Frases en canciones de OneRepublic

  • Nombre: OneRepublic
  • Año: 2002–presente
  • Genero: Rock alternativo, Power pop , Pop rock
  • Miembros: Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Brent Kutzle, Drew Brown, Eddie Fisher
  • Estado: Activo

2007: Dreaming Out Loud

  • I’m holding on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground And I’m hearing what you say, but I just can’t make a sound. Apologize
  • This town is colder now, I think it’s sick of us It’s time to make our move, I’m shaking off the rust. Stop and Stare
  • Come home, come home ‘Cause I’ve been waiting for you For so long, for so long And right now, there’s a war between the vanities. Come Home
  • Do you know where your heart is? Do you think you can find it? Or did you trade it for something? Somewhere better just to have it. Say (All I Need)
  • I’d take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you, oh, oh I need you like a heart needs a beat, but it’s nothing new Yeah, yeah. Apologize
  • Stop and stare I think I’m moving, but I go nowhere Yeah, I know that everyone gets scared But I’ve become what I can’t be, oh. Stop and Stare
  • Hello, world Hope you’re listening Forgive me if I’m young For speaking out of turn There’s someone I’ve been missing. Come Home
  • Well, all I need Is the air I breathe And a place to rest my head. Say (All I Need)
  • I loved you with a fire red, now it’s turning blue And you say Sorry like the angel Heaven let me think was you But I’m afraid. Apologize
  • Steady feet, don’t fail me now I’m gonna run ’til you can’t walk Something pulls my focus out And I’m standing down. Stop and Stare
  • I get lost in the beauty Of everything I see The world ain’t half as bad As they paint it to be If all the sons, all the daughters. Come Home
  • Do you know what your fate is? And are you trying to shake it? You’re doing your best dance, your best look You’re praying that you’ll make it. Say (All I Need)

2009: Waking Up

  • So tell me what you want to hear Something that will light those ears I’m sick of all the insincere So I’m gonna give all my secrets away. Secrets
  • Let’s paint the picture of the perfect place They’ve got it better than when anyone’s told you They’ll be the King of Hearts, and you’re the Queen of Spades. All the Right Moves
  • Well, hell sees her shadow in my backseat And her friends are standing right in front of me. Everybody Loves Me
  • Woke up in London yesterday Found myself in the city near Piccadilly Don’t really know how I got here I got some pictures on my phone. Good Life
  • I need another story Something to get off my chest My life gets kinda boring Need something that I can confess. Secrets
  • All the right friends in all the right places So yeah, we’re going down They’ve got All the right moves and all the right faces So yeah, we’re going down. All the Right Moves
  • Oh my! Feels just like I don’t try Looks so good I might die All I know is everybody loves me Head down Swaying to my own sound Flashes in my face now. Everybody Loves Me
  • When you’re happy like a fool Let it take you over When everything is out You got to take it in. Good Life
  • My God, amazing how we got this far It’s like we’re chasing all those stars Who’s driving shiny big black cars. Secrets
  • Do you think I’m special? Do you think I’m nice? Am I bright enough to shine in your spaces? Between the noise you hear. All the Right Moves
  • Stars forever like John Sousa never fade He had a beautiful child, named her Désirée Hope I’m remembered for the things that I never made. Everybody Loves Me
  • Sometimes there’s airplanes I can’t jump out Sometimes there’s bullshit that don’t work now. Good Life

2013: Native

  • Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard. Counting Stars
  • I’ll be your ghost, your game, your stadium I’ll be your fifty-thousand clapping like one And I feel alright, and I feel alright. Love Runs Out
  • Hope when you take that jump You don’t fear the fall Hope when the water rises You built a wall. I Lived
  • I had a dream the other night About how we only get one life It woke me up right after two I stayed awake and stared at you. Something I Need
  • I see this life, like a swinging vine Swing my heart across the line And in my face is flashing signs Seek it out and ye’ shall find. Counting Stars
  • I got my mind made up Man, I can’t let go I’m killing every second ’til it saves my soul I’ll be running, I’ll be running ‘Til the love runs out. Love Runs Out
  • And I hope that you don’t suffer But take the pain Hope when the moment comes You’ll say. I Lived
  • Last night I think I drank too much Yeah, call it our temporary crutch With broken words I tried to say Honey don’t you be afraid If we got nothing, we got us. Something I Need
  • Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard Said no more counting dollars. Counting Stars
  • Ooh, we all want the same thing Ooh, we all run for something Run for God, for fate For love, for hate. Love Runs Out
  • Hope that you spend your days But they all add up And when that sun goes down Hope you raise your cup Oh, oh. I Lived
  • You got something I need In this world full of people there’s one killing me And if we only die once I wanna die with you. Something I Need

2016: Oh My My

  • When, when we came home Worn to the bones I told myself, “this could get rough” And when, when I was off, which happened a lot. Let’s Hurt Tonight
  • Days when We’d fight, we’d fight ’til I would give in Yeah, perfect disasters We were reaching, reaching for the rafters. Kids
  • I know I could lie but I’m telling the truth Wherever I go there’s a shadow of you I know I could try looking for something new But wherever I go, I’ll be looking for you. Wherever I Go
  • Woke up starin’ at this Starin’ at this empty room Looked at Thousand different pictures that your mother took of you. Future Looks Good
  • So I’ll hit the lights and you lock the doors We ain’t leaving this room ’til we both feel more Don’t walk away, don’t roll your eyes. Let’s Hurt Tonight
  • And on most of the days we were searching for ways To get up and get out of the town that we were raised, yeah, Cause we were done. Kids
  • Some people lie but they’re looking for magic Others are quietly going insane I feel alive when I’m close to the madness No easy love could ever make me feel the same. Wherever I Go
  • But he said that you are You are the future He said that you are You are the future. Future Looks Good
  • When, when you came home Worn to the bones I told myself, “this could get rough. Let’s Hurt Tonight
  • I refuse to look back thinking days were better Just because they’re younger days I don’t know what’s ’round the corner Way I feel right now I swear we’ll never change. Kids
  • Some people pray to their god for some magic Cause no easy love could ever make them feel the same No easy love could ever make me feel the same. Wherever I Go
  • Because you know Anybody, everybody else can lie But honey I won’t See you with a, see you with a broken set of eyes. Future Looks Good

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