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Wiz Khalifa
  • Nombre: Wiz Khalifa
  • Año: 2005-presente
  • Genero: Hip hop
  • Miembros: Wiz Khalifa
  • Estado: Activo

Show and Prove (2006)

  • I’m from the home of the great Where they known for the cake Where the money stackin up Hundred chrome to ya face. Pittsburgh Sound
  • Yeah crack in the place, laugh in your face Lay up and chill after you safe that’s a mistake Cause I’m moving with a gang of ill guys looking like. I’m Gonna Ride
  • You know what’s on my mind And why I’m always on the grind Cuz I’m ’bout mine. Bout Mine
  • Listen close here youngin’ See Ive been doing this here the most fed coming ‘chea And not a dude that a post here frontin See niggas pay attention to mine. I Choose You
  • Hundred brothas wit hammers Yea that’s what I call a steel curtain. Pittsburgh Sound
  • I’m thinking bigger then any nigga that think He cool in the place which gives me reason To but a tool to his waist. I’m Gonna Ride
  • Yeah, it’s the youngest in charge Known for the hottest of rap Straight from the top of the map Yes, I’m a popular cat. Bout Mine
  • And im deep in the game, not like I toasted be I get somewhere if a lane, they took over me Somewhere down the line, the grind molded me It’s so sick and this what the game told to me. I Choose You

Prince Of The City 2 (2007)

  • Moving rhymes like weight, some mistake and think I’m trappin’ That heat I gotta pack it cuz they wait for me to slip Let a hater go’on and trip, 32 off in that clip. Go’on Hate
  • More chips, So them hoes chase me like Norbit I’m more sick, No anidote High like Manigault. Be Easy
  • When I touch ground I need a line of them bussies when I come round. Buss Down
  • Yeah You are now tuned in to W.E.E.D I am your host, Mr. EZ Rider, ya dug? Always rollin’ up back to back. Who I Am
  • Never said I’m first to put the Burgh up on the map I’m more like Mike Tomlin, here to bring the Burgh back. Go’on Hate
  • So if you got a problem to look to now to stop him That Pistolvania shit, I’m on it And I don’t run the Burgh, I own it You better. Be Easy
  • And if she can be certified ride or die, gotta mean back side Let me and my team hit it right, then I turn her to a (buss down). Buss Down
  • Try to front when you see me in the club Bitch, you know who I am Gettin’ weeded with a pocket full of dubs I bet you know who I am. Who I Am
  • You waiting ’round for me, well I think I’ll get it started It’s number 2, you act stupid my team’ll get retarded… yeah. Go’on Hate
  • I’m a certified “G” So don’t think that I’m just rappin’ to you Homey you don’t really want something happen to you You better. Be Easy
  • Riding but its soft leather seats in my truck now (now) They throw it at me I receiving for da touchdown She gotta be a buss down. Buss Down

Deal or No Deal (2009)

  • Speculating me landing Must have got me mistaken with lame niggas. This Plane
  • I don’t want to be unusual But there’s a lot of things that I can see me doing to you Here in my studio oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, ohhh yeahhh. Studio Lovin’
  • They in my rear view mirror If a nigga act stupid I’mma let him get his issue. Goodbye
  • Try to front when you see me in the club Bitch, you know who I am Gettin’ weeded with a pocket full of dubs I bet you know who I am. Who I Am
  • See a cloud with my name it Only e-z widers please No cigars for me and my gang. This Plane
  • So shorty tell me what you think about it, think about it Me and you can make a album, let’s make a album. Studio Lovin’
  • And blowing money like it’s tissue But niggas see you eating Get to starving for a plate. Goodbye
  • Now she a bus down Feeling my convo? Then mami let’s ride out Right now I’ll show you what I’m ’bout. Who I Am
  • Don’t know what they hate for I’m just gettin my paper Well, maybe they’ll love me more when I’m gone I don’t wanna leave, but I need to, it’s such a shame. This Plane
  • Shorty we can make a album, let’s make a album Darling we can make a album (haha) ..Yea. Studio Lovin’
  • Now these niggas acting jealous Cause they feel like they ain’t shining And they little shit stop When this big shit popping. Goodbye

Flight School (2009)

  • Big city, small town Cause when your money’s up, that’s when they all ’round But the minute that you slip, they dip And it’s no one to depend on when the chips fall down. Never Ever
  • I told ’em it’s gonna be a big year It’s a lot of shit on my plate. Name on a Cloud
  • Last night I made a bitch forget all about her man The reason for them guts in your garbage can. Shame
  • See I’m packed ready to go go go We in the air you oh So LOW! Shawty we gon live it up And girl I got a lot of but it’s just I can’t get enough. Boarding Pass
  • I started out just a fan, writing like every other kid Grew up to be the man, paying bills at my mother’s crib. Never Ever
  • The kush numbs problems in my brain And Rosé bottles for the pain The lines that I ink make rappers get kinda nervous. Name on a Cloud
  • Get your shit together nigga or count your losses And in case you ain’t get the portrait I’m a make it clear: motherfucker it’s star year (swag). Shame
  • Cause only time ya’ll niggas got leg room Is in the exit row. Boarding Pass
  • We gon’ get back to the scheduled program Right here on W.E.E.D Where every eye is dry On campus radio Flight School. Never Ever
  • Say I’m on my way but I don’t know where I’m going Been gone so many days don’t know my way back home. Name on a Cloud
  • And I only smoke good weed Only wear designer man If I fuck with baby girl, gotta be a 9 or 10 (swag). Shame
  • Niggas losin’ weight cause what I spit is lipo Try to explain but they get it twisted like a micro. Boarding Pass

Kush & Orange Juice (2010)

  • Kush and Orange Juice, nigga What up Chevy Jerm I see you Cardo On The Beat. Mezmorized
  • This ain’t the life that we chose But it’s the life that we living Know we belong on the top, but we ain’t tripping Cause we’ll get there in a minute. The Statement
  • Empty bottles of Clicquot and ashes on the flo’ Towel under the do’, we wasn’t supposed to even smoke. Never Been
  • Why can’t everyone just smoke like me? Just gimme a quiet place and lemme roll my weed. Still Blazin
  • Instead of worrying about who that bitch fuckin’ Why don’t you get you some money?. Mezmorized
  • Ask me if I plan to be roof top chilling With some pretty-ass women, you’d be glad to meet. The Statement
  • Crack a window we gon’ smoke this indo Saying that you still high from last night. Never Been
  • Still blazin’, still blazin’, still blazin’ ‘Cause Jah, Jah power so amazing Give I di strength and protection, keep praisin’ Each and every day. Still Blazin
  • You niggas in the stands, you just lookin’ I’m a pro to these rookies And the plan is still paper over… pussy. Mezmorized
  • And now they wanna fly with me I just let it boost my confidence Roll another joint, drop pilot shit, okay. The Statement
  • I’m getting bank roll And they follow me anywhere that my plane go Say she never been. Never Been
  • Smokin OG kush from another time zone As the smoke begins to pile on Wettin’ rags and puttin’ bags over the fire alarm. Still Blazin

Cabin Fever (2011)

  • Left the crib with 10 grand, bought a hundred pair I’m the coach, I can show you how to be a player. Taylor Gang
  • Money, money, money IIt’s young Khalifa man And I got money hoes money and hoes Sick, money and hoes. GangBang
  • While I’m in this machine, convert the top Tell them that the sky is the limit. Phone Numbers
  • I’m killin’ ’em, it’s homicide I got my wings when I was young so I tend to fly I put my chain on, they saying it’s homicide I’m killin’ ’em. Homicide
  • Bought a crib like Scarface’s, this is my world All my niggas down to bang but we can try words. Taylor Gang
  • Your money short you lookin mad, you Danny Bonaduce Bitch Im jumpin in my coup I’m rollin something that tastes like fruit. GangBang
  • I got this and that and everything I want like I got a hostage Counting 7 digits no wonder why the money calling Got ya bitch panties Niagara falling Dollars come like I fuck in the bank. Phone Numbers
  • I bought a whole Ounce to smoke I’m riding high My niggas with me, they down to ride. Homicide
  • You see me out, I rep my gang, used to serve that John McCain That John McCain, hold up, they don’t know my name?. Taylor Gang
  • Smokey smokey, cause im a chief ho Sippin on pinot grigio, richie ho greedy ho Got me everything like I copped me a genie ho. GangBang
  • Shining hard, boy, these niggas gotta see me My dick hard, your bitch is easy. Phone Numbers
  • With black on black cars coming through Presidential shit, tints on the whip So dark can’t see who riding in that bitch. Homicide

Rolling Papers (2011)

  • Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is Everything I do, yeah, I do it big Yeah, uh-huh, screaming: “That’s nothin’!” When I pulled off the lot, that’s stuntin’. Black and Yellow
  • It’s the champagne pourin’, big joint rollin’ Bombay sippin’, no blunt smokin’. On My Level
  • And they say all I rap about is bitches and champagne You would too if every night you seen the same thing. When I’m Gone
  • Since I meet you a couple months ago you ain’t been the same Not sayin I’m the richest man alive but I’m in the game As long as you keep it 100 I’mma spend this change. Roll Up
  • Suede inside, my engine roarin’ It’s the big boy, you know what I paid for it And I got the pedal to the metal Got you niggas checking game, I’m ballin’ out on every level. Black and Yellow
  • So let me take one shot, to the brain And I order three more shots, I’m going in. On My Level
  • I’m gonna spend it all why wait for another day? I’ma take all this money I own and blow it all away. When I’m Gone
  • Ain’t scared to spend this money I’ll make more of it First you was in the sky, now you say you in orbit. Roll Up
  • Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is Everything I do, yeah, I do it big. Black and Yellow
  • See I’ve been drinking champagne, all night Never worry bout a damn thing, y’all might. On My Level
  • You know what I mean, some say it’s a problem Blowings my greens, not saving my collards No NBA, they say I’m a baller Live for today, stunt like my my father. When I’m Gone

O.N.I.F.C. (2012)

  • Diamonds all on my ring nigga Gold watches, gold chain nigga Hundred thou’ on champagne nigga. Work Hard, Play Hard
  • Now my watch is worth 30 thousand Got Cuban links and Italian Boy, I’m gettin’ it. Paperbond
  • Baby, I don’t mind You can tell by how I roll Cause my clique hot and my cup cold. Remember You
  • Back when I was young I had dreams of getting richer Then my homie Breeze set me down schooled me to the picture. Medicated
  • The bigger the bill, the harder you ball Well I’m throwing mine, cause my money long. Work Hard, Play Hard
  • Mo’ money, mo’ problems, not how I see, huh? Mo’ money, mo’ Roberto Cavalli, bruh Damn, ain’t it funny how time pass Only nigga in first class. Paperbond
  • Smoke anything that’s passed to me Don’t worry ’bout my voice I won’t need it for what I’m about to do to you. Remember You
  • They don’t wanna beef cause that’s lunch meat So anything you need you know that’s on me And that’s OG, I swear homie. Medicated
  • Hop your pretty ass up in this fucking car Bitch I’m out this world, girl you know I’m a star Used to buying rounds but now we buy the bar. Work Hard, Play Hard
  • Now here we are, now there we go You rollin’ on to where we smoke it all today Now here we are, now there we go, now there we go. Paperbond
  • Pour out some shots You’re taking too long Young and I’m rich And plus all of my friends on that Bombay and lemonade. Remember You
  • And I’m throwing up my money for the ones who never made it Sayin’ fuck the ones who hated, roll one up and celebrate. Medicated

28 Grams (2014)

  • Nigga, I don’t just be sharing weed A nigga got pounds to burn that’s apparent Just cause you up in this bitch. Maan
  • Hey, I fuck her once, forget her I pull up and upset em Smoke kush, it make me feel better Your bitch choosin’, just let her. Let’R
  • James Bong I’m on a mission Bruce Lee the way I kick it Tiger Woods the way I hit it Look how I whip it, how I whip it. James Bong
  • You gotta know you break it down and roll one We like to smoke it for the medication Unwind and just smoke one, it’s the perfect kind of meditation. Pure
  • Roll a joint, put a worm around that motherfucker Smoke it to the face. Maan
  • Man these hoes so familiar One minute on the team, next minute they ain’t withcha Like the ho from the Clippers. Let’R
  • I’m cooking up, I’m cooking up I’m in the kitchen I make it flip, I make it flip Just like a gymnast I mix it up, I mix it up Just like a chemist. James Bong
  • Thought I had a problem, went to see the preacher man Said “Ain’t nothing wrong you been smoking gas man”. Pure
  • Nigga keep going, keep the KK blowin Snakes in the grass keep mowin’ Ass so fat, look swollen. Maan
  • And my sweats cost more than your whole outfit Shit I got on, it ain’t from the store Let her put it on while she rollin’ Raw’s Young Khalifa man, all on the walls. Let’R
  • On the boat I get high like a pilot man Learn the rules, check the pack, ‘fore you buy it man Roll it up, light it up, that’s that fire man. Pure

Blacc Hollywood (2014)

  • Hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, pop a bottle Hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, if you suck then swallow Smell that marijuana, they gon’ follow. We Dem Boyz
  • Say baby, I’ma wait up for you I’ma have my way with your body And when I’m done touching you I bet you won’t wanna Give yourself to nobody. Promises
  • I need it all the time, don’t know what else to say It’s always on my mind, that’s why every day I’m blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK, blowing KK. KK
  • Drop it down on it Made me get a couple bands drop it down on it Make you get a couple friends drop it down on it Turn around drop it down, drop it down on it. Ass Drop
  • Young nigga but I’m ready Oh, foreign girls call me sexy And white girls gimme becky. We Dem Boyz
  • It’s like you’re the only one Only one who knows just how How to make the time stand still We’re caught in the moment. Promises
  • You know it by the smell I treat every day like it’s a payday Top down, counting up the cake and. KK
  • Do it for a real nigga, do it for a boss Do somethin’ for a boss, do somethin’ for a real nigga Go and do somethin’ for a boss Do somethin’ for a boss, do somethin’. Ass Drop
  • Man on the low all these hoes be actin so material Hol’ up, man did you see her interior. We Dem Boyz
  • So don’t let me down You made those promises Don’t take em back now Don’t let me down Do all the things you said that had me going. Promises
  • I got KK in my pipe, pockets fat like Kelly Price If you wanna take a hit you can’t be afraid of heights. KK

KHALIFA (2016)

  • At my bake sale yeah We can’t wait to bake, hell yeah Laughin’ off this drank, hell yeah Lovin’ havin’ sex, hell yeah. Bake Sale
  • I’m rollin’ a J up, I’m lovin’ the fragrance (lovin’ the fragrance) I’m hardly on time ’cause my mind is where space is (my mind is where space is). Lit
  • Scared money don’t make money, so what you scared for? And real people do real things, so what you here for?. Elevated
  • Just a young lil’ nigga, but he had the right plan Twenty-thousand in his left, pistol in his right hand. Cowboy
  • Say they got the good but what the pack smell like? Feel like it’s a dream but now we back to real life It’s incredible. Bake Sale
  • I pull up foreign, lil baby foreign I let her drive when it get boring, I lay back smoking, ooh yeah. Lit
  • Uh, it go, one for the money Two for the niggas gettin’ it Three for the niggas that be running from it. Elevated
  • Yeah, he learned a little lesson ‘bout messing with them haters Cause they found his body later Guess that’s what he get for fucking with them…. Cowboy
  • I’m slangin’ them thangs, you know we ain’t new to this Let’s turn on the stove and call up some hoes Let’s roll up and do this shit. Bake Sale
  • Roll up my weed as soon as the day start Get me a pound and I break it apart Kush on my clothes, smell the green in my car. Lit
  • We ain’t check they chains We ain’t put ‘em on blast and expose them fools for everything We ain’t tell you how they really lames. Elevated

Laugh Now, Fly Later (2017)

  • On the west side yeah I’m living proof Started small but now everything new I spit like I ain’t got no tooth Flying topless, the plane got no roof. Royal Highness
  • These dudes ain’t got no wins Still gon’ talk like Letterman Girls at the front door, let ’em in. Letterman
  • Sometimes things ain’t gon work out How you think you want it to go Sometimes you gotta keep going When you think you can’t no more. Figure It Out
  • We smoking weed like a tribe You smoking weed to get by We smoking weed to survive Smoking that medical. Plane 4 U
  • If you don’t know by now I don’t like driving, baby, I’m the pilot Never let the plane come down. Royal Highness
  • I be gone with the wind In a Hellcat can’t handle it Can’t even push the whole pedal in. Letterman
  • It’s up to you whether you give it to them or not So keep that in mind, playboy. Figure It Out
  • You was just raised to think it was bad But now its time to change your mind Open your eyes yall Look around, everybody’s getting high. Plane 4 U
  • We at the game, I’m ashing on the field Soon as we board the plane, they screwing up they faces. Royal Highness
  • Y’all niggas broke, can’t get it fixed I’ma turn up, gon’ hit a lick Niggas that hate don’t benefit Puffy, all about my benjamins. Letterman

Rolling Papers 2 (2018)

  • My night runs into mornin’, all the time And through my phone I’m scrollin’, bang my line Off that drank it’s hard to focus (focus). Hopeless Romantic
  • Roll with the paper, see them lames later Can’t save her, her nigga stepped out, now she sayin’ what she really think. Fr Fr
  • God damn, you know who I am Try to be on the low, but you ain’t slow Keep my shirt open, eyes low. Something New
  • Why you even come back to my crib if you ain’t stayin’? Ridin’ with some real niggas, know that we ain’t playin’. Hot Now
  • She don’t allow herself To miss nobody else I’ve had days where I was dolo But I never caught a bad case of FOMO.Hopeless Romantic
  • I’m ballin’ bitch, like I got buckets (got buckets) And they hate ’cause we stunt like nothing, biatch!. Fr Fr
  • We can go and get a private room We can fuck for one night, ain’t gotta jump the broom Say your nigga, chill. Something New
  • Don’t need a detector, I can see the lies I’m a different type of being Drive the type of whip your bitches like to be in Smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean. Hot Now
  • My night runs into mornin’, all the time And through my phone I’m scrollin’, bang my line Off that drank it’s hard to focus.  Hopeless Romantic
  • Yeah I’m ’bout the bag, for real I’m ’bout that cash, for real Shorty got ass, for real (pssh) If it’s no mask, it’s for real. Fr Fr
  • Them niggas been on you since you was a teen (Teen) Now you grown up, and I’m a boss, I’m just showing love (Love). Something New

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