Coldplay es una banda británica de rock alternativo formada en 1996. La agrupación está compuesta por Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman y Will Champion. Han lanzado varios álbumes exitosos, incluyendo “Parachutes”, “A Rush of Blood to the Head” y “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”. Su música se caracteriza por melodías pegajosas, letras emotivas y experimentación sonora. Han ganado numerosos premios, incluyendo siete premios Grammy.

Años en Activo: 1996-presente
Género: Rock,
Miembros: Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion
Ex miembros:
Origen: Londres, Reino Unido
Estado: Activo

Parachutes (2000)

Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And everything you do Yeah, they were all yellow. Yellow

Bones, sinking like stones All that we fought for Homes, places we’ve grown All of us are done for. Don’t Panic

So I look in your direction But you pay me no attention, do you? I know you don’t listen to me ‘Cause you say you see straight through me, don’t you?. Shiver

But I promise you this I’ll always look out for you Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Sparks

Oh no, I see A spider web is tangled up with me And I lost my head And thought of all the stupid things I’d said. Trouble

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful You know, you know I love you so You know I love you so. Yellow

We live in a beautiful world Yeah, we do, yeah, we do We live in a beautiful world. Don’t Panic

Oh, did you want me to change? Well, I’ll change for good And I want you to know That you’ll always get your way I wanted to say. Shiver

My heart is yours It’s you that I hold on to Yeah, that’s what I do And I know I was wrong. Sparks

Oh no, what’s this? A spider web, and I’m caught in the middle So I turned to run And thought of all the stupid things I’d done. Trouble

I drew a line I drew a line for you Oh, what a thing to do And it was all yellow. Yellow

Oh, all that I know There’s nothing here to run from ‘Cause yeah, everybody here’s got somebody to lean on. Don’t Panic

Don’t you shiver Shiver Sing it loud and clear I’ll always be waiting for you. Shiver

Did I drive you away? I know what you’ll say You say, “Oh, sing one you know”. Sparks

A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)

Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry You don’t know how lovely you are I had to find you, tell you I need you Tell you I set you apart. The Scientist

The lights go out and I can’t be saved Tides that I tried to swim against Have brought me down upon my knees Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing. Clocks

In my place, in my place Were lines that I couldn’t change I was lost, oh yeah. In My Place

Honey, you are a rock upon which I stand And I come here to talk I hope you understand. Green Eyes

Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions Oh, let’s go back to the start Running in circles, coming up tails Heads on a science apart. The Scientist

Come out upon my seas Cursed missed opportunities Am I a part of the cure? Or am I part of the disease? Singing. Clocks

I was lost, I was lost Crossed lines I shouldn’t have crossed I was lost, oh yeah. In My Place

That green eyes Yeah the spotlight, shines upon you And how could anybody deny you. Green Eyes

Nobody said it was easy It’s such a shame for us to part Nobody said it was easy No one ever said it would be this hard Oh, take me back to the start. The Scientist

Sing it please, please, please Come back, come sing to me To me, me Come on and sing it out. In My Place

I came here with a load And it feels so much lighter now I’ve met you And honey you should know That I could never go on without you Green eyes. Green Eyes

X&Y (2005)

When you try your best, but you don’t succeed When you get what you want, but not what you need When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep Stuck in reverse. Fix You

How long before I get in? Before it starts, before I begin? How long before you decide? Before I know what it feels like? Where to, where do I go?. Speed of Sound

Oh, brother I can’t, I can’t get through I’ve been trying hard to reach you ’cause I don’t know what to do Oh, brother, I can’t believe it’s true. Talk

Trying hard to speak And fighting with my weak hand Driven to distraction It’s all part of the plan. X & Y

And the tears come streaming down your face When you lose something you can’t replace When you love someone, but it goes to waste Could it be worse?. Fix You

Look up, I look up at night Planets are moving at the speed of light Climb up, up in the trees Every chance that you get. Speed of Sound

You can take a picture of something you see In the future where will I be? You can climb a ladder up to the Sun. Talk

I dive in at the deep end You become my best friend I wanna love you But I don’t know if I can. X & Y

Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you. Fix You

All those signs, I knew what they meant Some things you can invent Some get made, and some get sent. Speed of Sound

Are you lost or incomplete? Do you feel like a puzzle, you can’t find your missing piece? Tell me how do you feel. Talk

You and me are floating on a tidal wave Together You and me are drifting into outer space And singing. X & Y

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008)

I used to rule the world Seas would rise when I gave the word Now in the morning I sleep alone Sweep the streets I used to own. Viva la Vida

Just because I’m losing Doesn’t mean I’m lost! Doesn’t mean I’ll stop Doesn’t mean I’m across. Lost!

They were sitting They were talking on the strawberry swing Everybody was for fighting Wouldn’t wanna waste a thing. Strawberry Swing

At night they would go walking ‘Til the breaking of the day The morning is for sleeping. Cemeteries of London

One minute I held the key Next the walls were closed on me And I discovered that my castles stand Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand. Viva la Vida

I just got lost! Every river that I tried to cross Every door I ever tried was locked Oh and I’m just waiting until the shine wears off. Lost!

Cold, cold water Bring me ’round Now my feet won’t touch the ground Cold, cold water What ya say?. Strawberry Swing

Through the dark streets they go searching To see God in their own way Save the night time for your weeping Your weeping. Cemeteries of London

I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing Roman Cavalry choirs are singing Be my mirror, my sword and shield My missionaries in a foreign field. Viva la Vida

You might be a big fish In a little pond Doesn’t mean you’ve won Cause along may come A bigger one. Lost!

I remember We were walking up to strawberry swing I can’t wait ’til the morning Wouldn’t wanna change a thing. Strawberry Swing

I see God come in my garden But I don’t know what he said For my heart it wasn’t open Not open. Cemeteries of London

Mylo Xyloto (2011)

When she was just a girl She expected the world But it flew away from her reach So she ran away in her sleep. Paradise

Stole a key Took a car downtown where the lost boys meet Took a car downtown and took what they offered me To set me free. Charlie Brown

I turn the music up, I got my records on I shut the world outside until the lights come on Maybe the streets alight, maybe the trees are gone I feel my heart start beating to my favorite song. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

Once upon a time, we burned bright Now all we ever seem to do is fight On and on And on and on and on. Princess of China

And dreamed of para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise Every time she closed her eyes. Paradise

In my scarecrow dreams When they smash my heart into smithereens Be a bright red rose come bursting through concrete. Charlie Brown

Maybe I’m in the black, maybe I’m on my knees Maybe I’m in the gap between the two trapezes But my heart is beating and my pulses start Cathedrals in my heart. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

Once upon a time on the same side Once upon a time on the same side In the same game And why’d you have to go? Have to go and throw water on my flame. Princess of China

The wheel breaks the butterfly Every tear, a waterfall In the night, the stormy night, she’ll close her eyes In the night, the stormy night, away she’d fly. Paradise

Light a fire, a fire, a spark Light a fire, a flame in my heart We’ll run wild We’ll be glowing in the dark. Charlie Brown

And every tear’s a waterfall Is a waterfall, oh Is a waterfall, oh-oh-oh Is a, is a waterfall Every tear Is a waterfall, oh-oh-oh. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

I could’ve been a princess, you’d be a king Could’ve had a castle, and worn a ring But no, you let me go. Princess of China

Ghost Stories (2014)

Call it magic, call it true I call it magic when I’m with you And I just got broken, broken into two Still I call it magic, when I’m next to you. Magic

I think of you I haven’t slept I think I do But I don’t forget. Always in My Head

‘Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars I’m gonna give you my heart ‘Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars ‘Cause you light up the path. A Sky Full of Stars

Millions of miles from home In the swirling swimming on When I’m rolling with the thunder But bleed from thorns. Midnight

And I don’t, And I don’t, And I don’t, And I don’t No I don’t, it’s true I don’t, No, I don’t, No, I don’t, No, I don’t Want anybody else but you. Magic

It never moves Just won’t be led So my mouth waters to be fed And you’re always in my head. Always in My Head

I don’t care, go on and tear me apart I don’t care if you do, ooh-ooh, ooh ‘Cause in a sky, ’cause in a sky full of stars I think I saw you. A Sky Full of Stars

In the darkness before the dawn In the swirling of the storm When I’m rolling with the punches and hope is gone Leave a light, a light on. Midnight

Call it magic, cut me into two And with all your magic, I disappear from view And I can’t get over, can’t get over you Still, I call it magic, such a precious jewel. Magic

This, I guess Is to tell you you’re chosen out From the rest. Always in My Head

‘Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars I want to die in your arms, oh, oh, oh ‘Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark I’m gonna give you my heart, oh. A Sky Full of Stars

A Head Full of Dreams (2015)

Turn your magic on Umi she’d say Everything you want’s a dream away And we are legends, every day That’s what she told me. Adventure of a Lifetime

Oh, angel sent from up above You know you make my world light up When I was down, when I was hurt You came to lift me up. Hymn for the Weekend

Oh, they say people come, say people go This particular diamond was extra special And though you might be gone, and the world may not know Still I see you, celestial. Everglow

Fixing up a car to drive in it again Searching for the water, hoping for the rain Up and up. Up&Up

Turn your magic on, to me she’d say Everything you want’s a dream away Under this pressure, under this weight We are diamonds. Adventure of a Lifetime

Life is a drink and love’s a drug Oh now I think I must be miles up When I was a river dried up You came to rain a flood. Hymn for the Weekend

But when I’m cold, cold When I’m cold, cold There’s a light that you give me when I’m in shadow There’s a feeling within me, everglow. Everglow

See a pearl form, a diamond in the rough See a bird soaring high above the flood It’s in your blood, It’s in your blood. Up&Up

Now I feel my heart beating I feel my heart underneath my skin And I feel my heart beating Oh, you make me feel. Adventure of a Lifetime

Oh, angel sent from up above I feel you coursing through my blood Life is a drink and your love’s about To make the stars come out. Hymn for the Weekend

But the changing of winds, and the way waters flow Life is short as the falling of snow And now, I’m gonna miss you, I know. Everglow

We’re gonna get it, get it together Right now Gonna get it, get it together somehow Gonna get it, get it together and flower. Up&Up

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