Tyga es un rapero y productor estadounidense que nació el 19 de noviembre de 1989 en Compton, California1. Su nombre artístico proviene del acrónimo T hank Y ou G od A lways. Es dueño de la compañía Last Kings y ha colaborado con artistas como Lil Wayne, Chris Brown y Kanye West. Algunos de sus éxitos son “Rack City”, “Taste” y “Ayo”. Tiene un hijo llamado King Cairo Stevenson con la modelo Blac Chyna.

En activo desde: 2004
Género: Hip hop, Trap, R&B
Miembros: Tyga
Ex miembros: Ninguno
Origen: Compton, California, Estados Unidos
Estado: Activo

No Introduction (2008)

Coconut juice got me real loose, like Got me leanin three thousand proof, like Coconut juice all on the dance FLOOR Fellas let your ladies GO ladies let your fellas GO. Coconut Juice

Oh my, must I been in a coma? Cuban chicks lookin my way cause I’m so fly Right now, should I approach him like How was you uh, attacked like a cobra. Supersize Me

Dear Princess, remember, what I called you Markin those calendar days away til that moment I saw you And I fell, in love, from that very moment I saw you. Pillow Talkin’

When I’m alone all I’m thinking about is my girl You smile your pretty face’ and them light brown curls At first I was playing and saying cause love is a horrible thing. First Timers

COME back, went straight to the club Entrance no charge cause we late to the club Ummmm yes, we don’t stand in the club G.E.D. on the couch pourin drinks on the rug. Coconut Juice

Little baby steps, share harder than the next If it goes by turns then I should be next VT’s rated X, MTV’s first listen Look under the chair – you put diamonds on your chest?. Supersize Me

Now I’m, thinkin about how could that go wrong? You was so special to me like the music in this song. Pillow Talkin’

Now you wanna be apart Watcha mean you finished We only at the start and to leave when it girl we come oh so far. First Timers

V.I., important person Rap’s most important person, so po-tent And I’m up in this thing with my thing up And she shakin that thing her momma gave her. Coconut Juice

Well maybe right now, to them I’m so import- -tant in the tint and the rims on the sport Car, come along I got four Underage, so you can’t charge But officer, no autograph y’all cause I’m. Supersize Me

Your dream, this is life with me, continuous shoppin sprees When I’m on the road, even gave you all the security codes So baby, tell me, tell me. Pillow Talkin’

Listen up pivit its to risky I don’t get it I’m feeling dizzy The rooms spinning You’ve got to be kidding. First Timers

Careless World: Rise of the Last Kings (2012)

Rack city, bitch, rack rack city, bitch Ten, ten, ten, twenty on yo titties, bitch 100 deep VIP, no guest list T-Raw, you don’t know who you fuckin with. Rack City

Young Nino, fuck a bitch in a peacoat Carlito, Scarface, Al Pacino Bun B though, Pimp C, R.I.P though I goes deep in that pussy; Dan Marino. Faded

Uh One shot, bomboclat Bitches jumping on my dick, hopping like it’s hopscotch Booty pop, my bitch don’t wear that she prolly ass shots. Potty Mouth

Wayne told me, “Close your eyes, they’ll never see your vision” So I stay ready to die behind these Biggie lenses. I’m Gone

YMCMB, rawest niggas doing it School for the blind, I don’t see these niggas doing it I’m doing it and doing it and doing it well Niggas wanna test me boy, who wanna fail?. Muthaf**ka Up

Gold Lettermans, Last King killin’ shit Y-Young Money, Young Money yeah, we gettin’ rich Got ya grandma on my dick (haha) Girl you know what it is. Rack City

Put it in pot, take a shot, higher than a tube sock You’s a bop, give me top top as I load the whop Man these niggas say I’m fly but to her I’m God. Faded

Pop that pussy, now let me see you doo doo brown I wanna rock, I wanna rock. Potty Mouth

Just left the hood, word to the 5th Dist Bout to cop a G, tear the roof like Diddy And my city color purple nigga, no Celie. I’m Gone

Rappers shittin’ on theyself, you could smell the fear And these bitches laying flowers cause the king is near T-Raw this is the new flavour in ya ear. Muthaf**ka Up

I need my money pronto Get it in the morning like Alonzo Rondo, green got cheese like a nacho If you don’t got no ass, bitch, wear a poncho. Rack City

Fuck is up? Niggas stomping in my Chucks Yeah I make it reindeer cause I’m all about my bucks Use the butt up in the front, d-dick up in her cunt. Faded

I get money, I make money I take money, them bitches want it from me, ’cause I’m I’m ’bout whatever, I’m ’bout whatever I’m with whatever, man, I do it, do it better. Potty Mouth

Middle finger to my haters, mufucka why you hating? I’m gone I ain’t really wanna do it but I did it to em, nigga I’m gone. I’m Gone

Man she give me good brain till she feel dumb I just keep going like the bunny till I feel numb. Muthaf**ka Up

Hotel California (2013)

Bands all in my dollars I’m everywhere its poppin’ Can’t fall in love I got options I’m high school that’s college. Molly

T-Rawws rock my own kick game 8 figure deal figure how I’m courtside at clip game Still pop ace king shit I’m with Rozay Black Maybach leather gloves on that OJ OK the day you beating me bitch no day. Dope

They say what goes around comes around (round) And I know I made mistakes and you forgave me how (how). For The Road

Racks in my cargos, Audemar stupid Bitch say she in love with me, stay away from Cupid The Panamera’s sick, lupus T-Raww, show them how we do it. Switch Lanes

King Gold Chains, that’s Notre Dame That green, yeah I got it I show up in the party Like where the fuck that molly. Molly

Get wet up she give me head not neck up She clean the mess up One false move death from gesture Cash in the safe nigga I don’t feel no pressure. Dope

It’s like the same old story out your diary (diary) Memories never fade but only in time we’ll see (see) Hope to see you with me ’cause… For The Road

Ahh! Swoosh sign, do it My new bitch a nudist, peace like a buddist Cooler than Cool Whip, give brain, don’t be stupid. Switch Lanes

Killin’ yo mind off and fuckin’ yo body Bitch wanna flick, pose for my posse Got too much shit to worry about gossip I’m on a bad trip. Molly

You niggas stay in your lane no playing ain’t nothing changed Pardon this good regime, I make your girl David Blaine Murder was the case all the kids say that nigga T-raw. Dope

You get lonely when I’m touring, just hold it down ,be supportive I’ll be back in the morning, that new purse you wanted. For The Road

Uhh, when I switch lanes, Phantom doors swing Arm out the window screaming “Money ain’t a thang” Call it automatic bang, bang, bang. Switch Lanes

The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty (2015)

I, I know a little bitch by the name Shanelle Always wearin’ Louis, but fake Chanel I’m just tryin’ to nut like Chip and Dale That’s some funny-ass shit like Dave Chappelle. Pleazer

I heard niggas hatin’ on me from the sideline, mm, nice try Can’t see you niggas anyway, too busy standing on my pride, ah. Hollywood N*ggaz

Old fucking drama, call the karma kamikaze Shots of alcohol the pain its relic in my chest, I feel demolished. Pure Luxury

Yeah Looking at myself, I see the man, nigga I’mma call it like I say it, I’mma call you bitch made nigga Holding pistols not to entertain niggas. Shaka Zulu

Pussy-ass niggas all in my mail How you get out early? You ain’t make that bail Snitchin’ ain’t free, but all you do is tell. Pleazer

The money greener than the reefer Wiz Khalifa showed me I’m up in London smoking skunky with some (real niggas only). Hollywood N*ggaz

Crystal sniffing, bitches tripping, luxury and gang members Wanna be like Boyz N Hood, affiliated by my brothers. Pure Luxury

Shaka Zulu with the new do with the TEC This is not a purchase, everyday life shit I’ve been praying for your downfall, man But all I see is bad bitches coming down the hill, damn. Shaka Zulu

Nigga, and she bounce that back My dog tryin’ to knick-knack, give a dog a paddywhack Paddyback that, yeah, bounce it on my lap, lap She’s a real dick-pleaser. Pleazer

I don’t fuck with no broke bitches I don’t fuck with Hollywood niggas I don’t fuck with no gold diggers Only fuck if she dope, nigga. Hollywood N*ggaz

And that’s pure like virgin blood mixed with 1-51 one sip Make a nigga flip, I ain’t tripping off shit That happened yesterday, cause I just wanna rest today in pure luxury. Pure Luxury

She bowed to her knees, want forgiveness But all I could think about was coming out of speakers. Shaka Zulu

BitchImTheShit2 (2017)

Ah! Bitch, I’m the shit, feel me? Them niggas ain’t this, feel me? 911 on my wrist, feel me? Not the time but the whip, bitch, feel me?.Feel Me

Uhh, I got a pornstar’s tenacity Fuck her like it’s ten of me, I’ve been a nasty nigga Nigga, I got a dope boy’s tenacity Cocky like I got ten ki’s and they harassing me. Playboy

Now, Raww be the man, wanna see you doin’ good I don’t wanna get rich, leave you in the hood Girl, in my eyes, you the baddest. Move to L.A.

Back to the front with you Don’t let ’em make you regret it They’ll be fake if you let ’em Don’t let ’em make less out of something. 1 of 1

I need my cash money A milli, a milli, a milli, a milli These bitches is litty, my niggas is litty We lit up the city, you feel me?. Feel Me

Uh, addicted like crack to my tenacity I made a path for all my savages, I’m business savy, see It must be March ’cause y’all mad at me It’s March Madness and I ball like Kansas City. Playboy

If they see you with me, they gon’ wanna take pictures Bitch so bad, I hope they get your face in it. Move to L.A.

Mi no love for dem batty boy antics Gon’ make me pull choppers out the attic. 1 of 1

We at the highest level, yeah I know you feel me I’m at the dealership like what’s the dealy? Usher Raymond chain, it’s too chilly. Feel Me

Woo, super freak in my passenger She a superstar and got it bad for me If I hang up, she call right back to me You cut her legs off, she crawl right back to me. Playboy

Hey mama, won’t you come to T dada ? Keep you in Chanel ’cause the devil wear Prada In the Maybach, then I smoke the cigara You should move to L.A., I think I see your baby father. Move to L.A.

We no pretender, we both remember All these hoes was ghost ‘fore I had the Phantom ‘Fore I had the ‘Gram, I couldn’t get at ’em. 1 of 1

Kyoto (2018)

I pick you up in a Bentley truck, come outside Hit me up when you need some downtime Damn girl, it’s about time. Temperature

My intuition tells me that you’re getting in this whip with me Tell me what you’re into, we can get into it endlessly, get into it endlessly. Leather in The Rain

Two missed calls from you, yeah, the party must be over Every time you go out, yeah, it gets you nowhere I been waitin’ right here, still I been everywhere. U Cry

Baby, when the lights are low and the night is warm You like it slow, I used to rush to you Baby, when the rain pours down Reminds me of touchin’ you. Sip A Lil

Uh, girl you’re hot and cold, that makes you warm Let your ex-man stay in the storm When you don’t have to force it, it’s a force All I ever want is more. Temperature

See she can wear leather in the rain, she can find pleasure in pain, oh yeah Say my name, say my name, say it, babe. Leather in The Rain

And you do it like you like to hurt me Is this what you need to feel better? Is this how you act when you know we’re forever? Yeah and you can come back whenever. U Cry

Baby, when I’m out and the pill hit I start to feel shit, shit I used to feel when you still here Sometimes I roll over like you still there I been rollin’ for a week and I’m still lit. Sip A Lil

Thought it would be cool to tell me what I thought of you You’re radiant, you’re vibrant Intelligent, you know I’m nothing like them I’m more like lightning, you’re like fire is frightening. Temperature

See she can wear leather in the rain, she can find pleasure in pain Say my name, say my name, say it, babe. Leather in The Rain

On lonely nights, you callin’ me, yeah you’re callin’ me, yeah yeah But so many days you’re ignorin’ me, yeah normally, yeah yeah. U Cry

Hit you with that tongue emoji, wanna lick that I be on a mission, yeah, I know you see the vision, yeah Still wanna see me, got me feelin’ like I need you when. Sip A Lil

Legendary (2019)

Why you claim that you rich? That’s a false claim I be straight to the whip, no baggage claim Whole lotta styles, can’t even pronounce the name. Taste

Ooh, so you wanna act brand new?, You wanna switch up? Baby, that’s on you, Ice on my neck, make my heart turn blue, If a nigga trip, we’ll take flight on you. Legendary

I’ve been up four days, havin’ three-ways (Yeah) Like my bitches in twos, I’m the one, man (One) Tryna jump in my lane, I’m in the air, man (Woo). Haute

Hello, motherfucker, what’s my name? (What’s my name?) In the Rolls, asking bitches how I came (How I came) Got a king size bed on the plane (On the plane). Lightskin Lil Wayne

February love (Love), you be my valentine (‘Tine) I showed you to the world (World), I put it on the line (Line), yeah Mister Fallback, too busy with my life. February Love

Three million cash, call me Rain Man Money like a shower, that’s my rain dance And we all in black, like it’s Gangland Say the wrong words, you be hangman. Taste

She say, “Touch me, tease me, kiss me, and lick me I know you in a rush, baby, can I get a quickie?” The way you suck it up, you gon’ leave me with a hickey. Legendary

Make her fall in love, she gon’ want the last name (Hah) I’m a giant to these niggas like San Fran (Woah) And this beat slap, nigga, like a backhand. Haute

If she got a fat ass, put the icing on the cake (Ice) I’m a pussy fanatic, get obsessed with the baddest (Yeah) Put it so deep, told her don’t be dramatic (Hah). Lightskin Lil Wayne

And I know how your body works, let me lick that Got that fire, got that fire, let me lick that Shoot it, aim, cock back, maybe let me bust that. February Love

Lotta girls like me, niggas wanna fight me Nigga, get your ass checked like a fuckin’ Nike Me not icy, that’s unlikely And she gon’ suck me like a fuckin’ Hi-C. Taste

She say I’m sweet, I’ma cover incidentals Swoop you where you at, I got you, ten-four I know you ain’t a slut, baby, you a nympho. Legendary

Make your own money, make a nigga spend his whole advance (Woah) If I hit once, then I know I can hit it again (Yeah) T-shirt and your panties on, baby, you know what it is. Haute

How you feel? How you feel? I’ma make a film with her Keep it real, keep it real, you ain’t really real, nigga. Lightskin Lil Wayne

My baby, how you fine You give me a vibe, oh yeah (Shoot it, aim, cock back) Oh-oh-oh-oh That’s why I need you in my life Do your body right, yeah. February Love

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