Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte es una banda de rock estadounidense que se formó en 1996. Su música es una mezcla de punk rock, pop punk y rock alternativo, y se caracteriza por letras que abordan temas como la juventud, la angustia y las relaciones. Han publicado varios álbumes de estudio y han tenido éxito en todo el mundo, con canciones como “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” y “The Anthem”. Además de su carrera musical, también han sido activistas en temas como la defensa de los derechos de los animales y la lucha contra el acoso escolar.

Años en Activo: 1996 – presente
Género: Punk rock,
pop punk,
rock alternativo
Miembros: Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Paul Thomas, Billy Martin y Dean Butterworth
Ex miembros: Aaron Escolopio, Chris Wilson
Origen: Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

2000: Good Charlotte

It’s a new day but it all feels old “It’s a good life” – that’s what I’m told But every day, it all just feels the same At my high school it felt more to me. The Anthem

Always see it on T.V., or read in the magazines Celebrities who want sympathy All they do is piss and moan, inside the Rolling Stone Talking about how hard life can be. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

And not much to say in most conversations But he’ll foot the bill in all situations Because he pays for everything. Girls And Boys

If you want me to wait I will wait for you If you tell me to stay I would stay right through If you don’t want to say Anything at all I’m happy wondering. Wondering

I don’t ever wanna– I don’t ever wanna be you Don’t wanna be just like you Uh, what I’m saying is This is the anthem, throw all your hands up You, don’t wanna be you. The Anthem

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous They’re always complaining Always complaining If money is such a problem Well they got mansions, think we should rob them. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Girls don’t like boys Girls like cars and money Boys will laugh at girls when they’re not funny. Girls And Boys

Since I was a young man I never was a fun man I never had a plan and no security then. Wondering

Shake it once, that’s fine Shake it twice, that’s okay Shake it three times You’re playing with your self again. The Anthem

Well did you know when you were famous you could kill your wife And there’s no such thing as 25 to life As long as you’ve got the cash, to pay for Cochran. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Vacations and shopping sprees These are a few of her favorite things She’ll get what she wants if she’s willing to please This type of girl always comes with a fee Hey now, there’s nothing for free. Girls And Boys

Because everybody (a-wha-oh-oh) Needs someone that they can trust and You’re somebody (a-wha-oh-oh) That I found just in time. Wondering

2002: The Young and the Hopeless

You come in cold You’re covered in blood They’re all so happy you’ve arrived The doctor cuts your cord. The Chronicles of Life and Death

There’s things they all wanna know I’m paranoid of all the people I meet Why are they talking to me? And why can’t anyone see. I Just Wanna Live

But the world is black And hearts are cold And there’s no hope That’s what we’re told. The World Is Black

There’s a woman crying out tonight Her world has changed She asks God why Her only son has died And now her daughter cries. We Believe

These are the chronicles of life and death and everything between These are the stories of our lives, as fictional as they may seem. The Chronicles of Life and Death

I rock a Lawsuit when I’m going to court A white suit when I’m getting divorced A black suit at the funeral home And my birthday suit when I’m home alone. I Just Wanna Live

And we can’t go back It won’t be the same Forever changed By the things we’ve seen, seen. The World Is Black

So this world Is too much For you to take Just lay it down and follow me I’ll be everything you need In every way. We Believe

And money talks in this world That’s what idiots will say But you’ll find out that this world Is just an idiot’s parade. The Chronicles of Life and Death

Talking on the phone Got an interview With the Rolling Stone They’re saying. I Just Wanna Live

Living in this place it’s always been this way There’s no one doing nothing so there’s nothing changed And I can’t live when this world just keeps dying It’s dying. The World Is Black

There’s no regard for life How do they sleep at night How can we make things right? Just wanna make this right. We Believe

2004: The Chronicles of Life and Death

As I walk through the valley Of the shadow of L.A The footsteps that were next to me Have gone their separate ways. The River

She’s going out to forget they were together All that time he was taking her for granted She wants to see, if there’s more Than he gave She’s looking for. I Don’t Wanna Be In Love

The way that you dance The way that you move The way that you stare at me across the room You carry Dior bags. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

You’re tired Tired of running You’re tired Tired of listening. Good Morning Revival

I heard that evil comes disguised Like the city of angels I’m walking towards the light Baptized in the river I’ve seen a vision of my life and I want to be delivered. The River

Everybody, put up your hands Say: “I don’t want to be in love I don’t want to be in love” Feel the beat now, if you’ve got nothing left. I Don’t Wanna Be In Love

And the record keeps playing The same old song The hipster mean mugging on me all night long They say “Ah ha, ah ha” Keep your hands off my girl. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

You’re tired Tired of hurting The day we could revive Good morning , Keep your sadness alive. Good Morning Revival

You’re from a small town You’re going to grow up fast underneath these lights Down in Hollywood on the boulevard The dead come back to life. The River

He was always giving her attention Working hard to find the things she mentioned He was dedicated, by most suckers hated That girl was fine, but she didn’t appreciate him. I Don’t Wanna Be In Love

Now she sweating my friends And my hurricane shoes She likes the records I spin My Adam Barton tattoos But she can’t say “what’s up”. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

2007: Good Morning Revival

Tonight I kinda get the feeling my girl is up to something Something that is no good She said she only had a meeting but she is dressed for something. Like It’s Her Birthday

All that I remember is that you had me at hello I knew right when I met her that I wouldn’t take it slow The more we heard the music, the more we got in synch. Last Night

She’s got a smile so sweet It’s every little thing from her head down to her feet Out of the magazine And I see you on the TV. Sex On The Radio

Life was simple Roger was working around the clock to make a living No computers, none of that; he used his two hands Ignored the cold war, his wife would keep him warm. 1979

She’s so wasted, acting crazy Making a scene, like it’s her birthday Drinking champagne, going insane Falling on me, like it’s her birthday. Like It’s Her Birthday

Everyone’s been calling like I’ve been gone for days There’s a note left on the table and all it says is “Thanks” It’s starting to get focused and I’m finally awake. Last Night

She sounds to me She sounds like sex on the radio I’d love to hear her scream And when I push play she’s screaming in stereo She sounds like sex on the radio She put sex on the radio, sex on the radio. Sex On The Radio

It was a good good year The kids were alright “Highway to Hell” beat up “Staying Alive” The Clash was on the radio And mom and dad were still in love in 1979 It was a good good year. 1979

This ain’t the night I thought it’d be And she ain’t shy, apparently Cause she’s in the crowd and everybody sings Like it’s her birthday. Like It’s Her Birthday

Last night (last night) Can’t remember (remember) What happened? (What happened?) Where’d we go? I woke up (woke up) This morning. (This morning). Last Night

I know that we would meet I want to those source they do for the radio And wish she looked at me All I said was hello (all I said was hello). Sex On The Radio

In the morning Robin always woke up early in the kitchen She’d make the coffee, pack his lunch and then she’d kiss him And he would hold her tight, when they were newlyweds. 1979

2016: Youth Authority

I fuckin’ hate these nights The ones where you don’t know me If I could get this right If I could get away from the old me. Makeshift Love

Woke up this morning with the strangest feeling I had a nightmare, but I wasn’t dreaming I ran outside to see it’s not 2003 Turned on the radio, it’s so confusing. 40 oz. Dream

One promise we made it We said we’d never break it Don’t look down be honest Tell me has it changed One life that we’re living. Life Can’t Get Much Better

Going through these life changes Gotta keep my feet moving I’m looking up at the sky Gotta keep my eyes open Gonna keep my mind racing I keep on trying to fly. Life Changes

Like I’m dying tonight And the whole world is laughing Like everyone I love is gone away Whoaaa. Makeshift Love

Grew up on MTV when they had Eazy-E In California, yeah, they still knew how to throw a party When It was Gin & Juice and we had Dre and Snoop In California, yeah, they still knew how to throw a party. 40 oz. Dream

Life can’t get much better Let’s just stay together These scars are tokens of promises broken. Life Can’t Get Much Better

You know they say that nothing lasts forever You know they said we’d never stay together It’s a long way down, can’t turn back now Going through these life changes. Life Changes

I fuckin’ hate these fights The ones where you just own me We used to be so tight (yeah right) But you just want the old me. Makeshift Love

More girls and more grunge and bottles and more fun Needles and squatters pissed off at their fathers I can’t believe it, man, it’s all so boring Went down to Gilman, yeah, the cops were snoring. 40 oz. Dream

If I knew we’d end up this way Do you really think I wouldn’t have tried If I knew it would break us down Do you really think I would’ve lied. Life Can’t Get Much Better

Yeah we always try to stand up to the lies We said we’ll never give up ’til we die And try to help our friends, we learn to live again We’ll never say it’s over ’til the end. Life Changes

2018: Generation Rx

I want what I want, I always have When no one cared about me, dreams were all I had But nightmares grow when no one’s listening And idle thoughts will do their thing. Self Help

I remember suffering with every single word they said I could always feel them, I could always feel them. Shadowboxer

Tell me, why I hurt this way? Should I even love you anymore? I don’t wanna find out why I’m too scared to look behind that door. Actual Pain

Born on a lonely planet full of broken dreams Where no one understands me When I finally met an angel, I didn’t know what to say She just held my hand.- Prayers

Searching for the meaning, I’m living in these feelings I’m ready for a reason to believe Now I’m working on my insides ’cause outside there’s no reasoning With anyone’s here, it’s never what it seems. Self Help

All this hate will burn your life down All the pain, you cause your own suffering Tell me when you look in the mirror and talk to yourself, do you even see at all?. Shadowboxer

I put my trust in all my faith In every word between us spoken Why do I believe the things you say When my heart’s already broken?. Actual Pain

Prayers, they don’t mean a thing at all Do they answer when you call? These prayers, when you don’t mean what you say Would you die for me today? Now I just can’t relate. Prayers

I felt too bad about myself I never thought I was good enough for anybody else I couldn’t look love in the eye, I was too broken to try Life was a cold song that taught me not to cry. Self Help

All your little shameful looks were buried in my heart like hooks I didn’t wanna be here, you told me I was evil. Shadowboxer

I can only count the ways I earned these scars, but they’re all tokens Every time I see your face I know my hopes no longer showing. Actual Pain

None of this makes sense in this reality God just leaves the room when I turn on my TV I see a little girl who’s crying ’cause she lost her family. Prayers

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