Frases en canciones de U2

  • Nombre: U2
  • Año: 1976-presente
  • Genero: Pop rock, Rock alternativo, Post-punk
  • Miembros: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr.
  • Estado: Activo

Boy (1980)

  • A boy tries hard to be a man His mother takes him by the hand If he stops to think, he starts to cry Oh, why?. I Will Follow
  • The old man tried to walk me home I thought he should have known. Twilight
  • Say goodnight She waits for me to turn out the light Really still She waits to break my will. An Cat Dubh
  • Into the heart of a child I stay awhile But I can go there. Into The Heart
  • When they pulled the four walls down I was looking through the window I was lost, I am found. I Will Follow
  • I’m running in the rain I’m caught in a late night play It’s all, it’s everything I’m soaking through the skin. Twilight
  • Into the heart, into the heart of a child I can’t go back I can’t stay awhile Into the heart. Into The Heart
  • And in the daylight A blackbird makes a violent sight And when she is done She sleeps beside the one. An Cat Dubh

October (1981)

  • I try to sing this song I, I try to stand up But I can’t find my feet I, I try to speak up But only in you I’m complete. Gloria
  • Julie say something, Julie say you’re sorry You’re gonna get better, you better not Leave me here anyway. I Fall Down
  • But there’s a fire inside And I’m falling over There’s a fire in me When I call out You built a fire, fire I’m going home. Fire
  • I was talking, I was talking to myself Somebody else talk, talk, talking I couldn’t hear a word, a word he said. I Threw a Brick Through a Window
  • It’s falling, it’s falling And outside a building comes tumbling down And inside a child on the ground Says he’ll do it again. Rejoice
  • In te domine Gloria Exultate Gloria Gloria Oh, Lord, loosen my lips. Gloria
  • I fall down I’m falling down I fall down When you fall I fall with you. I Fall Down
  • And what am I to do? Just tell me what am I supposed to say? I can’t change the world But I can change the world in me. Rejoice
  • But there’s a fire inside And I’m falling over There’s a fire inside When I call out. Fire

War (1983)

  • I can’t believe the news today Oh, I can’t close my eyes and make it go away. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • All is quiet on New Year’s Day A world in white gets underway. New Year’s Day
  • I waited patiently for the Lord He inclined and heard my cry He brought me up out of the pit Out of the miry clay. 40
  • Lightning flashes across the sky East to West, do or die Like a thief in the night, see the world by candlelight. Seconds
  • Like a song I have to sing I sing it for you Like the words I have to bring I bring it for you. Like a Song…
  • How long, how long must we sing this song?, How long? ‘Cause tonight, we can be as one Tonight. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • Nothing changes on New Year’s Day On New Year’s Day. New Year’s Day
  • You set my feet upon a rock And made my footsteps firm Many will see, many will see and fear. 40
  • In an apartment on Times Square You can assemble them anywhere. Seconds
  • And we love to wear a badge, a uniform And we love to fly a flag But I won’t let others live in hell. Like a Song…

The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

  • One man come in the name of love One man come and go One man come he to justify One man to overthrow.Pride (In the Name of Love)
  • If you twist and turn away If you tear yourself in two again. Bad
  • Ice, your only rivers run cold These city lights, they shine as silver and gold Dug from the night, your eyes as black as coal. The Unforgettable Fire
  • Sleep, sleep tonight And may your dreams be realized If the thunder cloud passes rain So let it rain, let it rain Rain on him. MLK
  • I’m wide awake, I’m wide awake Wide awake, I’m not sleeping Oh no, no, no. Bad
  • And if the mountains should crumble Or disappear into the sea Not a tear, no not I. The Unforgettable Fire
  • In the name of love What more in the name of love? In the name of love What more in the name of love?. Pride (In the Name of Love)
  • Leave this heart of clay, see you walk, walk away Into the night, and through the rain Into the half light and through the flame. Bad
  • Stay this time, stay tonight in a lie I’m only asking, but I, I think you know Come on take me away, come on take me away Come on take me home, home again. The Unforgettable Fire

The Joshua Tree (1987)

  • I have climbed the highest mountains I have run through the fields Only to be with you Only to be with you. I still haven’t found what i’m looking for
  • Sleight of hand and twist of fate On a bed of nails she makes me wait And I wait without you. With or Without You
  • I wanna run, I want to hide I wanna tear down the walls That hold me inside. Where The Streets Have No Name
  • Step on a steam train Step out of the driving rain, maybe Run from the darkness in the night. Still
  • Through the storm, we reach the shore You give it all but I want more And I’m waiting for you. With or Without You
  • But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. I still haven’t found what i’m looking for
  • I wanna reach out And touch the flame Where the streets have no name. Where The Streets Have No Name
  • From the firefly A red orange glow See the face of fear Runnin’ scared in the valley below. Bullet the Blue Sky
  • With or without you With or without you, ah-ah I can’t live with or without you. With or Without You
  • I have kissed honey lips Felt the healing in her finger tips It burned like fire This burning desire. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  • We’re still building and burning down love Burning down love And when I go there I go there with you It’s all I can do. Where The Streets Have No Name

Rattle and Hum (1988)

  • Over the counter, with a shotgun Pretty soon, everybody’s got one I’m in a fever, when I’m beside her Desire Desire. Desire
  • But all the promises we make From the cradle to the grave When all I want is you. All I Want Is You
  • When you get to the bottom You go back to the top of the slide And you stop and you turn And you go for a ride. Helter Skelter
  • It’s a bitter pill I swallow here To be rent from one so dear We fought for justice and not for gain But the magistrate sent me away. Van Diemen’s Land
  • Businessmen, they drink my wine Plowmen dig my earth None of them know along the line What any of this is worth, yeah. All Along the Watchtower
  • She’s the dollars She’s my protection Yeah, she’s the promise In the year of election. Desire
  • You say you want Your love to work out right To last with me through the night. All I Want Is You
  • Do you, don’t you want me to love you? (Yeah) Coming down fast, I’m right here above you (Yeah) Tell me, tell me, tell me the answer Ain’t no lover but you ain’t no dancer. Helter Skelter
  • Now kings will rule and the poor will toil And tear their hands as they tear the soil But a day will come in this dawning age When an honest man sees an honest wage. Van Diemen’s Land
  • All along the watchtower And princes kept the view While horsemen came and went Barefoot servants too. All Along the Watchtower

Achtung Baby (1991)

  • There is a silence that comes to a house when no one can sleep. I guess it’s the price of love; I know it’s not cheap. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
  • You can dream, so dream out loud. Acrobat
  • Don’t believe what you hear, don’t believe what you see. If you just close your eyes.You can feel the enemy. Acrobat
  • Is it getting better Or do you feel the same? Will it make it easier on you, now You got someone to blame?. One
  • In the garden I was playing the tart I kissed your lips and broke your heart You, you were acting like it was the end of the world. Until the End of the World
  • We crossed the line, who pushed who over? It doesn’t matter to you, it matters to me We’re cut adrift, but still floating I’m only hanging on to watch you go down, my love. So Cruel
  • You say one love, one life When it’s one need in the night One love, we get to share it Leaves you, baby, if you don’t care for it. One
  • In my dream, I was drowning my sorrows But my sorrows they’d learned to swim Surrounding me, going down on me Spilling over the brim. Until the End of the World
  • Her skin is pale like God’s only dove Screams like an angel for your love Then she makes you watch her from above And you need her like a drug. So Cruel

Zooropa (1993)

  • And I have no compass And I have no map And I have no reasons No reasons to get back. Zooropa
  • Catching your bright blue eyes in the freeze frame I’ve seen them so many times I feel like I must be your best friend. Babyface
  • Don’t grab Don’t clutch Don’t hope for too much Don’t breathe Don’t achieve Don’t grieve without leave. Numb
  • Lemon, see-through in the sunlight She wore lemon, never in the daylight. Lemon
  • Babyface, Babyface Slow down child, let me untie your lace Babyface, Babyface Cover girl with natural grace. Babyface
  • Zooropa… It’s cold outside, but brightly lit Zooropa… Skip the subway Zooropa… Let’s go to the overground. Zooropa
  • Comin’ home late at night to turn you on Checkin’ out every frame I’ve got slow motion on my side Turnin’ around and around With the sound and colour under my control. Babyface
  • She wore lemon To colour in the cold grey night She had heaven And she held on so tight. Lemon
  • Green light, Seven Eleven You stop in for a pack of cigarettes You don’t smoke, don’t even want to Hey now, check your change. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
  • Don’t travel by train Don’t eat Don’t spill Don’t piss in the drain Don’t make a will. Numb
  • A man captures colour A man likes to stare He turns his money into light To look for her. Lemon
  • If I could stay, then the night would give you up Stay, and the day would keep its trust Stay, and the night would be enough. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

Pop (1997)

  • You can reach, but you can’t grab it You can’t hold it, control it You can’t bag it. Discotheque
  • You got my head filled with songs You got my shoelaces undone Take my shirt, go on, take it off me You can tear it up if you can tie me down. Do You Feel Loved
  • Lookin’ in the places where no flowers grow Lookin’ for to fill that God-shaped hole Mother, mother-suckin’ rock an’roll. Mofo
  • Nobody else here baby No-one else here to blame No-one to point the finger It’s just you and me and the rain. If God Will Send His Angels
  • I’m not the only one Staring at the sun Afraid of what you’d find If you take a look inside. Staring at the Sun
  • You know you’re chewing bubble gum You know what that is but you still want some You just can’t get enough of that lovey-dovey stuff. Discotheque
  • Love’s a bully, pushing and shoving In the belly of a woman Heavy rhythm taking over. Do You Feel Loved
  • Got the swing, got the sway, got my straw in lemonade Still lookin’ for the face I had before the world was made Mother, mother-suckin’ rock an’ roll. Mofo
  • Hey, if God will send his angels And if God will send a sign And if God will send his angels Would everything be alright?. If God Will Send His Angels
  • You’re not the only one staring at the sun Afraid of what you’d find if you stepped back inside I’m not sucking my thumb, staring at the sun Not the only one who’s happy to go blind. Staring at the Sun

All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2000)

  • It’s not where you’re born It’s not where you belong It’s not how weak But what will make you strong- Summer Rain. Summer Rain
  • You thought you’d found a friend To take you out of this place Someone you could lend a hand In return for grace. Beautiful Day
  • I’m not afraid Of anything in this world There’s nothing you can throw at me That I haven’t already heard. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
  • I need you to elevate me here At the corner of your lips As the orbit of your hips. Elevation
  • And if the darkness is to keep us apart And if the daylight feels like it’s a long way off. Walk On
  • It’s a beautiful day Sky falls, you feel like It’s a beautiful day Don’t let it get away. Beautiful Day
  • You’ve got to get yourself together You’ve got stuck in a moment And now you can’t get out of it. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
  • Love, lift me out of these blues Won’t you tell me something true I believe in you. Elevation
  • You’re packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been A place that has to be believed to be seen. Walk On

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004)

  • Lights go down, it’s dark, the jungle is your head Can’t rule your heart, a feeling so much stron- -ger than a thought, your eyes are wide and though your soul It can’t be bought, your mind can wander. Vertigo
  • Tough, you think you’ve got the stuff You’re telling me and anyone You’re hard enough. Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own
  • The more you see, the less you know The less you find out as you go I knew much more then than I do now. City of Blinding Lights
  • I want to trip inside your head Spend the day there To hear the things you haven’t said And see what you might see. Miracle Drug
  • I’m at a place called Vertigo (¿Dónde está?) It’s everything I wish I didn’t know Except you give me something I can feel Feel. Vertigo
  • You don’t have to put up a fight You don’t have to always be right Let me take some of the punches. Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own
  • And I miss you when you’re not around I’m getting ready to leave the ground. City of Blinding Lights
  • I’ve had enough of romantic love I’d give it up, yeah, I’d give it up For a miracle, a miracle drug, a miracle drug. Miracle Drug
  • And it’s you when I look in the mirror And it’s you when I don’t pick up the phone Sometimes you can’t make it on your own. Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own
  • Oh, you look so beautiful tonight In the city of blinding lights. City of Blinding Lights

No Line on the Horizon (2009)

  • I know a girl with a hole in her heart She said infinity is a great place to start Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. No Line on the Horizon
  • Only love, only love can leave such a mark But only love, only love can heal such a scar. Magnificent
  • The stone was semi-precious We were barely conscious. Moment Of Surrender
  • I was right there at the top of the bottom On the edge of the known universe where I wanted to be I had driven to the scene of the accident And I sat there waiting for me. Unknown Caller
  • I’m a traffic cop, rue du Marais The sirens are wailing but it’s me that wants to get away. No Line on the Horizon
  • I didn’t have a choice but to lift you up And sing whatever song you wanted me to I give you back my voice From the womb my first cry, it was a joyful noise… Magnificent
  • At the moment of surrender I folded to my knees I did not notice the passers-by And they did not notice me. Moment Of Surrender
  • Restart and re-boot yourself You’re free to go Oh, oh Shout for joy if you get the chance Password, you, enter here, right now. Unknown Caller

Songs of Innocence (2014)

  • You got a face not spoiled by beauty I have some scars from where I’ve been You’ve got eyes that can see right through me You’re not afraid of anything they’ve seen. Song for Someone
  • Every breaking wave on the shore Tells the next one there’ll be one more Every gambler knows that to lose Is what you’re really there for. Every Breaking Wave
  • Somebody stepped inside your soul Somebody stepped inside your soul Little by little, they robbed and stole ‘Til someone else was in control. The Troubles
  • Morning, your toast, your tea and sugar Read about the politician’s lover Go through the day like knife through butter Why don’t you. Sleep Like a Baby Tonight
  • It’s like the room just cleared of smoke I didn’t even want the heart you broke It’s yours to keep You just might need one. Invisible
  • If there is a light you can’t always see And there is a world we can’t always be If there is a dark that we shouldn’t doubt And there is a light, don’t let it go out. Song for Someone
  • Summer I was fearlessness Now, I speak into an answer phone Like every falling leaf on the breeze Winter wouldn’t leave it alone, alone. Every Breaking Wave
  • You think it’s easier To put your finger on the trouble When the trouble is you. The Troubles
  • I’m more than you know I’m more than you see here More than you let me be I’m more than you know A body in a soul. Invisible
  • You’re gonna sleep like a baby tonight In your dreams, everything is alright Tomorrow dawns like someone else’s suicide You’re gonna sleep like a baby tonight. Sleep Like a Baby Tonight
  • You’re breaking into my imagination Whatever’s in there it’s yours to take. Song for Someone
  • Are we ready to be swept off our feet And stop chasing Every breaking wave?. Every Breaking Wave
  • I can live with denial But you’re not my troubles anymore. The Troubles

Songs of Experience (2017)

  • Love hurts Now you’re the girl who’s left with no words Your heart’s a balloon, but then it bursts. Get Out of Your Own Way
  • The sea wants to kiss the golden shore The sunlight warms your skin All the beauty that’s been lost before Wants to find us again. Ordinary Love
  • Blessed are the bullies For one day they will have to stand up to themselves Blessed are the liars For the truth can be awkward. American Soul
  • When the world is ours but the world is not your kind of thing Full of shooting stars, brighter as they’re vanishing. You’re The Best Thing About Me
  • Fight back Don’t take it lyin’ down, you got to bite back The face of liberty’s starting to crack She had a plan up until she got smacked in the mouth And it all went south Like freedom. Get Out of Your Own Way
  • I can’t fight you anymore It’s you I’m fighting for The sea throws rock together But time leaves us polished stones. Ordinary Love
  • It’s not a place This country is to me a sound Of drum and bass You close your eyes to look around. American Soul
  • You’re the best thing about me The best thing that ever happened a boy You’re the best thing about me I’m the kind of trouble that you enjoy.You’re The Best Thing About Me

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