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Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez
  • Nombre: Jennifer Lopez
  • Año: 1986-presente
  • Genero: Pop latino, R&B, urban, pop, rap, reggaeton, dance, techno pop.
  • Miembros: Jennifer Lopez
  • Estado: Activo

1999: On the 6

  • If you had my love, and I gave you all my trust Would you comfort me? And if somehow you knew that your love would be untrue Would you lie to me and call me “baby”?. If You Had My Love
  • Like a movie scene In the sweetest dreams I have pictured us together Now to feel your lips On my fingertips. Waiting for Tonight
  • Let’s get loud, let’s get loud Turn the music up, let’s do it Come on people, let’s get loud. Let’s Get Loud
  • Now, if I give you me, this is how it’s got to be First of all, I won’t take you cheatin’ on me. If You Had My Love
  • It’s perfect, it’s passion, it’s setting me free From all of my sadness, the tears that I’ve cried I have spent all of my life. Waiting for Tonight
  • If you wanna live your life Live it all the way, and don’t you waste it Every feeling, every beat. Let’s Get Loud
  • You said you want my love and you’ve got to have it all But first, there are some things you need to know. If You Had My Love
  • Tender words you say Take my breath away Love me now and leave me never Found a sacred place Lost in your embrace. Waiting for Tonight
  • Life’s a party, make it hot Dance, don’t ever stop, whatever rhythm Every minute, every day. Let’s Get Loud

2001: J.Lo

  • It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me It’s so ironic you’re what I had pictured you to be. Ain’t It Funny
  • Called you on the phone, said I’m coming through Hope you’re all alone, ’cause I got plans for you. I’m Real
  • Think you gotta keep me iced, you don’t Think I’m gonna spend your cash, I won’t. Love Don’t Cost a Thing
  • Ain’t it funny how some feelings you just can’t deny (Oh) And you can’t move on even though you try? (Oh). Ain’t It Funny
  • I’m real (Real) What you get is what you see (Yeah) What you tryna to do to me? You wanna say you’re mine. I’m Real
  • When you rolled up in the Escalade Saw that truck you gave to the valet. Love Don’t Cost a Thing
  • You’ve touched my heart, and it altered every plan I’ve made And now I feel that I don’t have to be afraid. Ain’t It Funny
  • You like the way I dress, the way I wear my hair Show me off to all your friends, and baby, I don’t care. I’m Real
  • Think I wanna drive your Benz, I don’t (Ooh) If I wanna floss, I got my own Even if you were broke My love don’t cost a thing. Love Don’t Cost a Thing

2002: This is me… Then

  • It’s such a shame, but I’m leaving (Uh) Can’t take the way you mistreated me (Uh) And it’s crazy, but oh, baby (Come on, yo, uh, uh, uh). All I Have
  • Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block Used to have a little, now I have a lot. Jenny From the Block
  • Baby, when I think about The day that we first met (The day that we first met) Wasn’t looking for what I found. I’m Glad
  • Well, I’m bouncing and I’m out, son (What you want, baby?) I gotta leave you alone (Come on now) ‘Cause I’m good, holding down my spot. All I Have
  • I’m down to earth like this Rocking this business I’ve grown up so much I’m in control and loving it. Jenny From the Block
  • I’m glad when I’m making love to you I’m glad for the way you make me feel I love it ’cause you seem to blow my mind Every time. I’m Glad
  • That’s the way you used to giggle right before I put it down It’s better when you angry, come here, I’ll prove it now (Come here). All I Have
  • Hey South Bronx, the Southside Bronx Everyone’s got to make a living Alright, now bring it back. Jenny From the Block
  • I’m glad you’re here (I’m glad that you are here) Just loving me (Just loving me) So say that you won’t leave (No) ‘Cause since the day you came, I’ve been glad (Glad). I’m Glad

2005: Rebirth

  • You’re looking just a little too hard at me Standing just a little too close to me. Get Right
  • Now my loyalty will always be with you If you just promise me That you’ll stay real, just like you are ‘Cause baby, you don’t have to change, no. Hold You Down
  • You had a dark, sexy vibe about you And in a strange way you turn me on The way you look said a lot about you. Cherry Pie
  • Got me thinking what is it you do for me? Tripping (Tripping) a little more than I should be So let yourself go and get right with me. Get Right
  • You don’t know how much you mean to me (No) Whenever you down, you know that you can lean on me (No). Hold You Down
  • It is like cherry pie, you can’t deny it Driving fast, you had to try it That’s what it feels like. Cherry Pie
  • I’m about to sign you up, we can get right Before the night is up, we can get right, we can get right. Get Right
  • So remember this whenever I call We go back too far, we’ve been through it all. Hold You Down
  • Have a way of getting what they want And even good girls, though they try You see, they just can’t seem to stay away. Cherry Pie

2007: Como ama una mujer

  • Ayer los dos soñábamos con un mundo perfecto Ayer a nuestros labios les sobraban las palabras Porque en los ojos nos espiábamos el alma. Qué Hiciste
  • Ahora si te hecho de menos Ahora que si me lo creo Me duele vivir y pensar que elegi En vez del cielo el infierno. Me Haces Falta
  • Aunque todo lo que ves se terminara Aunque ya nunca volviera a amanecer Si de pronto en el silencio me encontrara. Te Voy A Querer
  • Que los dias se van y es dificil otra oportunidad Para estar asi, para volver a amar. Apresúrate
  • Mis ilusiones acabaron con tus falsas Se te olvido que era el amor lo que importaba Y con tus manos derrumbaste nuestra casa. Qué Hiciste
  • Si me haces falta Tu me haces falta Si me arrepiento, me odio, estoy desesperada. Me Haces Falta
  • Si tu voz no la escuchara entre mis sueños Y tus ojos no me guiaran para ver Volvería de otra vida por tu encuentro. Te Voy A Querer
  • Ese miedo a verme nuevamente sola A pensar que tanto amor ha sido en vano Es por eso que te necesito En mis dias y en mi espacio. Apresúrate
  • Yo borrare todos tus sueños de mis sueños Que el viento arrastre para siempre tus recuerdos. Qué Hiciste
  • Que si te extrano te pienso Que si el dolor es intenso El sobrevivir de la batalla final Es cruzar el desierto. Me Haces Falta
  • Que no hay nadie que me pueda detener No voy a pensar en que vendra manaña Quiero despertar contigo cada amanecer. Te Voy A Querer

2007: Brave

  • Here’s the thing I was minding my own business, doing what I do I wasn’t tryna look for anything. Do It Well
  • You could stop the clock, that wouldn’t be time enough You could let the night turn to morning I still would be wanting more of your love. Forever
  • Through the bumpy roads, the others bite the dust ‘Cause they be thinking they’re in love when their in lust. Stay Together
  • Looking through a coffee table book At a small cafe on Broadway Trying to find a way out of all trouble and dismay. Be Mine
  • Here’s my name, number, baby, just hit my cell Loving everything you do ’cause you do it well. Do It Well
  • Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me If it feels like this, it’s gotta be right. Forever
  • But cliché breaking up so easy I’m about to throw a curve ball, honey. Stay Together
  • I ain’t ever met a man like that (No) I ain’t ever fell so far, so fast (No) You can turn me on, throw me off track Boy, you do it, do it. Do It Well
  • Give me all your life, and I’d ask you for even more You can’t offer me a part of your body ‘Cause honestly (Honestly), it’s just not enough anymore. Forever
  • They sweat the little things, wake up Stay together, it’s the new breakup. Stay Together
  • You are my friend first We talk about what hurts We talk about love Let’s talk about us. Be Mine
  • Not a day goes by without dreaming Not a thing goes out, just keep reaching Through the storm, we stay warm And on and on, we keep on loving (Yeah). Stay Together

2011: Love?

  • If you go hard, you gotta get on the floor (Hey) If you’re a party freak, then step on the floor (Yeah). On the Floor
  • Your style got me under the spellbound Let me no other choice but to get down. I’m into You
  • Let all the heat pour down I’m good as long as he’s around He lets me wear the crown I do my best to make him proud. Papi
  • I’m so dope, from head to toe Armed and big, and drop it low On the ground, I put it down. Good Hit
  • Dance the night away Live your life, and stay young on the floor (Hahaha) Dance the night away Grab somebody, drink a little more. On the Floor
  • When I look into your eyes, it’s over You got me hooked with your love controller (Yeah) I’m tripping and I could not get over I feel lucky, like a four leaf clover. I’m into You
  • Move your body, move your body Dance for your papi Rock your body, rock your body Dance for your papi. Papi
  • Got that New York swagger, Miami bass Got my California Loub’s on, all up in your face. Good Hit
  • Break a sweat on the floor, yeah, we work on the floor (Ah) Don’t stop, keep it moving, put your drinks up (Woo!) Pick your body up and drop it on the floor (Hey). On the Floor
  • Listen, now I’m strong, baby, I bring the fire on Sharpshooter, you can call me “The Zion”. I’m into You
  • My rock is shining bright Even if he ain’t by my side He makes sure that I glow I make sure everybody knows. Papi
  • Bottoms up, yup, call them up, yup Tell them that I got that gold, buy me some Louis stuff Buy me Gucci stuff, yup, that I Love Lucy stuff, yup. Good Hit

2014: A.K.A.

  • I put it down for a brother like you Give it to you right in the car, that’s you. I Luh Ya Papi
  • Don’t let the tables turn Don’t let the bridges burn Been down for you, don’t get it confused. Acting Like That
  • Have you seen her on the dance floor? She got the boom, shake the room That’s the lightning and the thunder. Booty
  • Someone took my emotions Don’t forgive me, I didn’t ask Someone took my emotions I feel good ’cause I don’t feel bad. Emotions
  • Hold up, I can get you fun up Pull your trigger, go and get your gun up I’ma tie my hair up top Put a pin in it, now I’m ready, let it rock. I Luh Ya Papi
  • Why you acting like that? (Ooh, ooh) You gon’ miss me when I’m gone Why you acting like that? When I leave I’m taking off. Acting Like That
  • All the sexy girls in the party Go and grab a man, bring him to the dance floor Go on let them jeans touch you while you’re dancing. Booty
  • You say that you gon’ take my heart, bae But I don’t believe in fairytales It’s the same old thing, not a damn thing changed. Emotions
  • I didn’t see it, but I see it now Think I love you, and I need you now Ain’t had none like you in a while. I Luh Ya Papi
  • Baddest bitch in the world right here You ain’t even gotta go nowhere. Acting Like That
  • The way she moves, I know you want her She light the fire, get you right That’s the lightning and the thunder. Booty
  • It’s such a shame, what a shame Now I’m breaking chains, breaking chains up And I don’t play no more, baby, this is game over. Emotions

2019 – Por primera vez

  • Me and Benjamín Franco stay at the banco Getting checks like Nike, everywhere that I go. Dinero
  • Baby, no te haga’, sé que te gusté Te gusté, yeh, me miraste y te busqué Pero dime qué má’, tú habla’ mucho y no haces na’. Te Gusté
  • Como en la vida, el amor es así Nace de la nada y se convierte en todo Nunca imaginé enamorarme así. Ni Tú Ni Yo
  • Cuando estamos solos, te juro, no me falta nada Te pongo un trece de diez cuando estamo’ en la cama. El Anillo
  • Dos cuerpos entregados Un par de enamorados Flechados, cansados Sudor desenfrenado. Amor, Amor, Amor
  • If you ain’t getting no pesos, ¿qué estás haciendo? (J-Lo) Stack it up like Legos, quiero dinero (another one). Dinero
  • Oh, baby Tú piensa’ que es así, que me va’ a engañar Eso que dice’, ya lo he escuchado Y es que tú también ere’ igual, deja ya de hablar. Te Gusté
  • Ni tú ni yo, ni tú ni yo Ay, le haremos caso a la gente Ellos no saben lo que se siente. Ni Tú Ni Yo
  • Hueles como me gusta Me besas como me gusta Me agarras como me gusta Así, así, que a mí me gusta. El Anillo
  • Cuando hacemos el amor Amor, amor, amor Vuelvo a la vida, siento que vuelo Cuando hacemos el amor Amor, amor, amor Vuelvo a la vida cuando toco tu cuerpo. Amor, Amor, Amor
  • Me and my man, we stack it up to the ceiling (more money) Cállate la boca, let me finish (more money) Every day I’m alive, I make a killing (let’s get it). Dinero
  • Y si te me subo encima, ¿cuánto duras sin que pares? Hey, boy; dale, tírala Que tú puedes ser Bad Bunny but I’m Jenni’ from the- You know my name. Te Gusté
  • Nada de lo que hagamos ahora es inmoral porque Cupido ya flechó Si el amor es inmortal entonces la inmortalidad nos eligió. Ni Tú Ni Yo
  • Cuando muevo mi cuerpo, el tuyo se alborota Las mujeres sabemos lo que nos toca Si quieren todo eso, que nos pongan la roca. El Anillo
  • Amor toda la noche Bañados en sudor Tenemos la fortuna De perder el control. Amor, Amor, Amor


  • Think you need some medicine I could be your medicine, yeah Think you need some medicine Give you a taste of what you give out. Medicine
  • Ooh, don’t get got Heard you got a bad rep, baby, don’t ya? I could be a lot Don’t you ever say I never warned ya. Medicine
  • I send shots like an Uzi (Baby) Even in plain sight, don’t care who see (Baby) Best believe I’m comin’ through with a new ting Oh, you ain’t been the only one, babe. Medicine

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