Frases en canciones de Quintino

  • Nombre: Quintino
  • Año: 2009 – presente
  • Genero: EDM, Electro House, Big Room House, Future House, Moombahton, Progressive House
  • Miembros: Quintino
  • Estado: Activo

2019: Bright Nights

I will let you see all that we can be While we make it real, what is make believe. Make Believe

Talking noise, haters voices Trying to put us down Let them see, that we don’t need them They wanna be us now. Good Vibes

I wanna run the scene ‘Tll there’s a you and me Your love still runs through me. I Wanna Know

Shoulda know when we started it You don’t know where your heart is Saying all the right things. Can’t Bring Me Down

I want you to understand I don’t want this night to end I want you to feel again Come with me and hold my hand. Make Believe

Cause when we’re pumpin’ our fists and we’re fired up We give them jokes been like this till we’re taking off. Good Vibes

I really think that you should know Don’t mean to make it personal Now you’re out the way, out the way Out the way, out the way. Can’t Bring Me Down

I wanna know, tell me you will show I wanna know, tell me you will lie I need to know what if I would go? If I would go would you even cry?. I Wanna Know

I want us to rise above Tell me what you’re dreaming of Can you hear our beating hearts? Maybe this is more than love. Make Believe

Cause I know it’s only good vibes When I got you next to me I know we’re gonna bring back good times It’s a way we’ve always been. Good Vibes

I feel good now it’s over I’m not looking for closure ‘Cause when you gave nothing I gave all I got. Can’t Bring Me Down

Shine a light underneath the sun If I am right then why do I feel lost?. I Wanna Know

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