Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo es un cantante, compositor y bailarín estadounidense, nacido en 1989 en Miami, Florida. Saltó a la fama en 2009 con su sencillo “Whatcha Say”. Desde entonces, ha lanzado varios éxitos, incluyendo “Talk Dirty”, “Want to Want Me” y “Swalla”. Derulo es conocido por su habilidad para fusionar varios géneros musicales, como el pop, el R&B y el hip hop. También ha sido juez en varios programas de televisión, como “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Años en Activo: 2009 – presente
Género: Pop,
Hip Hop
Miembros: Jason Derulo
Ex miembros:
Origen: Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

Jason Derulo (2010)

I (I) was so wrong (wrong) for so long (long) Only tryna please myself (myself) Girl, I (I) was caught up (up) in her lust (lust) When I don’t really want no one else, so no. Whatcha Say

I’m feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine I’m loving cloud nine, my head’s in the sky. Ridin’ Solo

Everybody’s looking for love, oh (woo, huh) Ain’t that the reason you’re at this club? Oh (huh). In My Head

I know I should have treated you better, But me and you were meant to last forever. Whatcha Say

Yeah, I’m feeling good tonight Finally doing me and it feels so right, oh Time to do the things I like Going to the club, everything’s alright, oh. Ridin’ Solo

In my head, I see you all over me In my head, you fulfill my fantasy In my head, you’ll be screaming loud In my head, it’s going down. In My Head

Mmmm, whatcha say Mmmm, that you only meant well? Well of course you did Mmmm, whatcha say (whatcha say, whatcha say) Mmmm, that it’s all for the best? Of course it is. Whatcha Say

Yeah, now I’m feeling how I should Never knew single could feel this good, oh (this good) Star player, misunderstood Back in the game, who knew I would, oh (I would). Ridin’ Solo

Break it down (ayo, ayo), c’mon on, let’s go (ayo) You’re singing to me, baby, in my head right now (Ayo, ayo), c’mon, yeah (ayo, ayo) She’ll be screaming out when it all goes down. In My Head

Future History (2011)

Much more than a Grammy award That’s how much you mean to me. It Girl

Check that out, what they playing? That’s my song, that’s my song Where my drinks? I’ve been waiting much too long, much too long. Don’t Wanna Go Home

It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you There’s nothing that a hundred men, or more, could ever do. Fight for You

You are the only thing that I believe in I know you’re coming back to me, and I will be waiting here for you ’til the end. Breathing

You can be my it girl, baby, you the shit, girl Loving you could be a crime Crazy how we fit, girl, this is it, girl Give me 25 to life. It Girl

From the window to the wall This club is jumping ’til tomorrow Is it daylight, or is it nighttime? One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four. Don’t Wanna Go Home

Friends are cool but we both know, they don’t wanna see us together Don’t wanna lose what I live for, I’m willing to do whatever. Fight for You

Without your love, don’t know how I survive It’s you, it’s you that’s keeping me alive. Breathing

You’re my greatest hit, girl, just say this is it, girl Hey, baby Don’t you know you’re my it, girl?. It Girl

Standing on the chairs, standing on the bar No matter day or night, I’m shining, bitch, I’m a star. Don’t Wanna Go Home

It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, I’d fight for you There’s nothing that a hundred men, or more could ever do, I’d fight for you. Fight for You

Paradise that I’m still seeking I’m still alive, hope there’s a reason Can’t move my lips, but my heart is screaming. Breathing

Tattoos (2013)

Ha ’cause I know what da girl dem need, New York to Haiti I got lipstick stamps on my passport, you make it hard to leave. Talk Dirty

Every time that you get undressed I hear symphonies in my head I wrote this song just looking at you oh, oh. Trumpets

A hundred and five is the number that comes to my head When I think of all the years I want to be with you Wake up every morning with you in my bed. Marry Me

Been around the world, don’t speak the language (uh-huh) But your booty don’t need explaining (uh-huh). Talk Dirty

Trumpets when you’re turning me on? (Turning me on) Is it weird that your bra Remind me of a Katy Perry song?. Trumpets

I’ll say will you marry me? I swear that I will mean it I’ll say will you marry me? Singing, oh-woah Oh, oh-woah. Marry Me

I know what the girl dem want, London to Taiwan I got lipstick stamps on my passport, I think I need a new one. Talk Dirty

Every time that you get undressed I hear symphonies in my head I wrote this song just looking at you oh, oh Yeah, the drums they swing low. Trumpets

How many girls in the world could make me feel like this? Baby, I don’t ever plan to find out The more I look, the more I find the reasons why. Marry Me

Everything Is 4 (2015)

It’s too hard to sleep I got the sheets on the floor, nothing on me And I can’t take it no more, it’s a hundred degrees. Want to Want Me

Girl, ladies, let your hurr down (ooh, yeah) Let your hurr down We’s about to get down (ooh, yeah). Get Ugly

I’m a little unsure how it got so complicated If I let go I know, I’ll regret it Every heart that I held before, I was sure to break it I don’t know what you did, but. Cheyenne

Girl, you’re the one I want to want me And if you want me, girl, you got me There’s nothing I, no, I wouldn’t do (I wouldn’t do) Just to get up next to you. Want to Want Me

Baby, I’ma tell you some’ only ’cause I love ya People all around the world sexy motherfuckers. Get Ugly

Look what we started, baby You’re not what I expected ‘Cause all I ever wanted was some fun. Cheyenne

You open the door (ooh) Wearing nothing but a smile down to the floor (ooh) And you whisper in my ear, “Baby, I’m yours” (ooh) Ooh, just the thought of you gets me so high, so high. Want to Want Me

Bruh, I can’t, I can’t even lie I’m about to be that guy Someone else gon’ have to drive me home (home) La la la. Get Ugly

Thought I kissed your lips again, I was dreaming (dreaming) I still believe that night we shared was something sacred (yeah). Cheyenne

2 Sides (2018)

Love in a thousand different flavors I wish that I could taste them all tonight No, I ain’t got no dinner plans. Swalla

If I’m lucky I’ll meet ya, flipside of the graveyard ‘Cause things didn’t work out in this life, but someday. If I’m Lucky

Big fat thang, overflowin’ Skin tight dress, couldn’t hold it Way too thick like it’s swollen Girl, you’re too bad and you know it. Tip Toe

Time to say goodbye But don’t leave me alone, just stay for the night I need you, I need you tonight. Goodbye

Shimmy shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yah Bad girls gon’ swalla-la-la Bust down on my wrist in this bitch My pinky-ring bigger than his. Swalla

Who am I to say, that it wasn’t good, babe? Mmmm Just thinkin’ ’bout our loving gives me chills. If I’m Lucky

Bring that body my way Can’t take it off my brain Look like you do ballet, yeah. Tip Toe

Girl, I’m down for your lovin’ Down for my fatty, fatty Down for your lovin’ Down for my naughty, naughty. Goodbye

Met her out in Beverly Hills, ay Dolla got too many girls, ay Met her out in Beverly Hills All she wear is red bottom heels. Swalla

If I’m lucky, eh (if I’m lucky, babe) Uh, I’ll get your loving, miss when you say (yeah), I really miss it, babe ‘Cause things didn’t work out in this life, but someday. If I’m Lucky

Girls in Haiti, they throw it (Throw) In Jamaica, they roll it (Roll) Girls in Spain do the mostest (Whoo) But only you got my focus. Goodbye

I’m in that cherry red foreign with the brown guts My shit slappin’ like dude did LeBron’s nuts. Swalla

Ayo, God bless you from behind and (I do) One hand up like the Heisman (touchdown) First class seat when ya ridin’ (oh yeah) Wind that thing like ya spineless. Tip Toe

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