeed taking what we don’t need? Telling lies, alibis, selling all the hate that we breed. We’re All to Blame
  • Some say we’re never meant to grow up I’m sure they never knew enough I know the pressures won’t go away It’s too late. Some Say
  • I tried to be perfect But nothing was worth it I don’t believe it makes me real I thought it’d be easy But no one believes me I meant all the things I said. Pieces
  • If I could black out It’d become so clear Standing face-to-face with everything I fear Watch so closely But still I don’t see. Open Your Eyes
  • Tell me why can’t you see, it’s not the way When we all fall down, it will be too late Why is there no reason we can’t change When we all fall down, who will take the blame. No Reason
  • And we’re all to blame We’ve gone too far, from pride to shame We’re trying so hard We’re dying in vain We’re hopelessly blissful and blind. We’re All to Blame
  • Think before you make up your mind You don’t seem to realize I can do this on my own And if I fall I’ll take it all It’s so easy after all. Some Say
  • If you believe it’s in my soul I’d say all the words that I know Just to see if it would show That I’m trying to let you know That I’m better off on my own. Pieces
  • This isn’t me This isn’t you But it’s just everything we do ‘Til you open up your eyes And understand this isn’t real. Open Your Eyes
  • Nothing could ever be this real A life unsatisfied, that I could never feel (Some Say) This future’s not so bright Some can’t make the sacrifice. No Reason
  • Realize we spend our lives living in a culture of fear Stand to salute, say thanks to the man of the year How did we all come to this?, A greed that we just can’t resist. We’re All to Blame
  • Some say we’re better off without Knowing what life is all about I’m sure they’ll never realize the way It’s too late. Some Say
  • This place is so empty My thoughts are so tempting I don’t know how it got so bad Sometimes it’s so crazy That nothing can save me But it’s the only thing that I have. Pieces
  • It’s hard to believe right now This seems to be real Still phasing by this time So why can’t I wake up?. Open Your Eyes

Underclass Hero – 2007

  • Well, I won’t be caught living in a dead-end job While praying to my government, guns, and God. Underclass Hero
  • At the dead end I begin to burn the bridge of innocence Satisfaction guaranteed a pill away catastrophe. Walking Disaster
  • I’ve seen many a face From young and to old I’ve stolen their faith and I have broken their souls Was here before Christ had forgave you your sins And paid your price, and sealed your fate within. Speak of the Devil
  • I don’t want this moment to ever end Where everything’s nothing without you I’d wait here forever just to, to see you smile Cause it’s true, I am nothing without you. With Me
  • I’m sorry, it’s all that I can say, you mean so much And I’d fix all that I’ve done if I could start again I’d throw it all away to the shadows of regrets And you would have the best of me. Best of Me
  • Well, because we’re doing fine, and we don’t need to be told That we’re doing fine, ’cause we won’t give you control And we don’t need anything from you ‘Cause we’ll be just fine, and we won’t be bought and sold Just like you. Underclass Hero
  • And now I’ve been gone for so long I can’t remember who was wrong All innocence is long gone I pledge allegiance to a world of disbelief, where I belong. Walking Disaster
  • I’ve been waiting for the chance to reunite this increment Poison never hurt so good So nice of you to speak of me, your closest friend and enemy And only saviour of masochists. Speak of the Devil
  • I want you to know, with everything I won’t let this go These words are my heart and soul. With Me
  • I know that I can’t take back All of the mistakes but I will try Although it’s not easy I know you believe me cause I would not lie. Best of Me
  • Calling out loud with no respect I’m not the one, I’m just another reject I’m the voice to offend all those who pretend Unsung against the grain, I’m here to rise against. Underclass Hero
  • A walking disaster The son of all bastards You regret you made me It’s too late to save me. Walking Disaster
  • Time, it’s been so long and now there’s nothing to say I’m trying so hard to find the words to say I’m tired of being, now I’m something I’m not I can’t believe and I never thought. Speak of the Devil
  • Thoughts ran unspoken, forever and now And pieces of memories fall to the ground I know what I didn’t have, so I won’t let this go Cause it’s true, I am nothing without you. With Me
  • It’s so hard to say that I’m sorry I’ll make everything alright All these things that I’ve done Now what have I become, and where’d I go wrong?. Best of Me

Screaming Bloody Murder – 2011

  • I’ve been waiting for something for so long To show me the answers that I want A reason to believe in that’s so strong But I don’t think that it exists. Reason to Believe
  • God’s got a plan for me Well I’m going to tell you one thing I don’t got the patience, or the time What can I say I’m no angel I’m not forsaken But I can bleed. Screaming Bloody Murder
  • Take the pictures off the wall Erase the thoughts forget them all The choice is yours to save yourself Or in the hands of someone else. Skumfuck
  • Oh, my love how do I explain How I’ve come to feel this way I’m addicted to the pain Even more than words can say Every hit hurts like your kiss Like a needle to a vein. Jessica Kill
  • Yeah, give me reason to believe This world’s not a sick machine When everywhere’s a dead end in every direction Yeah, can you give me what I need Or just sit and watch me bleed. Reason to Believe
  • Tear me open I believe God will set you up to bleed And no one can deceive What is meant to be And “Bloody Murder!” We will scream. Screaming Bloody Murder
  • Broken thoughts and alibis Conscious disappears in time A voice is all that I can show That all that I have is a soul. Skumfuck
  • She said you don’t even know How just how much I need it How far will you go I just want to feel you cum. Jessica Kill
  • Everybody’s got a secret, can you tell me what is mine Can you tell me what you’d find I’ll tell you if you keep it I promise not to lie. Reason to Believe
  • Well I guess it’s time for me Tell me what I’m left to believe in Cause I don’t know the concept of the pain I don’t want the faith, I’ll just lose it I can prove it. Screaming Bloody Murder
  • What can I say guess it’s obvious you would end up this way When you live amongst the dead The best of luck as the one and only resident skumfuck A victim or just a tragedy. Skumfuck
  • Tell me the difference between love and death You fear them both as they take your breath. Jessica Kill

13 Voices – 2016

  • Where do I begin? ‘Cause my story’s still untold Left to be unwritten Like memories to unfold And I don’t believe the truth. 13 Voices
  • There are days that I think I’m crazy Other days nothing seems to faze me There’s nothing more and nothing less just All the fears that I must confess well. War
  • Goddamn I’m dead again, woe is me Seems to be that I’m a wanted man these days I’m down that rabbit hole but I don’t want to go Rot in peace, down a dead-end street. Goddamn I’m Dead Again
  • All bets are off but you still think that you’ve gotta a right well Your lucky days are numbered now, You built a castle of sand Shaking the devil’s hand well At least I’ve still got my soul to sell. Fake My Own Death
  • I’m not your savior or a saint No use praying for escape I’ll be there just to put the bullet in your head Just another crying shame Life is such a deadly game. 13 Voices
  • I’m afraid I believe in nothing No hopes or dreams you could’ve left me dead Naive and not to mention I’m losing count of all my blessings. War
  • It’s off with his head, and on with the show The old king is dead, gone in one fatal blow. Goddamn I’m Dead Again
  • You played your part of the whore You got some kinda nerve or Have you forgot I don’t forget?. Fake My Own Death
  • Pay me no more mind Have I really come undone? I left the world this evening Just to kill the sun And I’ve got no more to bleed. 13 Voices
  • So all that I’m trying to say I’m looking for a better way Some days it just gets so hard And I don’t wanna slip away. War
  • Take a look around you really blew it all to hell What’s the point of trying unless you’re going to do it well. Goddamn I’m Dead Again
  • You’ve got to take me away ‘Cause I wanna feel, Something that’s real, Help me escape cause I wanna be, Left to be free I just wanna fake my own death. Fake My Own Death

Order In Decline – 2019

  • All that we have is just slipping away And I don’t believe that it’s gonna be okay. Out for Blood
  • Do you think about me cause I don’t have any doubt You must in this life Even though you’re never there, I didn’t feel you disappear From sight, you did it well. Never There
  • I never told you how I felt Though I thought I’d said it all And I never knew you needed help Well, ’cause you always seemed so tough. Catching Fire
  • Tell me it’s alright, even if it is a lie ‘Cause I don’t want to hear it’s just a blessing in disguise. The New Sensation
  • Well, if you say it’s better off this way It’s time that I let you go It’s been on my mind for days And well, the truth’s I already know. Turning Away
  • Zero chances, no way out No solutions, give in now There’s no point resisting, there’s nobody listening Are we just sick?, Are we just tired?, Apathetic, uninspired. Out for Blood
  • And now you and I share the same life missin’ out And so the story goes That we’re left, we’re stuck with a broken house. Never There
  • And if I failed you, well, I swear I tried my best But now you’re gone, so all your tears can lay to rest Just so you know You meant the world to us, I know that it’s too late. Catching Fire
  • Now it’s your right, ’cause every dog has got its day And we will fight, resist in every way Your time is up. The New Sensation
  • I’m turning away Because I feel like I can’t go on While we’re living in this lie And when all of my faith is gone I don’t even want to try. Turning Away
  • All of the dearly beloved Your time is up, they’re out for blood Misery made us so hopelessly faithless (Hey) And now I can’t believe (Hey) a single word that you say (Say) Secrets kept, a thin disguise, empty threats are full of lies. Out for Blood
  • I don’t need you by my side I think by now I’m doin’ fine Myself, on my own And I feel you time to time, like you’re sending outta sign I can tell you’re not alone. Never There
  • Look at all this damage done Are you happy with yourself? And we thought the best was yet to come And, and I thought I knew you oh so well. Catching Fire
  • Now I’m not one to talk, ’cause I know I have my faults But even I know you can’t evolve by building up your walls. The New Sensation
  • There’s nothing that you could say, that could ever change my mind And with all of these steps I take It’s giving me back my life. Turning Away

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