Frases en canciones de Ilira

  • Nombre: Ilira
  • Año: 2018 – Presente
  • Genero: Dance, Música electrónica
  • Miembros: Ilira
  • Estado: Activo


  • Mouthful of pretty lies Handful of dynamite Every time you let me burn If I’m being honest I just never learn. Diablo
  • You don’t need to get it up for me, I’m fine Keep your “happy ever after“, it ain’t mine Bubble gum, I chew you up and run Bonnie could’ve had a good life without Clyde. DO IT YOURSELF
  • Medicine, lime and gin, I’m never listenin’ Happy pills kickin’ in, I love to be livin’ in sin. GET OFF MY D!CK
  • Boy I don’t need anybody else but you I’m caught up in every little thing you do. Whisper My Name
  • Walls here are closing in Double lock the bedroom door But every time you touch me I feel someone else taking over. Diablo
  • I love myself like nobody else Hands on, go on Do it yourself I touch myself like nobody else Bigger, better Do it yourself. DO IT YOURSELF
  • Start a fight, got my pride, touch me and I’m gonna bite You better hide ’cause I got a big appetite. GET OFF MY D!CK
  • I’m always scared of getting close But I can never overdose on you I don’t want anybody else, it’s true. Whisper My Name
  • You turned into Diablo Hiding under the halo of sweet talk I’m just good to get you off But not good enough to be loved. Diablo
  • Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, a bunch of lies Girls ain’t gotta be the sweet and helpless type. DO IT YOURSELF
  • So why you, why you trippin’ Take a photo from my good side Why you, why you trippin’ Got me tired of the hood life. GET OFF MY D!CK
  • Maybe it’s all in my head Maybe it’s something you said That got me feeling this way I need you 20 times a day. Whisper My Name
  • Helpless, we made a pact Feeding me recycled lines Fingers crossed behind your back When you say you’re forever mine (Forever mine). Diablo
  • So why am I just waitin’ Give me money and a mansion Doctor, doctor, I been way too patient. GET OFF MY D!CK
  • Every time you whisper my name You give me that pleasure pain. Whisper My Name
  • Movin’ slow, Truman Show, stuck in an all-time low I don’t know where to go so don’t tell me that I should know. GET OFF MY D!CK
  • I wasn’t ready for the fall I wasn’t looking for commitment But baby I’m not scared at all Now you’re the drug I’m never quittin’. Whisper My Name

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