Ilira es una cantante y compositora suiza de ascendencia albanesa-kosovar. Comenzó su carrera musical en 2018 con su sencillo debut “Whisper My Name”. Su estilo musical combina elementos del pop, hip hop y electrónica. Ha colaborado con varios artistas, incluyendo Steve Aoki y VIZE. Además de su carrera musical, Ilira también ha trabajado como modelo y ha participado en campañas publicitarias de marcas como Nike y Coca-Cola. Ha logrado una creciente popularidad en Europa y ha acumulado millones de reproducciones en plataformas de streaming como Spotify.

Años en Activo: Desde 2018
Género: Pop,
Hip Hop,
Miembros: Solista
Ex miembros: No aplica
Origen: Suiza
Estado: Activa


Mouthful of pretty lies Handful of dynamite Every time you let me burn If I’m being honest I just never learn. Diablo

You don’t need to get it up for me, I’m fine Keep your “happy ever after“, it ain’t mine Bubble gum, I chew you up and run Bonnie could’ve had a good life without Clyde. DO IT YOURSELF

Medicine, lime and gin, I’m never listenin’ Happy pills kickin’ in, I love to be livin’ in sin. GET OFF MY D!CK

Boy I don’t need anybody else but you I’m caught up in every little thing you do. Whisper My Name

Walls here are closing in Double lock the bedroom door But every time you touch me I feel someone else taking over. Diablo

I love myself like nobody else Hands on, go on Do it yourself I touch myself like nobody else Bigger, better Do it yourself. DO IT YOURSELF

Start a fight, got my pride, touch me and I’m gonna bite You better hide ’cause I got a big appetite. GET OFF MY D!CK

I’m always scared of getting close But I can never overdose on you I don’t want anybody else, it’s true. Whisper My Name

You turned into Diablo Hiding under the halo of sweet talk I’m just good to get you off But not good enough to be loved. Diablo

Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, a bunch of lies Girls ain’t gotta be the sweet and helpless type. DO IT YOURSELF

So why you, why you trippin’ Take a photo from my good side Why you, why you trippin’ Got me tired of the hood life. GET OFF MY D!CK

Maybe it’s all in my head Maybe it’s something you said That got me feeling this way I need you 20 times a day. Whisper My Name

Helpless, we made a pact Feeding me recycled lines Fingers crossed behind your back When you say you’re forever mine (Forever mine). Diablo

So why am I just waitin’ Give me money and a mansion Doctor, doctor, I been way too patient. GET OFF MY D!CK

Every time you whisper my name You give me that pleasure pain. Whisper My Name

Movin’ slow, Truman Show, stuck in an all-time low I don’t know where to go so don’t tell me that I should know. GET OFF MY D!CK

I wasn’t ready for the fall I wasn’t looking for commitment But baby I’m not scared at all Now you’re the drug I’m never quittin’. Whisper My Name

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