Incubus es una banda estadounidense de rock alternativo formada en 1991 en California. Han vendido más de 23 millones de álbumes en todo el mundo y han sido nominados a dos premios Grammy. Su música combina elementos de rock, funk, metal y electrónica. Han lanzado varios álbumes exitosos, incluyendo “Make Yourself” y “Morning View”. La banda sigue activa y continúa haciendo música y actuando en vivo.

Años en Activo: 1991 – presente
Género: Rock,
Funk rock,
Indie rock
Miembros: Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, José Pasillas, Chris Kilmore, Ben Kenney
Ex miembros: Gavin Koppel, Alex Katunich
Origen: Calabasas, California, Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

1995 – Fungus Amongus

Damn, this situation’s new to me, why? I see a head afraid to be himself, I bet he’d like to have a little encouragement from theopposite, come that side of the floor…Yes!. You Will Be A Hot Dancer

Medium, medium. Waking up I smell the scent of coffee on the brew and I think about the amount of the sweet I’d like to have in my cup today. Medium

The evening began as a positive swaret and my abode was 4-2-0 G. But little did I know that in the very next apartment there’d be trouble on the brew for me!. Trouble in 421

Egg him along, make him feel at ease with himself, steal his clothes, leave him his shoes, let’s get this marmaduke naked! Make him feel at ease. You Will Be A Hot Dancer

One for the two lump, three lump, four. No half of one, no less no more. Just give me a chance, let me make it mine. I’d like a medium blend of that piece of pie. Medium

Ubiquitous I wish I could be because the clock cuts short my own day! One hundred things to do before I rest my sore ass upon the cushion that supports my array!. Trouble in 421

Don’t you make fun of me…don’t you make fun of me! I’m gonna be, gonne be, I’m gonna be a hot dancer!. You Will Be A Hot Dancer

Dinner time just rolls around and I think I crave a steak but I’m not too partial to the meat when it’s cooked too long and I’m made to wait. Medium

I beg my common sense to keep my neighbor out away from my front door until i find a way to hide myself from those in 4-2-1…….one away from the good one. Trouble in 421

1997 – S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

I’m born, I’m alive I breathe, in a moment or two I realize That the sphere upon which I reside Is asleep on its feet Should I, should I, should I go back to sleep?. Vitamin

At first I see an open wound Infected and disastrous It breathes chaotic catastrophe It cries to be renewed. New Skin

A certain shade of green Tell me, is that what you need? All signs around say move ahead Could someone please explain to me your ever present lack of speed?. A Certain Shade Of Green

I’m home alone tonight Full moon illuminates my room And sends my mind aflight I think I was dreaming of some thoughts. Summer Romance

You stare at me like I’m a vitamin On the surface you hate, but you know you need me I come dressed as any pill you deem fit Whatever helps you swallow truth all the more easily. Vitamin

Its tears are the color of anger They dry to form a scab To the touch, its stiff and resilient Underneath, the new skin breathes, yeah. New Skin

Are your muscles bound by ropes? Or do crutches cloud your day? My sources say the road is clear And street signs point the way. A Certain Shade Of Green

When we get there We’re gonna fly so far away Making sure to laugh While we experience anti-gravity Anti-gravity. Summer Romance

We orbit the sun, I grow up My open eyes see a zombified, somnambulist society Leaving us as vitamins for the hibernating human animal Do you, do you, do you see what I mean?. Vitamin

It’s all been saved With the exception for the right parts When will we be new skin? It’s all been seen With the exception for what could be When will we be new skin?. New Skin

Are you gonna stand around until 2012 A.D.? What are you waiting for, a certain shade of green? I’m gonna grow a gray watching you procrastinate. A Certain Shade Of Green

For years, I kept it to myself Now potentialities are bound And living under my shelf Simply choose your destination from the diamond canopy And we’ll be there. Summer Romance

1999 – Make Yourself

The top of the highest high-rise today It’s not a breeze cause it blows hard Yes and it wants me to discard the humanity I know Watch the warmth blow away. The Warmth

Meet me in outer space We could spend the night Watch the earth come up I’ve grown tired of that place. Stellar

If I hadn’t made me I’d be more inclined to bow Powers that be would have swallowed me up But that’s more than I can allow. Make Yourself

Sometimes I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear And I, I can’t help but ask myself How much I let the fear take the wheel and steer. Drive

A decade ago, I never thought I would be At twenty-three on the verge of spontaneous combustion Woe-is-me But I guess that it comes with the territory An ominous landscape of never ending calamity. Pardon Me

So don’t let the world bring you down Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold Remember why you came and while you’re alive Experience the warmth before you grow old. The Warmth

How do you do it? Make me feel like I do How do you do it? It’s better than I ever knew. Stellar

If you let them fuck you There will be no foreplay But rest-assured They’ll screw you complete Until your ass is blue and gray. Make Yourself

Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there With open arms and open eyes, yeah Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there I’ll be there. Drive

So pardon me while I burst into flames I’ve had enough of the world and its people’s mindless games So pardon me while I burn and rise above the flame Pardon me, pardon me… I’ll never be the same. Pardon Me

And leave in my wake a trail of fear? Or should I hold my head up high And throw a wrench in spokes by Leaving the air behind me clear?. The Warmth

If you’re afraid of heights I need you to see this place It might be the only way That I can show you how it feels to be inside of you. Stellar

You should make amends with you If only for better health, better health But if you really want to live Why not try and make yourself?. Make Yourself

So if I decide to waiver my chance To be one of the hive Will I choose water over wine And hold my own and drive?. Drive

Never be the same, yeah Pardon me while I burst into flames Pardon me, pardon me, pardon me. Pardon Me

2001 – Morning View

Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons Better than witnessing new born nebulas in bloom. Nice to Know You

I dig my toes into the sand The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket I lean against the wind, pretend that I am weightless And in this moment I am happy–happy. Wish You Were Here

Bat your eyes girl, be otherworldly Count your blessings, seduce a stranger What’s so wrong with being happy? Kudos to those who see through sickness-yea. Warning

There’s something about the look in your eyes Something I noticed when the light was just right It reminded me twice that I was alive And it reminded me that you’re so worth the fight. Echo

She who sees from up high smiles and surely sings Perspective pries your once weighty eyes and it gives you wings. Nice to Know You

I lay my head onto the sand The sky resembles a back-lit canopy with holes punched in it. Wish You Were Here

When she woke in the morning She knew that her life had passed her by And she called out a warning Don’t ever let life pass you by. Warning

Could you show me dear? Something I’ve not seen Something infinitely interesting Could you show me dear?. Echo

I haven’t felt the way I feel today In so long it’s hard for me to specify I’m beginning to notice How much this feels like a waking limb Pins and needles, nice to know you. Nice to Know You

The world’s a roller coaster And I am not strapped in Maybe I should hold with care But my hands are busy in the air saying. Wish You Were Here

Floating in this cosmic Jacuzzi We are like frogs oblivious to the water starting to boil No one flinches, we all float face down. Warning

2004 – A Crow Left of the Murder…

I hear you on the radio You permeate my screen, it’s unkind but If I met you in a scissor fight I’d cut off both your wings on principle alone On principle alone. Megalomaniac

Take a bow, pack on powder Wash them out with buzzing lights Pay an audience to care “Impress me” personality. Talk Shows On Mute

From here on it’s instinctual Even straight roads meander Every piece contains a map of It all! It all!. A Crow Left of the Murder

No, you’re not the first to fall apart But always the first one to complain You better get careful or You’ll compromise everything you are. Sick Sad Little World

Hey megalomaniac You’re no Jesus Yeah, you’re no fucking Elvis Wash your hands clean of yourself baby Maniac, step down, step down. Megalomaniac

Come one, come all Into 1984 Yeah, three, two, one Lights, camera, transaction. Talk Shows On Mute

Everything I wanted Wanted to know Everything I wanted Wanted to see To see, yeah Oh, oh. A Crow Left of the Murder

The world is a drought when out of love Please, come back to us, you’re all of the above I’m making a choice to be out of touch “Leave me be,” he said. Sick Sad Little World

If I were your appendages I’d hold open your eyes So you would see That all of us are heaven sent There was never meant to be only one. Megalomaniac

But quick, your time is almost up Make all forget that they’re the moth Edging in towards the flame Burn into obscurity. Talk Shows On Mute

Unlearn me Ditch what I read behind what I heard. A Crow Left of the Murder

I’ve never had unpaid confidantes It’s more than I would care to explain But I have an open door Policy when it comes to blame. Sick Sad Little World

2006 – Light Grenades

A cloud hangs over this city by the sea I watch the ships pass and wonder if she might be. Anna Molly

Sometimes when I’m alone, I wonder Is there a spell that I am under Keeping me from seeing the real thing?. Love Hurts

We all have a weakness But some of ours are easy to identify Look me in the eye And ask for forgiveness. Dig

You and I are like oil and water And we’ve been trying, trying, trying Ooh, to mix it up. Oil And Water

Out there and sober as well from loneliness Please do persist, girl it’s time we met and made a mess. Anna Molly

Love hurts But sometimes it’s a good hurt And it feels like I’m alive Love sings When it transcends the bad things Have a heart and try me ‘Cause without love, I won’t survive. Love Hurts

If I turn into another Dig me up from under what is covering The better part of me Sing this song Remind me that we’ll always have each other When everything else is gone. Dig

Babe, this wouldn’t be the first time It will not be the last time There is no parasol that could shelter this weather. Oil And Water

Wait, there is a light There is a fire Illuminated attic Fate, or something better I could care less Just stay with me a while. Anna Molly

I’m fettered and abused Stand naked and accused Should I surface this one-man submarine?. Love Hurts

We all have a sickness That cleverly attaches and multiplies No matter how we try. Dig

I’ve been smiling with anchors on my shoulders And I’ve been dying, dying, dying Ooh, to let them go. Oil And Water

2011 – If Not Now, When?

I’m only 23 for another hour, give or take I’m a fan of yours and I need a good mistake. Promises, Promises

I have waited Dined on ashes Swung from chandeliers and climbed Everest And none of it’s got me close to this. If Not Now, When?

I’m a ne’er do well Running out of black gold It’s high time I pulled over And walked around for a while. Friends And Lovers

I’m feeling out of bounds, out of bounds I’m running out of time, out of time I know there’s no such thing as either of them But its doesn’t make me feel any better. Adolescents

I’m not a sinner or preacher, all I have is sleight of hand I do magic tricks for all the boys in the band. Promises, Promises

We’ve been good Even a blast, but Don’t you feel like something’s missing here Don’t you dare. If Not Now, When?

If asked of me I would Gobble them to bits The things that wall us off from Where we belong. Friends And Lovers

Out of sight, out of mind Out of sight, out of mind We’re out of time We’re out of mind Out of mind Out of mind Yeah, yeah. Adolescents

I’m on the road of least resistance I’d rather give up than give in to this So promise me only one thing, would you? Just don’t ever make me promises No promises. Promises, Promises

I’ve waited all my life If not now, when will I Stand up and face the bright light Don’t hide your eyes It’s time. If Not Now, When?

If they all throw stones Start a collection Of everything we’re not And won’t because. Friends And Lovers

I’m feeling overwhelmed, overwhelmed It’s getting out of line, line, line I know I’m not alone Just adolescents, you and I It doesn’t make me feel any better. Adolescents

2015 – Trust Fall

Things have been a little inside out, apologies Babe, I’m gonna ride out the tide, take it in stride. Trust Fall

Girl I wanna kiss you, but not just on your lips no The tips of your fingers and every intersection, start again down at your pinkie toe. Make Out Party

It’s like an intuition, or a feeling in the air An intangible impression that’s always everywhere You bit into the apple, laid down your sword and shield. Absolution Calling

Dance because you’re young and you don’t need a reason Dance just like you got your legs from a cartoon. Dance Like You’re Dumb

It’s only a trust fall Into the arms of all Love is a blessed curse! Lets you sail across the known universe. Trust Fall

I get high every time I get the taste of you on my tongue And I know you’re one to hold onto Deep sigh every time I get a hint of you in my mind Cause I know you won’t be held onto. Make Out Party

I remember feeling the opposite of falling (Into that spot, where we untie every knot) Spinning past the ceiling, absolution calling “Are you there, or not?”. Absolution Calling

You were gift with the biz, now you’re tired of the risk to the boss mans daughter You thought singing her praises would get you a raise now you’re just like a horse being led through the water. Dance Like You’re Dumb

I like it when you look at me like I’m an alien Lure me with a lock of your hair Taking that dare is a fire under my feet Now I see I gotta let go if I wanna know. Trust Fall

Babe I’ve got a weakness for the backs of your knees your honey spilt over And now I am an army of ants and we’re all thinking the same thought. Make Out Party

It’s an open invitation, come see the sights of sages We’ve been a pride of lions, so afraid to leave our cages Don’t fret over the pieces that smolder in the sun. Absolution Calling

Just when you thought you were done cuz you breathe too much fun, now the red lights flashin She kept a rainbow of pills, she was up on her thrills, both her brains and her body, like, took a bashing. Dance Like You’re Dumb

2017 – 8

Could there be another universe? One that wasn’t always out to getcha? Man, it breaks my heart a little bit That you’re like a sleepwalker. Undefeated

Has it come to this? We’re stuck in the weeds I get it, I’m not perfect I was never trying to be. Nimble Bastard

I feel like I may have been here before All of it looks so familiar I wanna see beyond the obvious So show me a new constellation. No Fun

Feels familiar When the knife gets buried into my beating heart Then I come to Bloody, bruised, and cursing my own naiveté. Glitterbomb

I’m not dead yet I’m not dead yet, no I’m bent but not broken And I’m not dead yet, no Yeah. Undefeated

If we really only ever get one chance to burn I gotta trip before I can see the finish How else would I learn? I wanna know, how is it you do it?. Nimble Bastard

Ay! You’re no fun You’re no fun You’re a song I never wanna hear again!. No Fun

I was on an empty beach On a screaming all-time low I remember meeting you and sharing all these injustices Let me help she said. Glitterbomb

We’re undefeated, bent but not broken No they ain’t seen nothing yet We’re undefeated, bent but not broken Not dead yet. Undefeated

When you land on your feet You’re a nimble bastard And you don’t skip a beat Such a nimble bastard Salt of the earth. Nimble Bastard

Never again, never again, never again Don’t you get it? I only want to break your spell Ohh oh ohhh. No Fun

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