Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson es una cantante y compositora sueca de pop, R&B y dance pop. Nació el 16 de diciembre de 1997 en Solna, Suecia. Ganó la segunda temporada del concurso Talang, la versión sueca de Got Talent, en 2008. Ha publicado tres álbumes de estudio: 1 (2014), So Good (2017) y Poster Girl (2021). Algunos de sus éxitos son «Lush Life», «Never Forget You», «Symphony» y «Ruin My Life».

En activo desde: 2008
Género: pop, R&B, dance pop, electropop
Miembros: Zara Larsson (Zara Maria Larsson)
Ex miembros: Ninguno
Origen: Solna, Suecia
Estado: En activo

1 (2014)

In the daylight, in the daylight When the sun is shinin’ On a late night, on a late night When the moon is blindin’. Uncover

Ask me to stay and I’m not gonna leave Don’t make me wait with my heart on my sleeve ‘Cause I won’t go ‘less you want me to I’d surrender it all for you. Bad Boys

She doesn’t love you like I do She doesn’t have my name However she tries to act like it She’ll never be the same. She’s Not Me

I’ve been, I’ve been through the days When bright love turns into hate You bend, and you bend ’til you break ‘Til the lights are gone. Carry You Home

Said the first time that we locked eyes, the shit was crazy And the second time just blew my mind, the shit was crazy. Rooftop

Early morning Someone’s calling Who could this be? Reach my phone and your name showing on my caller ID. Weak Heart

Put two and together, forever We’ll never change Two and together We’ll never change. Uncover

I said there’s something ’bout the bad boys That makes the good girls fall in love. Bad Boys

But she’s new, and she’s beautiful You’ve never been in a fight Yeah, it’s awfully perfect now But you just know deep inside. She’s Not Me

Carry you home When it hurts like you’ve crashed from above Heal your broken bones When you can’t move and your heart’s still locked up. Carry You Home

It was the 3rd of September, we were hanging up on the roof Was the hot, hot night, we were having a barbecue And I said “Hi”, you said “Hi”, baby, that’s when I knew. Rooftop

‘Cause I’ve a weak heart Baby, I’ve a weak heart Yeah, I-I-I-I have such a weak heart Baby, I’ve a weak heart Yeah, I-I-I-I, when it comes to you. Weak Heart

Nobody sees, nobody knows We are a secret, can’t be exposed That’s how it is, that’s how it goes Far from the others, close to each other. Uncover

Clear as a crystal or sharp as a knife Words will be words ’til you bring them to life Show the whole world that you’re mine alone Tell them girls to go find their own. Bad Boys

Does she make you feel wanted like I did? Make you feel like you’re the one thing that matters? You let her head rest on your chest But when you close your eyes…. She’s Not Me

I’ve been knocked down on my own With waters too deep and too cold Sleepless so many nights With a broken heart running wild. Carry You Home

Then the rain came, something caught flame, and it was crazy Yeah, there were sirens and firemen, the shit was crazy Baby rushing down the stairs, I see you go It was the saddest thing that I will ever know. Rooftop

And then it’s on to the next Body to body until I’m catching my breath This is not what I’m supposed to do Try to shake it off, but I’m stuck on you. Weak Heart

So Good (2017)

I live my day as if it was the last Live my day as if there was no past Doin’ it all night, all summer Doin’ it the way I wanna. Lush Life

I used to be so happy, but without you here I feel so low I watched you as you left, but I can never seem to let you go. Never Forget You

Oh my god, what is this? Want you all in my business Baby, I insist Please don’t blame me for whatever happens next. Ain’t My Fault

Life was stringin’ me along Then you came and you cut me loose Was solo, singin’ on my own Now I can’t find the key without you. Symphony

I don’t wanna shower, even if I stink ‘Cause I don’t wanna wash you off, wash you off my skin It’s been about an hour. Only You

It was a crush But I couldn’t, couldn’t get enough It was a rush But I gave it up. Lush Life

I will never forget you You will always be by my side From the day that I met you I knew that I would love you ’til the day I die. Never Forget You

No, I-I-I-I can’t be responsible If I-I-I-I get you in trouble now See, you’re-‘re-‘re-‘re too irresistible Yeah, that’s for sure. Ain’t My Fault

I just wanna be part of your symphony Will you hold me tight and not let go? Symphony Like a love song on the radio Will you hold me tight and not let go?. Symphony

‘Cause I can’t love nobody like I love myself Like I love myself, only you, ay No one’s ever touched me like I touch myself No, nobody else, only you, only you. Only You

It was a crush I kept sayin’ I’ma stay in touch But that thing went bust So I gave it up, ooh. Lush Life

‘Cause once upon a time you were my everything It’s clear to see that time hasn’t changed a thing. Never Forget You

It ain’t my fault you came here lookin’ like that You just made me trip, fall and land on your lap Certain bad boy smooth Body hotter than a summer. Ain’t My Fault

I’m sorry if it’s all too much Every day you’re here, I’m healin’ And I was runnin’ outta luck I never thought I’d find this feelin’. Symphony

I feel you in my fingers, even in my toes Steam upon the mirror and on the windows Baby, that was it Wish it would never end. Only You


Everything, everything’s cool now I wanted you to know that I am fine tonight Why do you do that to me?. Don’t Worry Bout Me

Baby, I’m not even in a gown I’m just in a T-shirt on the couch The way you want me makes me want you now The only thing you have to say is (Wow). WOW

I miss you pushing me close to the edge I miss you I wish I knew what I had when I left I miss you. Ruin My Life

Don’t worry ’bout me You should worry ’bout you, yeah Keep doing what you do best, babe That’s loving only yourself, babe ‘Cause I’ve been sleeping okay. Don’t Worry Bout Me

And I feel this way with no chemicals in my system Babe, it’s incredible When you’re touching me, yeah, that says it all You said it all (Yeah). WOW

You set fire to my world, couldn’t handle the heat Now I’m sleeping alone and I’m starting to freeze Baby, come bring me hell Let it rain over me Baby, come back to me. Ruin My Life

Now that you hurting like hell You see things that reminds you of me everywhere Just know that I am fine tonight You’re tryna stay in my life. Don’t Worry Bout Me

And you make me feel so fucking pretty Take loving me to a new extreme If I can’t have you, I don’t want no one I don’t want no one. WOW

I want you to ruin my life You to ruin my life, yeah, to ruin my life, yeah I want you to fuck up my nights, yeah Fuck up my nights, yeah, all of my nights, yeah. Ruin My Life

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