Hardwell es un DJ y productor neerlandés que ha sido clasificado como uno de los mejores del mundo. Comenzó su carrera en la música electrónica a la edad de 14 años y se ha convertido en una figura importante en la escena de la música dance. Ha ganado varios premios, incluyendo el primer lugar en la encuesta anual Top 100 DJs de la revista DJ Mag en 2013 y 2014. Ha lanzado varios sencillos exitosos y también ha producido remixes para otros artistas. Hardwell es conocido por su energía en el escenario y su capacidad para hacer que la multitud se mueva.

Años en Activo: 2006 – presente
Género: Electro House,
Progressive House,
Big Room
Miembros: Solo
Ex miembros:
Origen: Breda, Países Bajos
Estado: Activo

United We Are – 2015

Is it a sin, that I want it bad Halfway to hell I’ve made my bed Baby give in and we’ll be gone If I go will you follow me home. Follow Me

She’s a dirty bitch and her daddy’s rich He’ll hunt me down, d-d-down, d-down And if her boyfriend knew what she makes me do He’ll hunt me down, down, down. Sally

Purple skies, vivid dreams When you breathe next to me Now your heart’s in the goal There’s mystery that I wanna know. Colors

When I was a boy, I dreamed Of a place in the sky Playing in the fields, battling with my shields Bows made out of twine. Young Again

Just like a pill, it’s going down Just say the word and I’ll take it now Come get me high, so I won’t be low. Follow Me

Wish that I was rich, cause her dad’s a dick He wants me dead, wants me down now And his gun’s old school but the bullet’s new To gun me down, down, down. Sally

No more hurt here to feel In the dark, we can glow Past the night, there’s a field Where the rainbow’s always shining down. Colors

I wish I could see this world again Through those eyes See the child in me, in my fantasy Never growing old. Young Again

If I go will you follow me home tonight You don’t have to be alone tonight If I go will you follow me. Follow Me

Cause I’m going to hell, they’ll take me away No one can find out that I’ve been fucking Sally. Sally

Kaleidoscopes will appear As we crash into love Flashing lights as we ride Leaving everything we left behind. Colors

When I was a boy, I searched For a world that’s unknown All we have is fun, everybody runs Until the sun goes down. Young Again

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