Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj es una cantante, rapera y compositora estadounidense nacida en Trinidad y Tobago en 1982. Ha lanzado varios álbumes de estudio y ha sido galardonada con numerosos premios, incluidos BET Awards y MTV Video Music Awards. Es conocida por sus habilidades como rapera, así como por su estilo único y extravagante. Ha colaborado con muchos otros artistas de renombre, incluidos Lil Wayne, Drake y Beyoncé.

En activo desde: 2004
Género: Hip Hop,
Miembros: Nicky Minaj
Ex miembros: N/A
Origen: Trinidad y Tobago
Estado: Activo

2010: Pink Friday

I am not Jasmine, I am Aladdin So far ahead, these bums is laggin’ See me in that new thing, bums is gaggin’. Roman’s Revenge

And I’mma go and get some bibs for ’em A couple formulas, little pretty lids on ’em If I had a dick, I would pull it out and piss on ’em (psss). Did It On’em

I am no longer trying to survive I believe that life is a prize But to live, doesn’t mean you’re alive. Moment 4 Life

I said, excuse me you’re a hell of a guy I mean my, my, my, my you’re like pelican fly. Super Bass

Look at my show footage, how these girls be spazzin’ So fuck I look like gettin’ back to a has-been? Yeah, I said it, has-been Hang it up; flatscreen. Roman’s Revenge

I just signed a couple deals, I might break you off And we ain’t making up, I don’t need a mediator Just let them bums blow steam, – r-r-radiator. Did It On’em

This very moment I bring Put it on everything, that I will retire with the ring. Moment 4 Life

Yes I did, yes I did Somebody please tell em who the eff I is I am Nicki Minaj, I mack them dudes up, back coupes up, and chuck the deuce up. Super Bass

“Nicki, she’s just mad ’cause you took the spot” Word, that bitch mad ’cause I took the spot? Well, bitch, if you ain’t shittin’, then get off the pot. Roman’s Revenge

More talent in my mu’fuckin’ left thumb She ain’t a Nicki fan, then the bitch deaf, dumb You ain’t my son, you my mu’fuckin’ step-son. Did It On’em

Ain’t being cocky, we just vindicated Best believe that when we’re done, this moment will be syndicated. Moment 4 Life

Boy, you got my heartbeat running away Beating like a drum and it’s coming your way. Super Bass

2012: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin’ nothing A hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing I beez in the trap, bee beez in the trap. Beez in the Trap

Let’s go to the beach, each Let’s go get a wave They say, what they gonna say? Have a drink, clink, found the Bud Light. Starships

Young Yummy, fuck you got for me? I hate a phony bitch that front that chum-chummy I’m me: top shotta, drop the top top-uh Big fat pussy, with a icy watch. I Am Your Leader

It all comes down to this I miss your morning kiss I won’t lie, I’m feeling it You’re gone now and I’m missing it. Right by My Side

Man I been did that, man I been popped off And if she ain’t trying to give it up she get dropped off. Beez in the Trap

Starships were meant to fly Hands up and touch the sky Can’t stop cause we’re so high Let’s do this one more time. Starships

Yo! When I fly, it’s one letter and one number You wack hoes could get hot for one summer. I Am Your Leader

Gotta let you know how I’m feeling You own my heart, he just renting. Right by My Side

Okay now Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, put it in your kidney Got a new LS 450, ain’t no keys in this do-hicky. Beez in the Trap

Jump in my hoopty-hoopty-hoop I own that And I ain’t payin’ my rent this month I owe that. Starships

Now I’m in the hood, niggas is getting woodies Hit up Hot Topic, Nicki Minaj hoodies I-I-I-I-I’m a brand, bitch, I’m a brand Go to Harlem, and get Cam. I Am Your Leader

It, it, it, it, it ain’t your spit game, it’s your dick game That got me walkin’ ’round ready to wear your big chain. Right by My Side

2014: The Pinkprint

Yo! I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake On my life, man, fuck’s sake. Only

I’m with some hood girls lookin’ back at it And a good girl in my tax bracket (Uh) Got a black card that’ll let Saks have it These Chanel bags is a bad habit. Feeling Myself

Boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit Big dope dealer money, he was gettin’ some coins. Anaconda

Yo, thinkin’ out loud I must have about a milli on me right now And I ain’t talkin’ about that Lil Wayne record I’m still the highest sellin’ female rapper, for the record. Truffle Butter

Yo, I had to reinvent, I put the V in-vent I put the heat in vents, man, I’ve been competing since I look beyond what people saying, and I see intent. All Things Go

My man full, he just ate, I don’t duck nobody but tape Yeah, that was a setup for a punchline on duct tape. Only

Feelin’ myself, back off ‘Cause I’m feelin’ myself, jack off (Uh) He be thinking about me when he whacks off Wax on? Wax off. Feeling Myself

Was in shootouts with the law, but he live in a palace Bo-bought me Alexander McQueen, he was keeping me stylish Now that’s real, real, real. Anaconda

Pretty women, wassup? Is you here right now? You a stand-up or is you in your chair right now? Uhh, do you hear me? I can’t let a wack nigga get near me. Truffle Butter

Cherish these nights, cherish these people Life is a movie, but there’ll never be a sequel And I’m good with that as long as I’m peaceful. All Things Go

The-these hoes couldn’t test me Even if their name was Pop Quiz Bad bitches who I fuck with Ma-ma-mad bitches we don’t fuck with. Only

Ridin’-ridin’ through Texas (Texas), feed him for his breakfast (Uh) Everytime I whip it, I be talkin’ so reckless. Feeling Myself

Oh my gosh, look at her butt Oh my gosh, look at her butt (I-ohhaha) Oh my gosh, look at her butt (Look at her butt) Look at, look at, look at Look, at her butt. Anaconda

Your whole style and approach, I invented And I ain’t takin’ that back, cause I meant it. Truffle Butter

So can’t nobody ever tell me that I’m wrong Cause I’ma ride out with you, still the night is young. All Things Go

2018: Queen

I’m lookin’ for a nigga to give some babies A handful of Weezy, sprinkle of Dave East. Barbie Dreams

Ayo, look like I’m goin’ for a swim Dunked on ’em, now I’m swingin’ off the rim Bitch ain’t comin’ off the bench. Chun-Li

Thousand dollar sheets Waitin’ for you on some thousand dollar sheets I got Carter III on repeat. Bed

Mmm, uh, yo, I got the money and the power now The G5’ll get me out there in an hour now The MAC movin’ like crack, I’m sellin’ powder now. Majesty

He see me lookin’ pretty every time he scroll up Might gotta let the blicky hit you if you stroll up. Good Form

They always wanna beat it up, goon up the pussy Man, maybe I should let him autotune up the pussy. Barbie Dreams

Ayo, I been on, bitch, you been corn Bentley tints on, Fendi prints on I mean I been Storm, X-Men been formed He keep on dialin’ Nicki like the Prince song. Chun-Li

Back shots to the beat of “A Milli” on you Got me acting like you got a milli on you He say I’m the GOAT, yeah, the billy on you. Bed

Bitches tune switchin’ up We take ’em to Jiffy now I’m thicker than peanut butter He nuttin’ like Skippy now. Majesty

See, a bitch got more coins than a game room So we ain’t ever hatin’ in TheShadeRoom (Nah) See, I keep my sons in a playroom So me and you ain’t ever in the same room. Good Form

Drake worth a hundred mill, he always buyin’ me shit But I don’t know if the pussy wet or if he cryin’ and shit. Barbie Dreams

I went and copped the chopsticks, put it in my bun just to pop shit I’m always in the top shit, box seats, bitch, fuck the gossip. Chun-Li

Pretty little body, it look better on you Might have to blow it like a feather on you Waterfalls, ooh, yeah, you better come through. Bed

You trippin’, did you pack? Can’t post on Nicki block unless you sellin’ Nicki crack. Majesty

I tell him eat the cookie ’cause it’s good for him And when he eat the cookie he got good form. Good Form

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