Omi es un cantante de reggae de origen jamaicano, nacido en 1986. Es conocido por su éxito mundial “Cheerleader”, que fue lanzado en 2012 y remezclado en 2014, llegando a ser número uno en varios países. Omi ha lanzado varios álbumes y sencillos a lo largo de su carrera, y ha sido nominado para varios premios, incluyendo los Billboard Music Awards. Su estilo musical combina el reggae con elementos de pop y electrónica.

En activo desde: 2005
Género: Reggae,
Miembros: Omi
Ex miembros: N/A
Origen: Jamaica
Estado: En activo

Me 4 U (2015)

When I need motivation My one solution is my queen ‘Cause she stay strong (yeah yeah) She is always in my corner Right there when I want her. Cheerleader

But it’s time you knew he was no good Had to let him go You’ll be fine, just reach out your hand now You got mine to hold. Drop in the Ocean

Rollerskates, them lines Hot sun clear blue skies The waves are crashing by. Hula Hoop

I started thinking I got something to prove You tried to tell me we had nothing to lose. Babylon

He’s a drop in the ocean, huh A drop in the ocean Huh, a drop in the ocean He’s a drop in the ocean. Drop in the Ocean

And girl you know Round and round your loving winds me up Like a hula, hula hoop, hula, hula hoop, oh. Hula Hoop

With you, I’m running wild With you, the city comes alive With you, we’ll set it all on fire Cause you’re my babylon, babylon. Babylon

Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader She is always right there when I need her. Cheerleader

See what the earth brings and don’t sweat the small things It’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be alright. Drop in the Ocean

And gravity defied I can not believe my eyes That thing can bring the tides, hey And round and round clockwise Like a merry-go-ride I wanna go all night, yes. Hula Hoop

So won’t you take me back Back where we were covered in champagne And everybody thought we were insane Where you will always be my babylon, my babylon. Babylon


We can do what we want We don’t need these walls We make our rules and laws We can do no wrong. Jambo

I like when you mess your hair up Smile every time you wake up Tonight we don’t need to dress up And I think you know that. As Long As I’m With You

I know you don’t like the sound of your laugh I know you take a hunnid photographs You post ’em on your wall. Masterpiece

You got me standing on all threes Pretty little girl in the short jeans ‘Bout to confirm it and concrete You make me can’t sleep. Standing on All Threes

Was it your voice that called me when I was at my low? Was it your love that warmed me? I guess tonight I’ll know. Hitchhicker

You told me you’re ready you get it, you get it I love your letters were mellow dramatic And you are my heaven 24/7. Jambo

We can go all night Just me and you, that’s all we do Let’s just stay inside and explore the room Even if we fight. As Long As I’m With You

You looking good in every angle Shine like the stars in the Venga You got my heart saying damn girl. Masterpiece

I got you begging for more with a little foreplay I got you screaming and saying things weh no fit fi ear play Kick back, relax baby girl this is your day. Standing on All Threes

Cause in my heart, I was a hitchhicker ’til I found you I found a home I never wanna leave Cause in my heart, I was a hitchhicker this what I choose. Hitchhicker

Ooh, we’re at the top of the world Tu continua a ballare, beautiful horizon Fino a quando ti pare, you and me Come un’onda che sale, ooh. Jambo

We come from different places Love has so many faces So let the whole world chase us And I think you know that. As Long As I’m With You

‘Cause every time I look at you I’m looking at a masterpiece If you’re trying to be perfect you don’t have to be. Masterpiece

She teasing me with her innocence When she pretends as if she depends on my experience. Standing on All Threes

Am I too messed up or is there time for me to change? Where was my love when I needed it the most?. Hitchhicker

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