Olivia O'brien

Olivia O’brien

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Olivia O'brien
  • Nombre: Olivia O’brien
  • Año: 2015–presente
  • Genero: Pop, Trip hop
  • Miembros: Olivia O’brien
  • Estado: Activo

2017 – It’s Not That Deep

  • I can’t handle these pressures; all I can say is this stress hurts Things are supposed to get better I just need to put myself first. Empty
  • You don’t make time like you used to Got a new girl, new friends, brand new I swear it’s like I don’t even know you Yeah, I miss the old you. RIP
  • I hate going out, I hate coming home I hate how you’re never pickin up your phone, yeah Just pick up your phone, yeah. No Love
  • Fuck feelings, swear that shit ruined my life All they ever do is just waste my time. Fuck Feelings
  • What am I feeling? I’m staring at the ceiling Don’t wanna let you know I want you That’s just too revealing I- So I-I, I might. Tequilawine
  • All of the thoughts in my mind Too much going on at the same time I wish it would stop and I’ve tried but Life just sucks then we all die. Empty
  • R-I-P to the old you I miss the old you It’s like you’re dead to me now R-I-P to the old you I fucking miss you. RIP
  • Love ain’t a thing in L.A Ain’t no love in L.A But nothin’ is real anyway. No Love
  • I can’t help myself when you’re around Baby, I’m just tryna figure you out I don’t wanna watch you turn me down So I’m just gonna turn back and go now. Fuck Feelings
  • Imma mix these drinks till you’re out of focus So I don’t even notice Imma mix these drinks till it’s blurry vision So I won’t know you did it. Tequilawine
  • But I’m empty inside, yeah I’m empty inside And I don’t wanna live, but I’m too scared to die. Empty
  • Now everything is too complicated You can try, but there’s no way to save it Because you’re too caught up in that fake shit. RIP
  • Why you over there looking like you lost some Why you over there looking like you want something I know you want something. No Love
  • I know if they left us all alone I’d be losing all my self control Now I gotta runaway, before I say what you won’t say ‘Cause I can’t handle you and me alone. Fuck Feelings
  • Since i don’t wanna see ya, I want you but I don’t Yeah i don’t even understand myself i just had to sit here, trying hard to think of something else. Tequilawine

2019 – Was It Even Real?

  • I don’t need to have a solid plan yet I don’t need to be the same as everyone else I just need to motherfuckin’ love myself. Love Myself
  • You look at me, you see her face Know you don’t like me, I’m just there to hold her place. Care Less More
  • Don’t know how you did it, got me in a situation Guess you’re good at hiding ulterior motivation. Just a Boy
  • I’ve been doomed from the start Everything around me falls apart so quickly Always end up with a broken heart Even Tylenol can’t fix me. I Don’t Exist
  • Don’t know why you’re getting all in your head ‘Cause we decided we were just gon’ be friends. Just Friends
  • No matter how hard I try or what I do I just can never fuckin’ impress you So why am I lettin’ what you say get me down?. Love Myself
  • But boy, I don’t give a fuck That’s what I’m tellin’ myself So that I don’t get caught up On you Caught up on you. Care Less More
  • And baby, you’re disposable I would rather be alone Than have to deal with you one more time (One more time) And I know that you think you know. Just a Boy
  • All of these people and all of their friends Look so good together and I don’t fit in ‘Cause they’re picture perfect and I’m on the end. I Don’t Exist
  • I don’t want love, we just get hurt Don’t want to feel stuck, that’d just make it worse Just want to be with you when you’re on my mind But I don’t want love, that’s a waste of my time. Just Friends
  • People are constantly judgin’ and eyein’ And plottin’ and lyin’, so why am I tryin’? They all gon’ talk shit anyway They’re all gon’ say what they wanna say. Love Myself
  • Who can care less, who can care less more? It’s a contest, who do we care less for?. Care Less More
  • You’re just a boy, baby, what did I expect? Ain’t got no fuckin’ respect, oh, no, yeah Trust me, boy, I’m the best you’ll ever get. Just a Boy
  • When I feel good it never lasts That’s why you can find me livin’ in the past if you need me Everybody says this shit will pass I say it won’t, they don’t believe me. I Don’t Exist
  • I want you here I just like having you around But I don’t want to be held down ‘Cause you and I. Just Friends

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