Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff es una actriz, cantante y empresaria estadounidense nacida en 1987. Se hizo famosa por su papel protagónico en la serie de Disney Channel “Lizzie McGuire”. Como cantante, ha lanzado varios álbumes y sencillos exitosos, incluyendo “Come Clean” y “So Yesterday”. También ha participado en diversas películas y programas de televisión, como “A Cinderella Story” y “Younger”. Fuera de su carrera artística, Duff es una activista social y ha participado en varias campañas benéficas.

Años en Activo: 1993-presente
Género: Pop,
Pop rock,
Miembros: Hilary Duff
Ex miembros: N/A
Origen: Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

2002: Santa Claus Lane

What wishes will you make when the season is near? Will your dreams be the same as they were last year?. What Christmas Should Be

I remember last Christmas Eve Something happened that I couldn’t believe I went for a walk as the snow came down And when it stopped I was in a different town. Santa Claus Lane

You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle bell swing and jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun Now the jingle hop has begun. Jingle Bell Rock

Will you get all the things that you’ve been waiting for? Snow falling presents Choirs singing at you door. What Christmas Should Be

Just have some faith in what you see You’re right here where you want to be Walking this Christmas down Santa Claus Lane. Santa Claus Lane

He’s making a list He’s checking it twice He’s gonna find out Who’s naughty or nice. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

What a bright time It’s the right time to rock the night away Jingle bell time is a swell time To go gliding in a one horse sleigh. Jingle Bell Rock

How ’bout peace on Earth It can’t be bought or sold How ’bout peace this Christmas and someone’s hand to hold. What Christmas Should Be

Elves were standing in the street Snowmen and reindeer came out to greet Silver bells chimed from far away And Santa rode by on an open sleigh. Santa Claus Lane

He sees you when you’re sleeping He knows when you’re awake He knows if you’ve been bad or good So be good for goodness sake. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

2003: Metamorphosis

You can change your life (If you wanna) You can change your clothes (If you wanna) If you change your mind Well, that’s the way it goes. So Yesterday

‘Cause perfect didn’t feel so perfect Trying to fit a square into a circle was no life I defy. Come Clean

Some days I start off dragging my feet Some days I wanna fly Some days it all makes sense to me Some days I just don’t wanna know why. Workin’ It Out

I won’t tell you what I’m thinking ‘Cause it’s not the same thing you’re thinking too You could say I got a best friend And she’s always telling me what to do. Little Voice

If it’s over, let it go and Come tomorrow, it will seem So yesterday, so yesterday I’m just a bird that’s already flown away. So Yesterday

Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams Let it wash away my sanity ‘Cause I wanna feel the thunder, I wanna scream Let the rain fall down. Come Clean

Hey, hey I’m not giving up, no Gonna stand up and shout it, oh No way I’m not slacking off, or backing out, or cracking up with doubt I’m workin’ it out. Workin’ It Out

The little voice in my head won’t let me forget The little voice in my head is never misled. Little Voice

Thank you, you made my mind up for me When you started to ignore me Do you see a single tear? It isn’t gonna happen here. So Yesterday

I’m shedding, shedding every color Tryna find a pigment of truth beneath my skin ‘Cause different doesn’t feel so different And going out is better than always staying in. Come Clean

Sometimes I’m just surrounded by friends Sometimes we’ve never met Sometimes I pray for something I need But hey, you never know what you’re gonna get, and. Workin’ It Out

When I see you, I admit I start to lose my grip and all of my cool You smell so sweet, just like my perfume What have you been doing since I left you?. Little Voice

2004: Hilary Duff

I’m an angel, I’m a devil I am sometimes in between I’m as bad it can get, and good as it can be Sometimes I’m a million colors. I Am

Here I am again, talking to myself Sitting at a red light Both hands on the wheel How am I supposed to feel?. The Getaway

Found myself today Oh, I found myself and ran away Something pulled me back The voice of reason I forgot I had All I know is you’re not here to say. Someone’s Watching Over Me

In a moment, everything can change Feel the wind on your shoulder For a minute, all the world can wait Let go of your yesterday. Fly

I’m someone filled with self-belief And haunted by self-doubt I’ve got all the answers I’ve got nothing figured out. I Am

So much running through my mind First you wanna be free Now you say you need me Giving mixed signals and signs. The Getaway

So I won’t give up No, I won’t break down Sooner than it seems life turns around And I will be strong even if it all goes wrong. Someone’s Watching Over Me

Fly Open up the part of you that wants to hide away You can shine Forget about the reasons why you can’t in life, and start to try ‘Cause it’s your time, time to fly. Fly

I am special I am beautiful I am wonderful and powerful Unstoppable Sometimes I’m miserable Sometimes I’m pitiful. I Am

Put the pedal down Heading out of town Gotta make a getaway The traffic in my brain’s driving me insane. The Getaway

Seen that ray of light and it’s shining on my destiny Shining all the time And I won’t be afraid to follow everywhere it’s taking me. Someone’s Watching Over Me

All your worries, leave them somewhere else Find a dream you can follow Reach for something when there’s nothing left And the world’s feeling hollow. Fly

2007: Dignity

Nobody believes me When I tell them that you’re out of your mind Nobody believes me When I tell them that there’s so much you hide. Stranger

Where’s your, where’s your, where’s your dignity? I think you lost it in the Hollywood hills Where’s your, where’s your, where’s your dignity? Can’t buy respect, but you can pick up that bill. Dignity

I don’t mind you telling me what’s been on your mind lately I don’t mind you speaking up I know sometimes I can be all wrapped up and into me I can be in such a rush. With Love

Was it her face that invaded your mind? Her kind isn’t that hard to find She lets you think that you found her first That’s how she works. Gypsy Woman

There’s no kindness in your eyes The way you look at me, it’s just not right I can tell whats going on this time There’s a stranger in my life. Stranger

Pick it up, pick it up It’s all you got, it’s all you got Pick it up, pick it up ‘Cause money makes your world go ’round Money makes your world go ’round. Dignity

Just slow me down Slow me down Tell me tomorrow everything will be around Just slow me down. With Love

Thought no one would know your secrets down below But you can’t go, can’t go with her Can’t go, can’t go with her The gypsy woman. Gypsy Woman

Did I ever do anything that was this cruel to you? Did I ever make you wonder who was standing in the room?. Stranger

You’d show up to the opening of an envelope Why does everybody care about where you go? It’s not news when you got a new bag. Dignity

I can take your honesty All your words weigh heavily Listening to you all the time I wanna be there for you the way you’ve been there for me Always help me walk the line. With Love

She can swallow knives She can swallow lives Golden black stare brought the night of your demise. Gypsy Woman

2015: Breathe In. Breathe Out

I can’t hear a single word Just know you’re talking, ’cause your lips keep moving Everything I thought I learned goes out the window All I want is one thing. Sparks

Moment of clarity You’re leading me where I’ll follow In all my insanity You’re real, for now. My Kind

I made a top ten list of all the things I missed Your lying eyes and lips, they didn’t make it And when I’m cold at night, I know that I’ll survive Until I feel alright, I’m gonna fake it. Breathe In. Breathe Out. Tattoo

Lately you’ve been acting so shady All you say is I’m crazy But when you know, you know Save me from these walls as they cave in.

Mmm, yeah you burned me again I don’t wanna know where you’ve been Mmm, how is your new best friend? Do you know I will treat you like them? And I know. Lies

You can promise castles, treasures, babies, I don’t care ‘Cause for now, you’re just enough for me, I want you near. Sparks

I let my walls come down And I will let you waste my time I don’t care if it’s all a lie. My Kind

I remember when we had too much to dream I was hanging on your words like I’m sixteen I remember being high on your caffeine (oh, oh-oh, oh). Breathe In. Breathe Out.

You’re under my skin Running in my bloodstream These scars are the way that you loved me I guess that you had to leave a tattoo on my skin. Tattoo

We’re falling apart We’re falling apart like a house of cards And I know in my heart I know in my heart that this has gone too far. Lies

Ticking-tocking, like a bomb Throws me back to when I had you closer Skin to skin, we get it on Without the love, I feel you going bolder. Sparks

‘m with you for the night You’re taking me, taking me high You’re loving me, loving me right Think you’re one of my kind, you’re one of my kind. My Kind

Apologies for the way I’ve been I couldn’t wash you off my skin No I, I couldn’t live without you Mmm, tears and eyes can dry. Tattoo

Tell me why you think you can play me Twist your lies, and stare blankly Don’t you know, I know? Baby, all my time that you’ve wasted. Lies

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