Nelly es un rapero y cantante estadounidense nacido en Texas en 1974. Comenzó su carrera en solitario en 2000 con su álbum “Country Grammar”, que fue un gran éxito de ventas. Ha ganado varios premios, incluyendo Grammy, y ha colaborado con otros artistas como Kelly Rowland, Justin Timberlake y Fergie. Además de su carrera musical, Nelly también ha incursionado en la actuación, apareciendo en películas como “Reach Me” y “The Longest Yard”. En 2021, anunció que estaba trabajando en un nuevo álbum, que sería su primer lanzamiento en seis años.

En activo desde: 1993
Género: Hip hop,
Miembros: Solista
Ex miembros:
Origen: Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

Country Grammar (2000)

If you want to go and take a ride with me We 3-wheeling in the fo’ with the gold D’s Oh, why do I live this way?. Ride wit Me

I ask her, “Who that is, talkin’ that shit about the ‘tics?” Somebody probably jealous ’cause they bitch got hit. E.I.

Mmmmm, you can find me in St. Louis rolling on dubs Smoking on dubs in clubs, blowing up like Cocoa Puffs. Country Grammar

But as long as you a thicy-thicy-thic girl you know that it’s on (You know that it’s on) I peep something. Ride wit Me

We can gamble to the Break of dawn, nigga, money long, nigga Pass up the skirt to talk to the thong, nigga. E.I.

Run a mile for the ’cause, I’m righteous above the law Player my style’s raw, I’m Born to Mack, like Todd Shaw. Country Grammar

I like the way you brush your hair And I like those stylish clothes you wear I like the way the light hit the ice and glare. Ride wit Me

Room in Trump Towers just to hit for 3 hours, kicked the Bitch up out the room ’cause she used the word ours, hey. E.I.

Street sweeper baby, cocked, ready to let it go Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa what, listen to it pound Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now. Country Grammar

Nellyville (2002)

Check it, got it locked at the top of the Fo’ Seasons Penthouse, roof top, birds I’m feedin. Hot in Here

No matter what I do All I think about is you Even when I’m with my boo You know I’m crazy over you. Dilemma

I leave ’em strapped and laced and come up out ’em The last person that touched ’em I been shot ’em. Air Force Ones

It’s gettin hot in herre (so hot), so take off all your clothes I am – gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes off. Hot in Here

But that’s okay ’cause I Wait for my cue and just listen, play my position Like a shortstop, pick up e’rything mami hittin’. Dilemma

Size twelve with the strap, red and white with a Cardinal cap All flavors but it just depend on when and where I’m at. Air Force Ones

You with a winner so baby you can’t lose I got secrets can’t leave Cancun So take it off like you’re home alone. Hot in Here

I love you (word?) and I need you Nelly I… love you, I do… (come on, girl) And it’s more than you’ll ever know Boy, it’s for sure You can always count on my love. Dilemma

(I said) give me two pairs (Cause) I need two pairs (So I) can get to stompin’ in my Air Force Ones Big boys stompin’ in my Air Force Ones. Air Force Ones

Sweat (2004)

It’s summertime and I’m back again Then went to VA yo and got my friends Say wassup, Pharrell! (These motherfuckers, now). Flap Your Wings

I’m throwin nuggets out the fellow I push to Carmello Yellow on yellow flooded the band and the bezel. Na-NaNa-Na

My last stance be a stance of a General Custard I hot dog cause I can, I got the cheese and mustard. Heart of a Champion

100 thou’ couldn’t get ya one of these I guarantee there ain’t a flaw in one of these 200 thou’ couldn’t get you in the league. Flap Your Wings

Can we leave hurr? Shorty need to make up her mind I seen them niggas over there, but they ain’t takin my shine. Na-NaNa-Na

I’m the first pick, the first round, signing bonus profound Playin for his hometown, reppin for the home ground. Heart of a Champion

Ho! I need to see ya take it down to the floor Spread your wings if you’re real ma, fly real low Pause for a second ma, grind real slow. Flap Your Wings

Uhhhhhhhh, picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture Third album, same focus, my intent is to get richer. Na-NaNa-Na

And gettin Bucks like Michael Redd, tell ’em again I gets Bucks like Michael Redd, heard what I said?. Heart of a Champion

Suit (2004)

I used to pride myself on being the other man But now it’s flipped and I don’t want you with no other man. My Place

I can’t wait to see you Wanna see if you still got that look in your eye That one you had for me Before, we, said our goodbyes. Over and Over

Was it somethin that I smoked, did I eat or did I drink it? Or was it somethin I was doin that I did or did I think it?. Die for You

I heard your friend tell a friend that told a friend of mine That you was thinking that we should do it one more time. My Place

‘Cause it’s all in my head I think about it over and over again And I can’t keep picturin’ you with him And it hurts so bad, yeah. Over and Over

Left to go out of town right after he was born I got a record deal, three months later Daddy was gone. Die for You

When we laugh or we cry, it’s together Through the rain and the stormiest weather We gon’ still be as one, it’s forever It’s forever, it’s forever. My Place

Now, that I’ve realized That I’m goin’ down From all this pain you’ve put me through Everytime I close my eyes (woo). Over and Over

It’s like I’m tryin to raise him over the phone He barely know my face when he see it but he know my tone. Die for You

Brass Knuckles (2008)

The way that you’re walkin, the way that you’re talkin’ – talkin You’re the one I wanna spend this night with. Body On Me

It’s Nelly motherfucker comin’ straight up out the Lou’ and All you New Edition-ass rappers better cool it now. Party People

Returned to school by lunchtime like, “Nigga, what now?” And today we in the club like, “Nigga, what now?”. Stepped On My J’z

I’m lovin that! Uh, uh Hey how you doin mama? I need to know your name You givin me the eye-eye, I’m givin you the same. Body On Me

‘Fore I make a fool of y’all, paper stacked as tall as Yao Ming, look at the bling, settings in rings lookin like basketballs. Party People

Hell naw, ain’t no way (what’s wrong?) Man, he done stepped on my J’s (what?) Stepped on my J’s, he done stepped on my J’s These just came out! He done stepped on my J’s (uhh). Stepped On My J’z

Got every man in the buildin like, “Oh my God” She, slicker than lodi-dodi, she work her body body When you done hurr at the party, meet me down there in the lobby. Body On Me

Boyfriend wonderin where I’m at, cause I’m in the spot-spot Why he always tryin to be puttin me down on lock lock?. Party People

I’m a addict, a Jordan fanatic, little Mars Blackmon I know when they comin’; number, color, everything that’s happenin’. Stepped On My J’z

5.0 (2010)

I swear now I can’t take it Knowing somebody’s got my baby And now you ain’t around, baby I can’t think. Just a Dream

I seen her yesterday, and she’s still fly She’s still right, still tight, still fine Yup, I still wanna make her mine. Gone

Tell your man you gon’ holla at him tomorrow And later on I’ma show you how to ball But tonight shorty we gon’ do it all, so. Making Movies

I shoulda put it down, shoulda got that ring ‘Cause I can still feel it in the air See her pretty face, run my fingers through her hair. Just a Dream

And uhh, I want much more than just a moment See I ain’t tryin’ to lease or tryin to rent, I’m tryin’ to own it. Gone

Back it up, bend over, put it on me girl then drop Go for what you know cause I love it when you on top. Making Movies

When I be riding man I swear I see her face at every turn Trying to get my Usher on but I can’t let it Burn. Just a Dream

All my heart, and all my time I’ll give you everything that you wanted, baby just name your price Mine is yours, and yours is mine. Gone

I don’t care, let ’em stare, they gon’ be the audience We gon’ be the superstars, we’ll perform for all of them. Making Movies

M.O. (2013)

All y’all niggas wanna get like me Surrounded by bitches that look like these You know it, you know it. Get Like Me

Now you in the arms of a stranger And now I’m all alone with this anger You used to feel safe now I’m danger. Walk Away

And I’m hopin’ to God that you feel good I’mma go fast or slow, on the bed or floor. Give U Dat

It was Air Force 1’s then I took em all to J’s Now they wanna play dumb like they from the Bay I was tourin overseas, 2-50 everyday. Get Like Me

Girl you got me all this stressing and this manic depressing I’m switching up how I’m feeling and listening to suggestions. Walk Away

The way you lookin’ at me, that’s gon’ get you that Ooh and I put everything on it Keep talkin’ that shit that’ll get you that. Give U Dat

Fresh off the yacht, feet in the sand Walk in the club, me in demand Got a whip on the lot, ’bout 400 grand. Get Like Me

Now I’m calling your phone, but you ain’t picking up I should have gave you love, I should have gave you trust. Walk Away

We travel around this globe, girl, we international now Astronaut – the kid Ain’t been like this in a while (turn up). Give U Dat

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