Beyoncé es una cantante, compositora y actriz estadounidense nacida en Houston, Texas. Comenzó su carrera musical en la década de 1990 como miembro del grupo Destiny’s Child y más tarde se convirtió en solista. Es considerada una de las artistas más influyentes y exitosas de la música contemporánea, habiendo vendido más de 118 millones de discos en todo el mundo. Ha ganado numerosos premios, incluyendo 28 Premios Grammy, y ha sido reconocida por su activismo social y filantrópico. También ha incursionado en el cine y ha participado en varias películas.

Años en Activo: 24
Género: Pop,
Hip hop
Miembros: 1 (Beyoncé)
Ex miembros: 2 (Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams)
Origen: Houston, Texas, Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

2003: Dangerously in Love

I see you look me up and down And I came to party. Naughty Girl

It’s the way that you know what I thought I knew. Crazy In Love

From now on, I’m gonna be my own best friend. Me, Myself and I

2006: B’Day

You ain’t never seen a fire like the one I’m A cause. Ring the Alarm

How You gonna upgrade me? What’s higher than number one?. Upgrade U

The truth of the matter is that replacing you is so easy. Irreplaceable

Tell me how should I feel when I know what I know about my female intuition telling me you a dog. Ring the Alarm

Sending me a drink ain’t appeasing, believe me. Upgrade U

She ain’t even half of me. Resentment

I can do for you, what Martin did for the people. Upgrade U

I could have another you in a minute, Matter fact he’ll be here in a minute. Irreplaceable

It’s my name that’s on that jag. So come move your bags, let me call you a cab. Irreplaceable

Ran by the men, but the women keep the tempo. Upgrade U

2008: I Am… Sasha Fierce

Diva is a female version of a hustler. Diva

There’s nothing not to love about me, I’m lovely. Why Don’t You Love Me

If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it. Single Ladies

I talk like this ’cause I can back it up. Ego

Some call it arrogant,call it confident. Ego

I swore I’d never fall again But this don’t even feel like falling. Halo

If you thought I would wait for you. You thought wrong. If I Were a Boy

2011: 4

We’re smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business. Run The World

You don’t deserve my tears, I guess that’s why they ain’t there. Best Thing I Never Had

I may be young, but I’m ready. Party

I did, I’ve done, everything that I wanted And it was more than I thought it would be I will leave my mark, soul, everyone will know, I was here. I Was Here

I don’t know much about fighting, but I, I know I will fight for you. 1+1

Yup, I put it on him, it ain’t nothing that I can’t do. Yup, I buy my own, if he deserve it, buy his shit too. Countdown

2013: Beyoncé

I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker. Yonce

Freakum dress out of my closet. Yoncé filling out this skirt, I look so damn good, I ain’t lost it. Jealous

I wake up looking this good and I wouldn’t change it if I could. Flawless

Ya man ain’t never seen a booty like this. Yonce

I come with a side of trouble, but I know that’s why you’re staying. No Angel

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up. We ain’t even gonna make it to this club. Partition

Every girl in here gotta look me up and down. Partition

I know when you were little girls You dreamt of being in my world Don’t forget it, don’t forget it Respect that, bow down bitches. Bow Down

Boy you been hanging out tonight I’m staying out ’til tomorrow. Jealous

I been sippin, that’s the only thing keeping me on fire, me on fire. Drunk in Love

2016: Lemonade

I am the dragon breathing fire. Beautiful mane, I’m the lion. Don’t Hurt Yourself

Our love was stronger than your pride. All Night

Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him boy, bye. Sorry

Imma keep runnin’ cause a winner don’t quit on themselves. Lemonade

Nine times out of 10, I’m in my feelings. 10 times out of nine, I’m only human. Love Drought

When you play me, you play yourself. Don’t play yourself. Don’t Hurt Yourself

Six-inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody’s business. 6 Inch

Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper. Formation

Beyond your darkness, I’m your light. All Night

I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress. Formation

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