Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado es una cantante, compositora y productora canadiense nacida en 1978. Saltó a la fama en el 2000 con su álbum debut “Whoa, Nelly!” y su éxito “I’m Like a Bird”. En su carrera ha lanzado varios álbumes más, incluyendo “Folklore”, “Loose” y “The Spirit Indestructible”. También ha colaborado con otros artistas como Timbaland y Juanes. Furtado ha ganado varios premios, incluyendo un Grammy y varios Juno Awards.

En activo desde: 2000
Género: Pop,
Hip Hop
Miembros: Nelly Furtado
Ex miembros: N/A
Origen: Victoria, Columbia Británica, Canadá
Estado: En activo

2000: Whoa, Nelly!

I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away I don’t know where my soul is (Soul is) I don’t know where my home is All I need for you to know is. I’m Like a Bird

It’s getting so lonely inside this bed Don’t know if I should lick my wounds or say “woe is me” instead. Turn Off the Light

And there’s a shadow in the sky and it looks like rain, oh, oh And shit is gonna fly once again. Hey, Man!

Your faith in me brings me to tears (Oh) Even after all these years, years, years And it pains me so much to tell That you don’t know me that well. I’m Like a Bird

They say that girl ya know, she act too tough tough tough Well it’s till’ I turn off the light, turn off the light. Turn Off the Light

Hey, man, we look at each other with ample eyes And why not some time to discover what’s behind your eyes?. Hey, Man!

It’s not that I wanna say goodbye It’s just that every time you try To tell me, me that you love me (Oh, oh) Each and every single day. I’m Like a Bird

But after midnight, morning will come And the day will see if you will get some. Turn Off the Light

I’ve got a bunch of government cheques at my door Each morning I try to send them back, but they only send me more. Hey, Man!

2003: Folklore

Though I’m not old And the more I see, the less I grow The fewer the seeds, the more I sow. Try

Paint my face in your magazines Make it look whiter than it seems Paint me over with your dreams Shove away my ethnicity. Powerless

You say, you’re identical to none But you’re identical to some Who wants to be a some? Not me. One-Trick Pony

Then I see you standing there Wanting more from me And all I can do is try. Try

’Cause this life is too short To live it just for you But when you feel so powerless What are you gonna do?. Powerless

I am not a one-trick pony For you I will not dance And for you I will not prance. One-Trick Pony

The more I learn, the more I learn The more I cry, the more I cry As I say goodbye to the way of life I thought I had designed for me. Try

Now it’s moccasins we sport We take the culture and contort Perhaps only to distort What we are hidin’. Powerless

And where I was last I’ll never be at And after that I’ve already passed. One-Trick Pony

2006: Loose

How you doin’, young lady? That feeling that you giving really drives me crazy You don’t have a play about the joke I was at a loss for words first time that we spoke. Promiscuous

Maneater, make you work hard Make you spend hard, make you want all of her love She’s a maneater, make you buy cars Make you cut cards, make you fall real hard in love. Maneater

In the day, in the night Say it right, say it all You either got it, or you don’t You either stand, or you fall. Say It Right

Promiscuous girl, wherever you are I’m all alone, and it’s you that I want Promiscuous boy, you already know That I’m all yours, what you waiting for?. Promiscuous

Everybody get your necks to crack around All you crazy people, come on, jump around. Maneater

From my hands I could give you Something that I made From my mouth, I could sing you another brick that I laid. Say It Right

Roses are red, some diamonds are blue Chivalry is dead, but you’re still kinda cute. Promiscuous

When she talks, she talks like she can handle it When she asks for somethin’, boy, she means it Even if you never ever seen it. Maneater

I can’t say (Say) that I’m not (Not) Lost (Lost) and at fault (Fault) I can’t say (Say) that I don’t (Don’t) Love the light (Love) and the dark. Say It Right

2009: Mi Plan

Tú no me quieres entender Y me mandas a callar diciéndome No me debo sorprender Porque así es la realidad De nuestro amor. Manos al Aire

Quiero que esta vez No sea igual que ayer Vivo pensando en lo que quiero decirte. Mas

Lo que antes me afectaba Ya no me dice tanto Alguien a quien una vez amé Se ha ido borrando. Bajo Otra Luz

Como lluvia en el agua fría Yo te busco en las orillas Con la piel de una noche tibia Cubres este amor, cada día. Como lluvia

No tengo armas para enfrentarte Pongo mis manos, manos al aire Sólo me importa amarte. Manos al Aire

Creo que esta vez va a ser como la otra vez Tú ya olvidaste todo lo que pasó ayer. Mas

No supe como es que llegué A este momento Donde escucho el tono de tu voz Y voy corriendo. Bajo Otra Luz

Tú y yo Más que dos El espejo de mi corazón abierto La manzana de la dieta de mis besos. Como lluvia

Tú que perdiste el control Te dejaste llevar Por la inseguridad Yo que te he visto crecer Me puedo imaginar. Manos al Aire

Pierdes tu tiempo Día tras día Sin apreciar el amor que te ofrecía. Mas

Nene, puedo saltar al vacio Y liberarme de lo que se Supone que es mio Dormir eternamente en un Colchòn mullio’. Bajo Otra Luz

Y me despierto Con el concierto de tu cabello en el mio Y un sin fin de te quiero De te quiero. Como lluvia

2012: The Spirit Indestructible

I have a spirit indestructible A heart that loving was made for A body that’s a miracle. Spirit Indestructible

Hey, hey, hey – What’s The Scenario? That boy keeps passing me by I said No Diggity, No Doubt I thought I told you I was Fly. Big Hoops

They say I was always destined for fortune and fame Now that I’ve gotten what I wanted everything’s changed. High Life

You caught me off guard And oh, hey, I’m pleased to meet ya Don’t know if you can hold me but I gotta honour it, yeah. Parking Lot

Through my tired eyes I phase out the rain With a meditation, I erase my pain. Spirit Indestructible

That boy gonna feel my Poison I know He Can’t Stand The Rain I don’t wanna be down with you, baby. Big Hoops

Everybody’s dreaming of the high life It may look good from the outside. High Life

Cool, so let’s see, and then let’s talk And then let’s walk, and, and then, and then Let’s see, and then less walking, and less talking And we’ll see, yeah. Parking Lot

And though they may, and though they may Take you away, take you away You’ll never break, you’ll never break. Spirit Indestructible

I’m real and I never have to fake it, fake it, fake it You know I gotta’ move quick and I gotta move slow Cause there Ain’t No End In The Road. Big Hoops

Look at me now Look at how I get down Stubs and Wooten on my feet I’m the flyest youngin’ in town. High Life

Meet, meet us in the parking lot We’re gonna turn the speakers up Cause we ain’t doing nothing No we ain’t doing nothing. Parking Lot

2017: The Ride

It’s been a long time coming, coming, coming Feeling your presence hovering, hovering, hovering. Cold Hard Truth

Driving in the worst conditions Head on with a full collision Now I’m on the tar in pieces Body parts are all around. Flatline

And when the thunder rolls, I’ve got nowhere to go I keep going round on this carousel Because it spins me so well. Carnival Games

So don’t sell me no pipe dreams I wanna feel the good and bad in everything Even when it hurts, even when it hurts. Pipe Dreams

‘Cause you and I were meant, we were meant to be alone, alone, alone We were meant to be alone, alone, laying low. Cold Hard Truth

So wicked with your battle axe I never really had a chance And now I’ll never be the same And I gotta recuperate. Flatline

And I’ll stay with you just a little while There’s so much for us to see and do But don’t mistake this for An adventure in paradise. Carnival Games

Can’t protect me from nothing Can’t save me from the truth You can’t even save me from You. Pipe Dreams

And as I fly away, don’t cry your life away ‘Cause you and I were meant, we were meant to be alone, alone, alone We were meant to be alone. Cold Hard Truth

I don’t feel nothing at all Hold me, you can make it right Come on, you can save my life. Flatline

But the price you pay is always too much I’ll never dry up these tears Cried from all the years of playing carnival games. Carnival Games

Yes, I will hold my head high When I walk in your parade But I will always check my gait I will always watch my gait. Pipe Dreams

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