Khalid es un cantante y compositor estadounidense de R&B y pop que se hizo famoso con su canción “Location” en 2016. Nació en 1998 en Georgia, Estados Unidos, y creció en una familia militar. Khalid comenzó a escribir y grabar música mientras estaba en la escuela secundaria y lanzó su álbum debut “American Teen” en 2017, que recibió críticas positivas y éxito comercial. Desde entonces, ha lanzado varios álbumes y ha colaborado con otros artistas destacados en la industria musical. Khalid es conocido por sus letras emotivas y su estilo vocal distintivo.

En activo desde: 2015
Género: Pop,
Miembros: Sin grupo
Ex miembros:
Origen: Fort Stewart, Georgia, Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

American Teen (2017)

So you’re still thinking of me Just like I know you should I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could I’m so high at the moment. Young Dumb & Broke

At times I wonder why I fool with you But this is new to me, this is new to you. Location

The hard part always seems to last forever Sometimes I forget that we aren’t together. Saved

As time passes, I feel so low Searchin’ for pieces, covering up the hole I’ll fight for your love, I’ll fight for your soul. Coaster

Woke up a little too late this morning But I think I’ll be okay I’ll be okay. 8TEEN

We have so much in common We argue all the time You always say I’m wrong I’m pretty sure I’m right. Young Dumb & Broke

I don’t wanna fall in love off of subtweets, so Let’s get personal I got a lot of cool spots that we can go. Location

Deep down in my heart, I hope you’re doing alright But from time to time I often think of why you aren’t mine. Saved

So I’ll be coasting, roller-coasting Through my emotion I will be coasting, roller-coasting I’m hoping that you’ll come back to me. Coaster

Because I’m eighteen And I still live with my parents Yeah they’re not like yours Well yours are more understanding I’ve never fell in love. 8TEEN

What’s fun about commitment? When we have our life to live. Young Dumb & Broke

Send me your location, let’s Focus on communicating ‘Cause I just need the time and place to come through (place to come through). Location

But I’ll keep your number saved ‘Cause I hope one day you’ll get the sense to call me I’m hoping that you’ll say You’re missing me the way I’m missing you. Saved

I gave you my all, I showed the proof of your lies And you weren’t worth it, you don’t deserve me. Coaster

You were there when times were at their darkest Always showing me the way Lead the way. 8TEEN

Free spirit (2019)

Love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are, I’m good on the side, it’s alright, just hold me in the dark. Better

Feel it coming over me Sólo así junto a ti Don’t let the city break your heart Conmigo no tienes que llorar. Suncity

Saturday nights, blueberry cigarillos Swishers make my throat hurt Rolling OCB’s on the side for me Light ’em up and let ’em both burn. Saturday Nights

Are we alive? Or are we dreaming? After the ride Are you leaving?. Vertigo

You keep my hand around your neck, we connect, are you feeling it now?. Better

Two days ’til I’m back on the road and I’m wanting you I hear you calling me, so come onto me tonight. Suncity

All the things that I know That your parents don’t They don’t care like I do Nowhere like I do. Saturday Nights

Hmm, thought I loved you in the moment I was happy, I was young I’ve been learning, I’ve been growing But the worst is yet to come. Vertigo

Nothing feels better, oh no We don’t gotta hide, this is what you like I admit Nothing feels better than this. Better

Llévame a ciudad del sol Llévame, llévame Donde dejé mi corazón Llévame, llévame Llévamelo. Suncity

Saturday nights, light gray Silverado You drive it ’cause you have to Stay up working late at a job you hate Fix your makeup in a dirty bathroom. Saturday Nights

Are we better off believing What the ignorance suggests? I wish living life was easy (Mhm) But mine has been a mess. Vertigo

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