Frases en canciones de Offset

  • Nombre: Offset
  • Año: 2009–Presente
  • Genero: Hip hop
  • Miembros: Offset
  • Estado: Activo

Without Warning (2017)

  • Ghostface killers (Killers), Wu-Tang, 21 news gang (News) Drug dealers in the Mulsanne, at the top of the food chain (Hey). Ghostface Killers
  • Going to the jeweler, bust the AP, yeah (Bust it) Slide on the water like a jet-ski, yeah (Woo, slide). Ric Flair Drip
  • They biting my drip like a sabre, yeah, yeah Who is my neighbor? (Who?) I live on the island, I’m sacred (Island) Yeah, life is the matrix (Matrix). Rap Saved Me
  • Freddy Kruger, give ’em a nightmare Soon as you close your eyes, nigga, we right there. Nightmare
  • Diamonds glassy, need some glasses for the flashing, yeah Michael Jackson with this fashion, bitch I’m dabbin’, yeah. Ghostface Killers
  • Multi-million dollar, I’m a fool with the hits (Ayy) Hop up in the Lamb’ and drop the roof, show the tits (Skrt). Ric Flair Drip
  • Patek Phillipe (Patek), so much water can’t find no shore (Drippin’) Save your beef (Save it), nigga, nobody can’t find no water. Rap Saved Me
  • Open your eyes, real life (hey), ain’t no facade (ain’t not facade) You tryna rob, get penalized, you taking your life. Nightmare
  • You think that you rich ’cause you got a hundred or more I got an over overload, look like I just sold my soul. Ghostface Killers
  • I gave a nigga a diamond, I had to cap a nigga (Woo) I’m giving your ho away like she a raffle, nigga (Here, here) We get at it, then we ‘gone pray with the pastor’s scriptures. Ric Flair Drip
  • Back of the Maybach, this ain’t a ‘Rarri, this is the latest Mercedes Spent two-hundred thousand on my whole rider. Nightmare

FATHER OF 4 (2019)

  • Kalea, you my first, first daughter I missed the first years of your life, I’m sorry Tell the truth, I ain’t really know if I was your father Tell the truth, I really don’t even know your mama. Father of 4
  • We was livin’ up in College Park, Midnight, heard the gunfight, Playin’ football at Forest Park, Gresham Park where your moment get defined. How Did I Get Here
  • Drip a little stain on ’em Put a little game on ’em Fuck around and put a ring on ’em You beat it out the frame, don’t you?. Don’t Lose Me
  • Bitch, watch your mouth, Bitch, stay in your place, Bitch, get out the way, My bitch on your ass, Kim K (Yeah). Clout
  • I like to throw up when I think about the crash (Ugh, ugh) Not playin’, when I hit the tree I smell the gas (Hey, hey). Red Room
  • Had a baby as a kid, mama kicked me out Had to go and hit a lick, tryna put food in your mouth. Father of 4
  • Have you ever done time?, Lookin’ at my kids through the blinds, Confinement mind, How you feelin’ when you face a dime?. How Did I Get Here
  • Hoppin’ out the V, expensive (The V) Gotta learn to bob and weave the bitches (Bob and weave) When I kick it with my seeds, I kiss ’em. Don’t Lose Me
  • Bamboo sticks all in the Jeep (Brr, brr) There’s a new weirdo every week (Weirdo) Get the whip, put it up for my seeds (Put it up) No cure for the IG disease (No cure). Clout
  • How I grew up, my momma was my dad (Momma, huh) So when I blew up I put her in a pad (Mansion). Red Room
  • Kulture, remind me of my grandma, feel like she is closer Gotta thank your mama, she hold me like holsters Gotta protect her from the world, I can’t even post her. Father of 4
  • Million dollar trap fall ’cause of one rat, Yeah, ain’t no comin’ back, How I made it out the jungle, yeah, without a scratch. How Did I Get Here
  • You told me, “Don’t use me” (Don’t use you) KK, all beauty (KK) When I’m lookin’ down at her, it’s you and me. Don’t Lose Me
  • Soon as these bitches got something to sell They say my name, say my name, Destiny Child. Clout
  • I like to throw up when I think about the crash (Ugh, ugh) Not playin’, when I hit the tree I smell the gas (Hey, hey). Red Room

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