Frases en canciones de Hardwell

  • Nombre: Hardwell
  • Año: 2002-2018
  • Genero: EDM, Big Room House, Progressive House, Hardstyle, Trance
  • Miembros: Hardwell
  • Estado: Inactivo

United We Are – 2015

    • Is it a sin, that I want it bad Halfway to hell I’ve made my bed Baby give in and we’ll be gone If I go will you follow me home. Follow Me
    • She’s a dirty bitch and her daddy’s rich He’ll hunt me down, d-d-down, d-down And if her boyfriend knew what she makes me do He’ll hunt me down, down, down. Sally
    • Purple skies, vivid dreams When you breathe next to me Now your heart’s in the goal There’s mystery that I wanna know. Colors
    • When I was a boy, I dreamed Of a place in the sky Playing in the fields, battling with my shields Bows made out of twine. Young Again
    • Just like a pill, it’s going down Just say the word and I’ll take it now Come get me high, so I won’t be low. Follow Me
    • Wish that I was rich, cause her dad’s a dick He wants me dead, wants me down now And his gun’s old school but the bullet’s new To gun me down, down, down. Sally
  • No more hurt here to feel In the dark, we can glow Past the night, there’s a field Where the rainbow’s always shining down. Colors
  • I wish I could see this world again Through those eyes See the child in me, in my fantasy Never growing old. Young Again
  • If I go will you follow me home tonight You don’t have to be alone tonight If I go will you follow me. Follow Me
  • Cause I’m going to hell, they’ll take me away No one can find out that I’ve been fucking Sally. Sally
  • Kaleidoscopes will appear As we crash into love Flashing lights as we ride Leaving everything we left behind. Colors
  • When I was a boy, I searched For a world that’s unknown All we have is fun, everybody runs Until the sun goes down. Young Again

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