Keane es una banda británica de rock alternativo formada en 1995, conocida por éxitos como “Somewhere Only We Know” y “Everybody’s Changing”. La banda está compuesta por Tom Chaplin en la voz, Tim Rice-Oxley en el piano y la guitarra, y Richard Hughes en la batería. Desde su primer álbum en 2004, han vendido más de 13 millones de copias en todo el mundo y han ganado varios premios. Keane es reconocida por su estilo de piano rock emotivo y letras introspectivas. Aunque han pasado por algunos cambios, la banda sigue activa y lanzó su último álbum en 2019.

En activo desde: 1995
Género: Rock alternativo,
Pop rock,
Piano rock
Miembros: Tom Chaplin, Tim Rice-Oxley, Richard Hughes, Jesse Quin
Ex miembros: Dominic Scott
Origen: Battle, East Sussex, Inglaterra
Estado: Activo

2004 Hopes and Fears

I walked across an empty land I knew the pathway like the back of my hand I felt the earth beneath my feet Sat by the river, and it made me complete. Somewhere Only We Know

When you, when you forget your name When old faces all look the same. Bend & Break

You say you wander your own land But when I think about it I don’t see how you can. Everybody’s Changing

I came across a fallen tree I felt the branches of it looking at me Is this the place we used to love? Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of?. Somewhere Only We Know

If only I don’t bend and break I’ll meet you on the other side I’ll meet you in the light If only I don’t suffocate I’ll meet you in the morning when you wake. Bend & Break

You’re aching, you’re breaking And I can see the pain in your eyes Says everybody’s changing And I don’t know why.Everybody’s Changing

And if you have a minute, why don’t we go Talk about it somewhere only we know? This could be the end of everything So why don’t we go Somewhere only we know?. Somewhere Only We Know

Bitter and hardened heart Ah! Aching, waiting for life to start Meet me in the morning when you wake up. Bend & Break

Trying to make a move just to stay in the game I try to stay awake and remember my name But everybody’s changing And I don’t feel the same. Everybody’s Changing

2006 Under the Iron Sea

I wake up, it’s a bad dream No one on my side I was fighting But I just feel too tired to be fighting. A Bad Dream

A turning tide Lovers at a great divide Why do you laugh When I know that you’re hurt inside?. Nothing in My Way

I, I always thought that I knew I’d always have the right to Be living in the kingdom of the good and true. Is It Any Wonder

Who is the man I see Where I’m supposed to be? I lost my heart, I buried it too deep Under the iron sea. Crystal Ball

Where will I meet my fate? Baby, I’m a man; I was born to hate And when will I meet my end? In a better time you could be my friend. A Bad Dream

And why’d you say It’s just another day, nothing in my way I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna stay So there’s nothing left to say?. Nothing in My Way

Oh crystal ball, crystal ball save us all Tell me life is beautiful Mirror, mirror on the wall. Crystal Ball

Yeah Where do we go? I don’t even know My strange old face I’ve been thinking about those days. A Bad Dream

Well, for a lonely soul You’re having such a nice time For a lonely soul You’re having such a nice time. Nothing in My Way

Sometimes It’s hard to know where I stand It’s hard to know where I am Well, maybe it’s a puzzle I don’t understand. Is It Any Wonder

Lines ever more unclear Not sure I’m even here The more I look, the more I think that I’m Starting to disappear. Crystal Ball

2008 Perfect Symmetry

I dreamed I was drowning In the river Thames I dreamed I had nothing at all Nothing but my own skin. The Lovers Are Losing

I shake through the wreckage for signs of life Scrolling through the paragraphs Clicking through the photographs. Perfect Symmetry

Feel their cold hands on everything that I love Cold like some magnificent skyline Out of my reach but always in my eye line. Spiralling

Was it all in real time Or was it just in my mind? Was I just a ghost passing through you?. Again & Again

You take the pieces of the dreams that you have Cause you don’t like the way they seem to be going. The Lovers Are Losing

I wish I could make sense of what we do Burning down the capitals The wisest of the animals. Perfect Symmetry

I fashioned you from jewels and stone I made you in the image of myself I gave you everything you wanted So you would never know anything else. Spiralling

We say these words again and again But they still sound the same It was in your eyes, in your eyes They were just easy lies. Again & Again

You’re full of hope as you begin rearranging Put it all back together But any way you look at things Looks like the lovers are losing. The Lovers Are Losing

Read page after page of analysis Looking for the final score We’re no closer than we were before. Perfect Symmetry

Now we’re tumbling down We’re spiralling Tied up to the ground We’re spiralling. Spiralling

And no one’s ever happy or sad for very long But just because I said it It doesn’t mean I meant it I guess that was the way all along. Again & Again

2010 Night Train

I’ve got time to kill I’m not living for the future anymore I don’t wanna wake I don’t wanna wake up. Back in Time

Some days, feel my soul has left my body Feel I’m floating high above me Like I’m looking down upon me (Oh, whoa, Oh whoa). Stop for a Minute

High on the bell tower I took my view Over the downtowns And the avenues. Clear Skies

It’s time to make a start To get to know your heart Time to show your face Time to take your place. My Shadow

Time, I wait for you Hibernating, hoping life will start again Petal in the water. Back in Time

And if I stop for a minute I think about things I really don’t wanna know And I’m the first to admit it Without you I’m a liner stranded in an ice flow. Stop for a Minute

I’ve never seen such beauty I’ve never seen such clear skies I’ve never seen such high hopes I’ve never seen such tired eyes. Clear Skies

Just shine a light on me, shine a light I’ll shine a light on you, shine a light. My Shadow

Slumping backwards, I forget, I forget Time has wrapped its drowsy arms around my neck Don’t wanna wake up. Back in Time

And baby you are just beautiful from crown to your cuticles You held down my two sons, you never frown when duty calls. Stop for a Minute

Where the streets are wide And the people thrive And its further to fall down Cause you fly so high. Clear Skies

It only takes a spark To tear the world apart These tiny little things That make it all begin. My Shadow

2012 Strangeland

I’m going back to a time when we owned this town Down Powder Mill Lane, in the battlegrounds We were friends and lovers and clueless clowns. Sovereign Light Cafe

In a city like mine there’s no point in fighting I close my eyes, see you and me driving. Silenced by the Night

Ooh I feel like I just don’t know you anymore But I’ve been burned and I’ve been wrong so many times We walk in circles, the blind leading the blind. Disconnected

The more we rush about, the less we do I never saw you drift away The more we spin around, the less we move I never saw your spirit break. Watch How You Go

I didn’t know I was finding out how I’d be torn from you When we talked about things we were gonna do We were wide eyed dreamers and wiser too. Sovereign Light Cafe

We were silenced by the night But you and I, we’re gonna rise again Divided from the light I wanna love the way we used to then. Silenced by the Night

Well, I thought that love watched over this house But you’re boarding up the windows now. Disconnected

I wish that I could be the journey’s end But you were only passing through, yeah It’s not for me to try to steer your way I wish you well in all you do. Watch How You Go

We’d go down to the rides on East Parade By the lights of the Palace Arcade Watch night coming down on the Sovereign Light Café. Sovereign Light Cafe

I lie in the dark; I feel I’m falling Feel your hand on my back; hear your voice calling. Silenced by the Night

I see the landscape change before my eyes The features I’ve been navigating by No, nothing looks the way it did before I don’t know where to look or what to look for. Disconnected

Just say you’ll watch how you go Be gracious with your light And may the years be kind now. Watch How You Go

2019 Cause and Effect

Only want to say that I gave it all I had That I felt afraid and I didn’t step back Whether right or wrong I did everything with love. Love Too Much

Well they said you were a bright child Never anything but joy behind your eyes No sign of all the dark clouds. The Way I Feel

You can shape the dying day Into something better We can hold the ghosts at bay Build something together. Chase the Night Away

When we make mistakes And they make us what we are And we jump right in Throw open our hearts Catch a glimpse of something magical. Love Too Much

And it’s the voices in your head now Saying there’s something wrong about the way I feel A broken link, a missing part, a punctured wheel. The Way I Feel

Sorry I’m distracted by Things that you can’t help with Aloneness you can’t recognise Or know unless you’ve felt it. Chase the Night Away

And our purest dreams Steal something from our lives They can only live Because something else dies. Love Too Much

And they say you’ve made your bed now Don’t you see you’ve brought it on yourself. The Way I Feel

’Til your mind stops reeling It won’t be long ‘Til regret surrenders It’s old and the scars start healing. Chase the Night Away

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