Ofenbach es un dúo musical francés formado por Dorian Lauduique y César de Rummel. Comenzaron su carrera en 2014 y se dieron a conocer mundialmente en 2017 con el sencillo “Be Mine”, que se convirtió en un éxito internacional. Su música es una mezcla de géneros como el house, el rock y el blues, y se caracteriza por tener un sonido muy bailable y energético. Desde entonces, han lanzado varios singles y EPs, así como un álbum de estudio en 2021 llamado “DJ Set”. Han colaborado con artistas como Robin Schulz, Nick Waterhouse y Brodie Barclay.

En activo desde: 2014
Género: House,
Miembros: Dorian Lauduique y César de Rummel
Ex miembros: N/A
Origen: Francia
Estado: Activo

2019 – Ofenbach

You’re my nicotine, I’m your dirty teen You’re my girl, you are my reason to believe. Rock It

You’re in the ring now You’re tryna strike the match I’m tend to draw now Oh yes, I’m gonna catch. I Got Burned

We can hide out At the edge of the world, we can hide out Never slow down To win, oh, for sure We can make it there. We Can Hide Out

I don’t need to try Don’t need to fight ‘Cause I’m feeling good And I’m still alone Since my babe has gone.Feeling Good

This is a private jam I see you walkin’ with a hippie dance (Aha) Uh, your neon skirt dance I’ll turn it up, we enter Neverland, yeah. Paradise

Rock it Get in the groove Rock it Just whip it good So your body can move Everybody, let loose. Rock It

Yeah, ’cause I feel like I’m walkin’ on fire when you’re talkin’ There’s smoke comin’ outta my head and I’m broken. I Got Burned

Follow me to the edge of pretend Never fallin’ Follow me to the end You know there’s only so far we can take it. We Can Hide Out

What the world needs to know Is that I’m sorry after all Honey, please, set me free I’m not the one I used to be. Feeling Good

We’re sippin’ Moscow Mule You take these shots as if you’re bulletproof You mention somethin’ ’bout a room for two Oh honey, I do everything for you. Paradise

I’m your sweet lucky, you’re my guillotine You’re the one I like, my reason to believe. Rock It

It’s in your eyes now You’re gonna light the fuse You’re always thinkin’ You just can’t lose, no. I Got Burned

We can hold up Or we can let go and write our sad down We can give out, or give in Or take it all for granted with such reckless abandon. We Can Hide Out

I don’t feel the pain Don’t feel the same ‘Cause I’m feeling good And the road is long I have to be strong. Feeling Good

Ooh, you give me butterflies Ooh, you feel like paradise Ooh, we should sneak away. Paradise

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