Frases de Inna

  • Nombre: Inna
  • Año: 2008–presente
  • Genero: EDM
  • Miembros: Inna
  • Estado: Activo

2009: Hot

  • Fly like you do it, like you’re high Like you do it, like you fly Let me do it like a woman. Hot
  • Dangerous feelings break out my soul It’s just the meaning of being alone I need you here, wherever you are I need you now to take me so far. Amazing
  • Everybody falls in love and then falls down And I’m feeling so high I’m feeling so high, for you. Don’t Let the Music Die
  • Am I? Eh eh eh, am I dreaming? What I feel tonight about you and I Am I? Eh eh eh, am I dreaming? I can feel your love when I hold you tight. Love
  • You belong to me, I belong to you Fire from my heart burning just for you When you’re far away, I’m in love with you Feelings are so high, what can I do?. Hot
  • Rock your body, come on everybody Somebody stop me, when I dance I’m losing control You see me, ya, this is stereo I wanna hear my song one time on the radio. 10 Minutes
  • Why you’re lookin’ like that? I’m burning like fire I wanna be higher Just let me know. Amazing
  • Don’t let the music die, don’t have to feel alone You have to learn to stay with me okay tomorrow. Don’t Let the Music Die
  • Let me see your body move on the floor Like ten minutes ago, oh oh Shake, shake, shake your body, move on the floor Like ten minutes ago. 10 Minutes
  • Don’t let the music die, don’t have to feel alone I got love and many reasons to love, reasons to love. Don’t Let the Music Die
  • Why you’re lookin’ like that You’re driving me crazy You’re lookin’ amazing. Amazing
  • Come back and set me free Now from infinity Love is a mystery Distance is killing me. Love
  • Winning in every place, ’cause you’re my lucky ace DJ turn off the bass, oh yeah. 10 Minutes

2011: I Am the Club Rocker

  • I like the way you are driving your car I like the way you’re drinkin’ beer in a bar. Un Momento
  • You can be my daddy, I feel ecstatic Don’t worry, we can make love automatic. Club Rocker
  • All the people tonight Put your hands in the sky Come on boy, come and get in the rhythm Music will take you high. Sun Is Up
  • You look so sexy, where you from, where you are? You’re like a sunshine. Un Momento
  • One more feeling about you I love you, don’t know why Everybody come and get in the rhythm Music will take you high. Sun Is Up
  • Sometimes in your life You gotta do what you gotta do Or you’re got to stand by ‘Cause all around the world Don’t forget, sky is the limit. No Limit
  • No-now I think I’m ready, throw up some confetti Party people crazy, party wow wow wow Wanna be my daddy, drop me in your Caddy. WOW
  • El-el-electronic, magnetic, sensual No quiero que tu pienses que esto es normal I’m tryna tell you travel to the galaxy I’m happy that you’re mine, I’m for you, you’re for me. Un Momento
  • Come feel my body, I think you’re naughty With you and I now the party get started. Club Rocker
  • I got moves, I got love I got everything you want I can dream, I can fly Come with me for a ride. No Limit
  • Baby don’t stop, everybody get up Put your money here, ooh, don’t you leave me Baby don’t stop, DJ let the beat drop Put your money here, ooh, don’t you leave me. WOW
  • Yo no sé cómo tú quieres que este hombre cuente De sangre caliente prendiendo ambiente. Un Momento
  • That’s the way that I feel Every day, every day That’s the way that I live Every night, every night. Club Rocker
  • Sun is up, move your body I got moves and all the night I will not sit, yeah I came up for this party I will stop when Mr. DJ stops the beat, yeah. Sun Is Up
  • I just want you to know ‘Cause I wanna do slow If you won’t let it go And everything’s alright. No Limit
  • Yo sé que tus amigas no me pueden ver Pero que puedo hacer, si te amo a ti mujer Camino derecho, sacando pecho La frente bien alta mirando al techo Si te hice daño eso ya está hecho. Un Momento

2013: Party Never Ends

  • I think I’m ready for ya You take me higher, get me to cloud nine Go up to the light. Be My Lover
  • Ya no engañemos a este corazon Tu y yo sabemos, sobra la pasión. Dame Tú Amor
  • Whoa tonight Tonight we could be more than friends. More Than Friends
  • Oh, how I rock my body? Can you handle how I move? Are you feeling naughty? I’m gonna hypnotize you Are you ready for me?. INNdiA
  • I want your body Won’t live without it So turn up the party I’m feelin’ naughty. In Your Eyes
  • Hold me until the end of time ‘Cause we are written in the sky Get close to my lips. Be My Lover
  • We got that Coca-Cola bottle shape, shape, shape We got that sugar, do you wanna taste, taste, taste?. Cola Song
  • No hay nadie mas, mas, mas, con quien quiero estar Solo tú me pones a temblar Acercate a mi te quiero sentir Voy a explotar Si tu me besas así. Dame Tú Amor
  • Just gonna let it go tonight All I want is you, thousand shades of blue Dancin’ in your eyes. In Your Eyes
  • Keep your eyes on your prize And your mind off the time Oh baby, you know That you will never say no, no, no. INNdiA
  • Like oh, you know you want it Ah, andale Oh, you know we got it Ah, that’s why we say. Cola Song
  • We’re in the corner of a crowded room I want your lips your body, boy how soon? And if you like what we’re doin’ Why don’t we give in for the night?. More Than Friends
  • Lock you up in my kiss Tell me you will be mine tonight You will be mine tonight. Be My Lover
  • I’m just gonna let it go tonight I just wanna be, hold you close to me Dancin’ in your eyes. In Your Eyes
  • Soy Latina baby, soy Latina baby Okay, let’s party, say olé (Olé) Soy Latina y la noche we own it, baby Okay, let’s party, say olé (Olé). Cola Song
  • Frenemos el tiempo y volemos de este lugar Juntemos los cuerpos asi para despegar. Dame Tú Amor
  • From the first time that I saw that I look in your eyes I’ve been thinkin’ about you for all of this time Whoa tonight Tonight we could be more than friends. More Than Friends

2015: Inna

  • Hear me up boy, listen to my heartbeat Oh oh, I know that you want it Hurry up and show me how your love feels Oh oh, come on right now. Bad Boys
  • Come on ladies get ready The music is playin’ One more time let’s go crazy Tonight, tonight, tonight I’m gonna take you so high. Yalla
  • Took a car to Rio Cross the border to Mexico Ten hours straight down to the sea. Salinas Skies
  • And now summer is gone and we are drunk in love But you’re goin’ away Boy, don’t get me wrong, I’m just a girl in love And I want you to stay. Fool Me
  • When I get a feelin’ real in the summer You can come and meet me, we can fall in love Take me to the sea, take me to the sun Just a little secret, no one needs to know. Rendez Vous
  • No, don’t tell me how you really love me Oh oh, come on boy and show me No, don’t tell me how you really love me Oh oh, come and get me now. Bad Boys
  • Can you hear my heart beating for you? Dream wide awake, boy, make it true. Yalla
  • And my heart was racin’ ‘Cause I know that you’ll be waitin’ Same time and place we always meet. Salinas Skies
  • Oh baby, me and you We’re gonna have a little rendez vous We’re gonna keep it a ménage à deux The way you loved me, gave me déjà vu. Rendez Vous
  • Un petit peu dangereux, toi Dangereux, moi, je te veux comme ça Un petit peu dangereux, toi T’as cherché, mais je suis celle celle là. Bad Boys
  • So just fool me, fool me, fool me that is all I’m askin’ for And I want your body temper ’cause you won’t be here no more Can’t you see my heart is beating like it never did before? You’re the one. Fool Me
  • Can you hear my heart beating for you? Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Yalla
  • One more time, under the Salinas skies As I hold you in these arms of mine One more time, under the Salinas skies. Salinas Skies

2017: Nirvana

  • This is a night to remember It’s burning hard in December You make me surrender I follow you out on the floor. Ruleta (Feat. Erik)
  • I pulled up to a palace in old town 20 minutes from Bali, oh yeah Got a feeling that it’s about to go down Party people wanna party so I say. Gimme Gimme
  • Don’t ever wake me Don’t ever wake me up I’ll stay here dreaming Cause this is were you are, are, are You are, are, are. My Dreams
  • I got lost in the city And no one there but me ,oh Missing you on my body. Nirvana
  • I always keep my options open You know I care for love and emotion But your body’s calling on me Boy, you’re making it harder for me. Lights
  • Una vida ganaste en la ruleta Con tu movimiento ganame Bailando, gozando, tu cuerpo, el flamenco, ole. Ruleta (Feat. Erik)
  • Baby, when I see you I want you, want you, want you My body, body go crazy, crazy cause I need you, need you, need you.Gimme Gimme
  • Dearest love it’s been too long It’s been dark since you’ve been gone I see you in my dreams at night Call your name a million times. My Dreams
  • Lights Turn off the lights for me in the night I’m tryna see you walk aside Oh, don’t know what’s going on. Lights
  • Sabes que tú corazón conmigo Hace boom boom contigo Sabes que tú corazón conmigo. Nirvana
  • Now it only takes two to tango And oh, you talk in my lingo You know I’m no angel And I know you’re a dirty boy. Ruleta (Feat. Erik)
  • I’mma love you, love you, love you long time So give me, give me the way that I like it. Gimme Gimme
  • I’d give, I’d give you love These things you let me ride I’d play the wild night Behind my steal cold eyes, eyes, eyes. My Dreams
  • I got lost in this feeling I got lost in nirvana Grab my hand if you feel it. Nirvana

2019: Yo

  • Tu manera, tu manera Tu manera de mirar me pone mal (He, he), Tu manera, tu manera Tu manera, no me puedo controlar (Ay). Tu Manera
  • Tú quieres que corra al el fin de la tierra No quiero tu guerra, mí puerta sé cierra Tu excusa no importa, mi mente te borra Ra ra ra, y mi gente te borra. Ra
  • No me vengan a buscar Que yo no voy a frenar La locura de vivir. Locura
  • La vida es como un eco Lo que da es tu reflejo Lo que hiciste se regresa Porque el karma no está lejos. La Vida Es Como Un Eco
  • Estás quemándome, como en la playa Estás gustándome, ya no te vayas. Tu Manera
  • Llego pa’ carnaval en la mañana Aquí estoy buscándote como una iguana Y ya no puedo caminar. Iguana
  • Más de este amor ya no puede, puede ser Por tus acciones no quiero verte más Más de este amor sólo me va a enloquecer Ya no necesito más de este amor. Ra
  • Nadie se escapa de este momento Nadie lo para aunque vaya lento Tarde o temprano llega tu tiempo Y no te salva porque es tu eco. La Vida Es Como Un Eco
  • Así Y cuando tú llegas aquí Y todo se le ofrende a mí. Locura
  • Es porque sé que Aunque te hierre tendrá su condena Si nada lo frena ya vendrá su pena Si no lo pagó, ya lo va a pagar. La Vida Es Como Un Eco
  • Así tu me perdiste, pero ya me extrañaste Díselo que no hay otra más como yo Este ritmo me está matando. Iguana
  • Como tú no hay otro igual, tienes algo que no hay No me puedo contener, ya te quiero confesar Así estabas, con ella, así mirándome Así, así, y yo esperándote (Ay). Tu Manera
  • Tu actitud me está cansando Yo soy más fuego, ella es de cera Yo sé que luego desespera. Iguana
  • Me habla y me pone mal Dice dice dame el plan Acércate un poquito más Y dime de qué eres capaz Y dale que te sigo a ti. Locura
  • Se pasan los días de lunes a viernes Y de ti mí mente ni sé acuerda Te decían cuidado que la pierdes Porque lo que yo te di fue diferente. Ra
  • Ya se me está acabando todas las ganas Yo no te vuelvo a buscar otro fin de semana Porque ya quiero caminar.  Iguana
  • Ya sé que le diste la espalda Ya verás que te hace falta Volverás porque hace falta A ver. La Vida Es Como Un Eco

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