Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan es una cantante y compositora belga nacida en 1980. Es conocida por su estilo de música dance-pop y por sus éxitos en Europa, como “Désenchantée” y “Ella Elle L’a”. Kate comenzó su carrera en la música en 2001 y ha lanzado varios álbumes a lo largo de los años. Además de su éxito en Europa, Kate también ha ganado popularidad en otros lugares del mundo, como Japón. Su música ha sido muy influyente en la escena dance-pop de Europa.

En activo desde: 2001
Género: Dance-Pop,
Miembros: Kate Ryan
Ex miembros:
Origen: Tessenderlo, Bélgica
Estado: En activo

2002: Different

I know that you wanna undress my emotions Revealing things that are unshown… Oh wow wow I’m lost in perfection Wrapped in adoration. Alive

Leave your worries all behind ‘Cause my love is calling you The room is dark nothing to find. Scream for More

You are my love, you take me high You are my sunshine in my sky I feel this love, it’s deep inside I still see the way you smiled at me. UR (My Love)

Nager dans les eaux troubles Des lendemains Attendre ici la fin Flotter dans l’air trop lourd. Desenchantee

Cause love is free And it’s beautiful Run for me Make life colourful. Alive

Don’t hide your feelings, let’s go dreaming Have no fear ’cause my heart will scream for more Let me stay with you all night long baby. Scream for More

I still see the way you looked into my eyes And please don’t ask me why Why I have this magic feeling in my heart for you tonight I cannot hide. UR (My Love)

Tout est chaos À côté Tous mes idéaux, des mots Abîmés Je cherche une âme, qui Pourra m’aider Je suis D’une génération désenchantée Désenchantée. Desenchantee

Switch me on desire And touch my body Awaken al my senses And energize me Ooh la la la… Alive Ooh la la la. Alive

Close your eyes give me a sign ‘Cause I’m here to follow you You’re in my heart, you’re in my mind. Scream for More

Si la mort est un mystère La vie n’a rien de tendre Si le ciel a un enfer. Desenchantee

2004: Stronger

If I laid down my love To come to your defense Would you worry for me With a pain in your chest?. The Promise You Made

You can’t imagine How it’s so true That we all need somebody Someone like you. Another Day

If I, could turn back time I know I’d do it again, do it all again ohh Cause you were the summer of my life. Only If I

Je plaide non coupable pour l’insolence Que tu me reproches en cas d’urgence Je plaide non coupable pour la distance. Je lance un appel

Could I rely on your faith to be strong To pick me back up and to push me along? Tell me. The Promise You Made

But lately I’ve been feelin’ so confused I’m not thinkin’ about tomorrow Or what the heck I’m gonna do. Another Day

Only if I, could turn back time I know I’d give it again, give my love again ohh Memories that keeps me warm inside Only if I. Only If I

Apprends à me lire pour comprendre mes raisons Notre avenir n’est plus qu’une douce illusion. Je lance un appel

You’ll be there in my hour of need You won’t turn me away Help me out of the life I lead Remember the promise you made. The Promise You Made

Another day in paradise We’re not afraid We don’t think twice Let’s put the rest out of our minds And leave it for another day. Another Day

Only your heart cannot forget Bring me back to where we met Let’s start all over. Only If I

C’est sans doute mon système de défense Apprends à me dire ce qui te fait tant souffrir A réagir pour attiser le désir. Je lance un appel

2008: Free

C’est comme une gaiet comme un sourire Quelque chose dans la voix Qui parat nous dire ‘viens’ Qui nous fait sentir trangement bien. Ella, Ella I’a

Au dessus des vieux volcans Glisse des ailes sous les tapis du vent Voyage, voyage Eternellement de nuages en marcages. Voyage Voyage

You’re a mystery to me Got me blind so I can’t see Where I stand I’m in your hands. Who Do You Love

That only fools rush in Little voices telling me That I should take my time I just can’t get you off my mind. Take Me Down

Quelque chose qui danse en toi Si tu l’as, tu l’as Ella, elle l’a ce je n’sais quoi Que d’autres n’ont pas. Ella, Ella I’a

Plus loin que la nuit et le jour Voyage, dans l’espace inou de l’amour Voyage, voyage. Voyage Voyage

Who do you love Is it me or just yourself Who do you love oh Do you need anyone else. Who Do You Love

I’ve seen fatal attractions I can’t make no predictions I’m under no false illusions. Take Me Down

Sur tout ce que dieu peut te mettre entre les mains Montre ton rire ou ton chagrin. Ella, Ella I’a

Voyage, voyage Dans tout le royaume Sur les dunes du Sahara des les Fidji au Fujiyama. Voyage Voyage

Oh you make me twist and turn But you don’t care how much I burn My world falls down When you’re around. Who Do You Love

I had my share of rejections I see all in perfections I can’t make no predictions This feels so right. Take Me Down

2011: Electroshock

Baby say yeh oh oh When there’s no more to explore, oh oh Get me back for on the floor, oh oh Lay your faith into the beat, oh oh. Believer

You, You are the static in my dreams Circuit of electricity Like a loop that’s always o-o-on repeat I’ve got revolution in my soul Live Che Guevara on a roll. Robots

Imaginary really scary creatures Alive and dead Awake asleep and where am I This crazy dream This crazy scene This craziness has got me obsessed. Crazyville

Think you got that part, but it don’t mean anything In the midnight hour boy if you can do your thing. Walk To The Beat

So, come on I guarantee I will surrender, I wanna let myself around Let the music come inside me Let it spin me around. Believer

You won’t make an android out of me I feel the rhythm in my feet The distant pounding of the bea..ee, ee,ee, eat And I, I see the Wire in your veins Metallic tears that hid your pain. Robots

Forever never ever comes around here This is a paranormal world in the middle of Nowhere This is obscene this isn’t real Is this a dream cause I can’t feel. Crazyville

You gotta walk to the beat all of my step on you Baby walk to the beat till i turn it around Talk with your feet all of my step on you Baby walk to the beat till we turn it around. Walk To The Beat

You made me a believer I’m down on my knees A believer Give me what I need. Believer

My heart, my heart is still beating They won’t, they won’t stop me breathing But can robots dance, dance, dance, dance? Can robots dance?. Robots

Where am I – am I stuck here in Crazyville Don’t know why don’t know why this is so unreal Take me in take me out of this Crazyville Show me show me. Crazyville

You gotta walk to the beat all of my step on you Baby walk to the beat till i turn it around Talk with your feet all of my step on you. Walk To The Beat

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