Muse es un grupo de rock alternativo originario de Teignmouth, Devon, Reino Unido, formado en 1994. La banda está compuesta por Matthew Bellamy en la voz, guitarra y teclados, Chris Wolstenholme en el bajo y coros, y Dominic Howard en la batería y la percusión. Conocidos por su estilo musical épico y emotivo, Muse ha lanzado ocho álbumes de estudio, incluyendo “Showbiz”, “Origin of Symmetry” y “Black Holes and Revelations”. La banda ha ganado numerosos premios, incluyendo dos Premios Grammy y ha sido aclamada por la crítica por su energética actuaciones en vivo.

En activo desde: 1994
Género: Rock alternativo,
Rock sinfónico,
Space rock
Miembros: Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, Dominic Howard
Ex miembros:
Origen: Teignmouth, Devon, Reino Unido
Estado: En activo

1999: Showbiz

She burns like the sun And I can’t look away And she’ll burn our horizons Make no mistake. Sunburn

She had something to confess to But you don’t have the time, so Look the other way. Muscle Museum

I’ll be there as soon as I can But I’m busy mending broken Pieces of the life I had before. Unintended

Come let the truth be shared No one ever dared To break these endless lies Secretly she cries. Sunburn

Too long trying to resist it You’ve just gone and missed it It’s escaped your world. Muscle Museum

First there was the one who challenged All my dreams and all my balance She could never be as good as you. Unintended

Come waste your millions here Secretly, she sneers Another corporate show A guilty conscience grows. Sunburn

Can you see that I am needing Begging for so much more Than you could ever give?. Muscle Museum

You could be the one I’ll always love You could be the one who listens To my deepest inquisitions. Unintended

I have played in every toilet But you still want to spoil it To prove I’ve made a big mistake. Muscle Museum

2001: Origin of Symmetry

Reeds drifting on by, you know how I feel It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me And I’m feeling good. Feeling Good

I’ve exposed your lies, baby The underneath’s no big surprise Now it’s time for changing And cleansing everything To forget your love. Plug In Baby

When you’ve seen, seen Too much, too young, young Soulless is everywhere. New Born

Break me in Teach us to cheat And to lie, and cover up What shouldn’t be shared. Citizen Erased

Blossom in the trees, you know how I feel It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me And I’m feeling good. Feeling Good

Don’t confuse Baby you’re gonna lose Your own game Change me And replace the envying To forget your love. Plug In Baby

For one moment I wish you’d hold your stage With no feelings at all Open-minded I’m sure I used to be so free. Citizen Erased

Dragonflies out in the Sun You know what I mean, don’t you know? Butterflies are all having fun You know what I mean Sleep in peace. Feeling Good

My plug in baby Crucifies my enemies When I’m tired of giving, whoa. Plug In Baby

Hopeless time to roam The distance to your home Fades away to nowhere How much are you worth?. New Born

And the truth’s unwinding Scraping away at my mind Please stop asking me to describe. Citizen Erased

2003: Absolution

It’s bugging me, grating me And twisting me around Yeah, I’m endlessly caving in And turning inside out. Hysteria

I won’t stand in your way Let your hatred grow And she’ll scream and she’ll shout and she’ll pray And she had a name, yeah she had a name. Stockholm Syndrome

Bury it I won’t let you bury it I won’t let you smother it I won’t let you murder it. Time Is Running Out

It’s holding me, morphing me And forcing me to strive To be endlessly cold within And dreaming I’m alive. Hysteria

I won’t hold you back Let your anger rise And we’ll fly and we’ll fall and we’ll burn No one will recall, no one will recall. Stockholm Syndrome

I wanted freedom Bound and restricted I tried to give you up But I’m addicted. Time Is Running Out

‘Cause I want it now, I want it now Give me your heart and your soul I’m not breaking down, I’m breaking out Last chance to lose control. Hysteria

This is the last time I’ll abandon you And this is the last time I’ll forget you I wish I could. Stockholm Syndrome

Now that you know I’m trapped Sense of elation You’d never dream of Breaking this fixation You will squeeze the life out of me. Time Is Running Out

2006: Black Holes and Revelations

Far away This ship has taken me far away Far away from the memories Of the people who care if I live or die. Starlight

Ooh, baby, don’t you know I suffer? Ooh, baby, can’t you hear me moan? You caught me under false pretenses How long before you let me go?. Supermassive Black Hole

Come ride with me Through the veins of history I’ll show you a god Who falls asleep on the job. Knights of Cydonia

Starlight I will be chasing a starlight Until the end of my life I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore. Starlight

Glaciers melting in the dead of night And the superstar’s sucked into the supermassive. Supermassive Black Hole

And how can we win When fools can be kings? Don’t waste your time Or time will waste you. Knights of Cydonia

My life You electrify my life Let’s conspire to ignite All the souls that would die just to feel alive. Starlight

I thought I was a fool for no one But ooh, baby, I’m a fool for you You’re the queen of the superficial And how long before you tell the truth?. Supermassive Black Hole

No one’s gonna take me alive The time has come to make things right You and I must fight for our rights You and I must fight to survive. Knights of Cydonia

2009: The Resistance

Paranoia is in bloom The PR transmissions will resume They’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down And hope that we will never see the truth around. Uprising

Is our secret safe tonight? And are we out of sight? Or will our world come tumbling down? Will they find our hiding place? Is this our last embrace?. Resistance

I know you’ve suffered, but I don’t want you to hide It’s cold and loveless, I won’t let you be denied. Undisclosed Desires

Another promise, another seed Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed. Uprising

It could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should have been right It could be wrong, could be wrong, to let our hearts ignite. Resistance

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart I want to recognise your beauty is not just a mask I want to exorcise the demons from your past I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart. Undisclosed Desires

Interchanging mind control Come let the revolution take its toll If you could flick the switch and open your third eye You’d see that we should never be afraid to die. Uprising

Love is our resistance They’ll keep us apart and they won’t stop breaking us down Hold me Our lips must always be sealed. Resistance

You trick your lovers that you’re wicked and divine You may be a sinner, but your innocence is mine. Undisclosed Desires

2012: The 2nd Law

I, I can’t get these memories out of my mind And some kind of madness has started to evolve, mmm. Madness

Wake to see – your true emancipation is a fantasy Policies have risen up and overcome the brave Greatness dies, unsung and lost, invisible to history. Supremacy

You won’t get much closer Till you sacrifice it all (all) You won’t get to taste it With your face against the wall (wall wall). Panic Station

Get up and commit Show the power trapped within (in in) Do just what you want to And now stand up and begin, uh. Panic Station

And when I look back at all the crazy fights we’ve had Like some kind of madness was taking control, yeah. Madness

You don’t have long I am on to you The time, it has come to destroy… Your supremacy. Supremacy

Stand up and deliver Your wildest fantasy-(sy-sy) Do what the fuck you want to There’s no one to appease. Panic Station

And now I have finally seen the light And I have finally realized what you need. Madness

2015: Drones

Help me, I’ve fallen on the inside I tried to change the game, I tried to infiltrate but now I’m losing. Mercy

Home, it’s becoming a killing field There’s a crosshair locked on my heart With no recourse and there’s no one behind the wheel Hellfire, you’re wiping me out, killed by. Reapers

Love, it will get you nowhere You’re on your own Lost in the wild So come to me now. Psycho

Revere a million prayers And draw me into your holiness But there’s nothing there Light only shines from those who share. Dead Inside

Men in cloaks always seem to run the show Save me from the ghosts and shadows before they eat my soul. Mercy

You rule with lies and deceit And the world is on your side Cause you’ve got the CIA, babe. Reapers

Your mind is just a program And I’m the virus I’m changing the station I’ll improve your thresholds. Psycho

Your lips feel warm to the touch You can bring me back to life On the outside, you’re ablaze and alive But you’re dead inside. Dead Inside

And tell me why the men in cloaks always have to bring me down Running from the ghosts and shadows the world just disavows. Mercy

War, war just moved up a gear I don’t think I can handle the truth I’m just a pawn And we’re all expendable. Reapers

Are you a psycho killer? Say “I’m a psycho killer!” (I am a psycho killer!) Scream it! (I am a psycho killer!). Psycho

You like to give an inch Whilst I am giving infinity But now I’ve got nothing left You have no cares and I’m bereft. Dead Inside

2018: Simulation Theory

I’m trying to keep up to speed with you Your lane changing is oscillating me I’m hitting the ground and I’m sprinting I’m falling behind now I’m tuning out. Pressure

I have lived in darkness For all my life, I’ve been pursued You’d be afraid if you could feel my pain And if you could see the things I am able to see. The Dark Side

My circuits have blown I know it’s self-imposed And all I have shared, and all I have loved Is all I’ll ever own. Something Human

Strung out falling from the big time Welcome to the infinite black skies. Thought Contagion

Burn like a slave Churn like a cog We are caged in simulations Algorithms evolve Push us aside and render us obsolete. Algorithm

Ten thousand miles left on the road Five-hundred hours ’til I am home I need something human, human. Something Human

I’m feeling the pressure I can’t break out No one can hear me scream and shout Get out of my face, out of my mind. Pressure

I hail from the dark side For all my life, I’ve been besieged You’d be scared living with my despair And if you could feel the things I am able to feel. The Dark Side

Fall down learn when to count it out Prop me up before I black out Withdraw before you’re out of time A clean slate and buried war crimes. Thought Contagion

This means war With your creator. Algorithm

I see your corruption I’m not blind I’ll carry the burden and take the strain And when I am done I will make you pay. Pressure

Let’s face all our fears Come out of the shade Let’s burn all the money, absolve all the lies And wake up unscathed. Something Human

Break me out, break me out Let me flee Break me out, break me out Set me free. The Dark Side

They’ll never do what you want them to Give it up and watch them break through It’s too late for a revolution Brace for the final solution. Thought Contagion

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