Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas es un cantante, compositor, actor y productor musical estadounidense. Nació en Dallas, Texas en 1992 y comenzó su carrera artística como actor en obras de teatro de Broadway. En 2005 formó parte de la banda Jonas Brothers junto a sus hermanos, con la que alcanzó gran éxito en la música pop rock. En 2010 comenzó su carrera como solista con el lanzamiento de su álbum “Who I Am”. Desde entonces, ha lanzado varios álbumes y ha participado en películas y programas de televisión. Su música se caracteriza por una mezcla de pop, rock y R&B.

En activo desde: 2004
Género: pop, rock, R&B
Miembros: Nick Jonas
Ex miembros: Ninguno
Origen: Dallas, Texas, Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

Nicholas Jonas (2004)

My girl turns sweet sixteen today She’s beautiful, so beautiful It might get rough sometimes. Appreciate

People take your words and try to twist them ’round I know you can’t be happy with what’s going down. Dear God

Feeling like you lost your way See that you’ve had better days You don’t know why. Don’t Walk Away

There’s a man dying on the side of the road Won’t make it home tonight He was driving fast on his cell phone. Appreciate

Just the other night I heard somebody say What’s the use believing in you anyway. Dear God

I know that life can be so hard People then nay tear you apart and turn you round I will be here for you always All you gotta do is call my name out loud. Don’t Walk Away

There’s a woman crying on the kitchen floor She got a call tonight Now she’s trembling outside her daughter’s door. Appreciate

Everybody’s searching for an easy solution, yeah They can’t see beyond the selfish world they’re living in. Dear God

Don’t you walk away You will find a way Don’t you walk away I know that life will test your faith. Don’t Walk Away

Nick Jonas (2014)

I turn my chin music up And I’m puffing my chest I’m getting red in the face You can call me obsessed. Jealous

With her wine-stained lips, yeah, she’s nothing but trouble Cold to the touch, but she’s warm as a devil. Chains

This is so dumb, this is so bad Gotta be numb to push you like that Liftin’ me up, lettin’ me fall Fuck with my head like it’s nothin’ at all. Numb

I wish you didn’t have to post it all I wish you’d save a little bit just for me Protective or possessive? Girl Call it passive or aggressive?. Jealous

But, I wouldn’t change No, I wouldn’t change this love Trynna break the chains, but the chains only break me. Chains

You don’t know what it is you do to me Yeah, you stole my heart And all I have is a hole where it used to be And the hardest part is. Numb

‘Cause you’re too sexy beautiful And everybody wants a taste That’s why (that’s why) I still get jealous. Jealous

You got me in chains You got me in chains for your love I wouldn’t change No, I wouldn’t change this love. Chains

I got trapped off in a blackbox lit from the matchbox in your rage You said we are merely players who still act off of this stage. Numb

Last Year Was Complicated (2016)

Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn I’m so perplexed With just one breath, I’m locked in (Locked in) Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn I’m so perplexed, oh, that it’s almost shocking (Shocking). Close

Late nights, doing what I wanna do I got sleep eyes, I woke up like this Feelin’ like, aw shit, throw some bacon on it One thing I love more than being with you. Bacon

Walk in the house, lights are off In the closet by the door, there’s your coat I wasn’t thinking of you before Too many rooms in this house, so I keep going out. Chainsaw

Cigarette, mmm, that I never got a chance to hit, chance to hit But in my mind, yeah, baby, I can taste your lips Taste your lips, mmm. Under You

‘Cause if I want you, then I want you, babe Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space. Close

Sizzlin’, white hot Give me that sugar with the sweet talk You’re perfect, but I’m not So how do we end up in the worst spot?. Bacon

And maybe I’ll just take a chainsaw to the sofa Where I held your body close for so long, so long. Chainsaw

So I’ll never get over Never get over not getting under you Getting under you. Under You

Oh man, oh man I am not really known forever being speechless But now, but now somehow My words roll off my tongue right onto your lips, oh. Close

And it’s hard to just take off like that When you been with a broad and you go way back. Bacon

Ohh, I could put a sign in the lawn But it’d mean that I would wanna let you go And I don’t wanna let you go. Chainsaw

Poured a glass, mmm, but I never got to take a sip Take a sip I’ve been around the world (Around the world) But baby, you’re my only fix. Under You

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