Ava Max

Ava Max es una cantante y compositora estadounidense nacida en 1994. Se hizo conocida por su éxito internacional “Sweet but Psycho” en 2018. Desde entonces, ha lanzado varios sencillos más y ha colaborado con otros artistas de renombre. Su música se caracteriza por su estilo pop y letras que hablan de empoderamiento femenino y amor propio.

Años en Activo: Desde 2017
Género: Pop,
Miembros: Ava Max (vocalista)
Ex miembros: No aplica
Origen: Wisconsin, Estados Unidos
Estado: Activa

My Way (2017)

This is not a love song This is not a sing along But ladies, are you with me? I know that you’re with me.

Speak a little softer, they say Gotta be a lady, but I say This time it’s my way, ah, my way.

I’ll do me You do you I don’t need nobody’s permission I won’t back down Win or lose Oh yeah, one and only limited edition (yeah).

Not Your Barbie Girl (2017)

Pull up to that dream house, god gate heels down How much do you like this? Welcome to my bedroom, hallway go down Say he’s got permission.

I’m my own boss, I’m remindin’ you of it Somethin’ that you just can’t get Words don’t tempt me, tryin’ to break me In these heels I ain’t tryin’ to trip, no.

Did you forget I’m real? Oh, I’m breathing, touch me, feel Oh, say I’m your toy to play with, wanna put me in a box You ain’t gonna talk to me like that, you better stop.

Sweet but Psycho (2018)

Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho A little bit psycho At night she’s screamin’ “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind”

Don’t pretend that you don’t love the pain.

She’ll make you curse, but she a blessing.

No, no You’ll play alo-o-ong, let her lead you o-o-on You’ll be saying, “No, no” Then saying, “Yes, yes, yes,” ’cause she messin’ with your head.

Grab a cop gun kinda crazy She’s poison but tasty.

See, someone said, “Don’t drink her potions She’ll kiss your neck with no emotion When she’s mean, you know you love it She tastes so sweet, don’t sugarcoat it”.

So Am I (2019)

Can you hear the whispers all across the room? You feel her eyes all over you like cheap perfume You’re beautiful, but misunderstood So why you tryna be just like the neighborhood?

Oh so, dressed so fancy like Sid and Nancy (Yeah) Walkin’ Killer Queen, gotta keep ’em guessin’ So baby come pass me a lighter We’re gonna leave ’em on fire We’re the sinners and the blessings.

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